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  1. Bravo girl! cant imagine another design that would make it sing like that does! stunning
  2. JoAnn that is beautiful! I need to talk to you again. I will try to get ahold of you in a few weeks:)
  3. Thank Julie I will see you tomorrow evening (if I can afford to get there after the quilt shops!)
  4. Julie does your address come up on the garmin yet? I may need instructions on how to get there from the country sampler. I am going to try to stop there before I come to your house. Thanks. I will try to stop at Panera and pick up a goodie for us also. Thanks for all you do! See ya there Sheri and everybody else!
  5. Thank you Julie! However if there is someone from farther away that needs to bump me out that is ok too. Just let me know.
  6. Julie I would like to make my reservation please, so I dont have to get up at the crack of dawn. I also would like to put in a request of all of you quilters to show me how you mark your quilts to get them ready for quilting. I could use some more knowledge in this area for sure. Cant wait to meet the new additions for the midwest quilters!
  7. congrats Linda I will be sure to look for it too. Glad you let us know so we can look for it!
  8. Cheri my heart too is breaking for you. Such hard times to bear. My prayers will go out for both of you. Strength for you and comfort for Elmer. I am glad that you have had Heidi to help you as I am sure any of us would on the forum. Take care. Our love goes out to you and Elmer.
  9. As Sheri said I am going on Thurs and Fri. Would love to see you Barb (My angel who helped me that day) and would like to meet the rest of you too! Let me know what you decide on the dinner so I can plan! See you there Sheri and Julie!
  10. I'm bowing out it sounds like it is going to be bad. Don't like to travel that far when I don't know. Maybe next time if you reschedule.
  11. Julie so sorry to hear about your Mom. Haven't been on here much so I just saw the post this morning. What a wonderful picture! She will be dearly missed from your family. Hang in there with the precious memories you have of her. Hugs
  12. Ferret is on the cover of the upcoming March issue of Machine Quilters Unlimited. Way to go Girl! Congratulations;);)
  13. Thanks Annie, mine is a little different than yours as it has corners sewn onto the outside to make squares, but I think I might be able to figure out something in applique form to use on mine. Thanks for the inspiration so maybe....I will get mine finished!
  14. Barb I never know till the last minute whether I get to go but if I do I sooooo want to meet you. Make sure you let me know when you will be there. It will help me decide when to go!!!!
  15. Annie I am working on a one block wonder right now. Yours is just beautiful!!! May I ask on the block on the outside of the borders, did you applique those or how are they attached? Thanks for sharing. would love to try those feathers on mine!
  16. Waaaaay to go Penny! Isn't it just the best feeling? Good Luck with your entry! Crossed fingers.
  17. Sorry to hear of all the complications. Will definately add Matt and Family to my prayers.
  18. Carol I am using muslin on the back of mine and the weight doesn't seem bad;)
  20. Oh linda I hope so it will be a great show! I hope someone posts about it when it is coming up. I want to see!
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