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  1. I see you JoAnn with butterfly quilt on The Quilt Show! You are getting so famous!
  2. Hi Ardelle I have followed this and I love your quilt. It looks like you had a good time on your quilt retreat classes. Now the question are you going to quilt your husbands quilt too or are you going to make him do it? Both were sooooo beautiful.:)
  3. LeeAnn you are such a busy girl we hardly get to see you! And you are missing so many good fun trips and stuff:P
  4. by the way Sheri Surgery and not a word! REALLY! What am I gonna do with you!:mad: Not to worry I will get even! Glad you did OK! Love ya girl...
  5. Im here and yes I am going with a friend from GI . Leaving thurs night. Will be at the show Friday and Saturday go home Sunday. Can't wait! So ready for a break! Hope to see you there.
  6. Linzi I will be there and will look for your Yurt. I won't be taking classes cause I am coming with a friend but hope to meet you!
  7. Heidi you look so happy! Both of you do for that matter. What a precious bundle! Such dark hair. I agree you can sit there and stare at them for hours on end. What miracles! Congrats!!!!!:)
  8. Congrats Penny you look like a great couple! 30 years yeah!!!
  9. When I do a panto I use painters tape to mark off where I want to stop. The same could be done for the CL:)
  10. Oma your space is really looking wonderful, you are a lucky girl! Enjoy;)
  11. Carol I will add you to my prayers for both your MIL and all the family. Very sorry that she has to go through all of this. Praying for peace in your hearts as you deal with everything.
  12. Great meeting you Claudia! Glad you made it home OK. Buy any boxes for the trip home ha ha;);) Sheri and I will pour! Keep in touch! Roxanne
  13. Kay isn't it wonderful that you can take all of us with you too! Beautiful house, great quilt room---I think I feel a gentle breeze coming through the double doors...don't you? Good luck with your move, don't envy you there! Lots of work but think of how fun it will be deciding where things go.:)
  14. VERY NICE I love the design you chose, and feathers to boot! great job:)
  15. oh man I want to go so bad. i will have to see what I can fanagle. I will call you later today or tomorrow Sheri. Are you catchin a ride too Laura or are we meetin you there?
  16. Love what you did on this quilt----pretty pretty pretty:):)
  17. Cheryl, I am the queen of water mishaps! Oh yes I have done the water softner along with the frozen broken pipe which split later and filled the basement, ground water twice, pipes that had not been installed correctly(up to code) this filled the ceiling above my kitchen and a shower that had not been sealed around the handle so it went to the finished ceiling in the basement! Nasty storm that pushed snow into the roof to drip down on the upstairs bath, Did I forget anything? I can so relate and I do have sympathy for anyone with water problems! Hang in there girl! All will seem like a me
  18. I feel you window opening! The tears will dry. It will take some time. I am praying for you. But more importantly He is holding you in his arms:) (((hugs)))
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