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  1. Linnea Marie I so have to laugh at that cause I have!!! Running around the house late and growled at my daughter that I couldnt find my phone, we were having conversation on the phone while I searched, and she says Mom what are you talking to me on?????? Well there it is!!!! Here's your sign!!!!:D:D
  2. I make lists and then forget them at home:):) But they say that you remember stuff better if you write them down so I only forget half of what I need!:o:o
  3. Thanks for all your prayers, we are finally home. The back surgery took 2 hours more than planned (4 hrs planned) and the Dr took out the old hardware (had to chip out all old bone which had grown over) and replaced it with new hardware & bone. Because the surgery took so long and he is a big boy his kidneys decided to shut down. I think he just likes to scare me! Anyway they did start working again so all is well. I am hoping that our lives can get back to some normal state now. He is sore but walking (without a cane) yeah! Thanks again for all your prayers!
  4. Well since no one has jumped in here I will. I purchase one and I am not at home so I have to think before I can give you a brand. It works ok I guess. It is supposed to be the quietest one and it still makes a considerable amount of noise. Of course you would have to get several as they only do a certain amount of space. The one thing that I don't really like about it is that when you run it, it puts out a cold air, which is fine in the summer but in the winter brrrr. Mine is off for the winter. Does it help my allergies???? Not really. Do I think it is worth the $$$$ Not really. G
  5. This is sooo pretty. I am working on piecing one of these and this sure inspires me to get going. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Ardell so cute. I just love the angels! Glad you have survived the breast cancer:)
  7. Penny so sorry to hear about your Moms accident. I was just saying to my husband the other day when I gpt a tiny burn on my hand how there couldn't be anything worse than a severe burn pain. Ouch! I hope that they can manage the pain till she heals. I will say a prayer for you all.
  8. You notice he hasn't written anything.....Sneeky so sneeky:P:P:P
  9. Laura as you know I am only too familiar with feeling helpless to help those we love. It is really such a horrible feeling. I am praying for you and your daughter, and cursing the way they make you jump through hoops with this health insurance thing! Blessing to you and your family. Lean on everyone here. It helps you get through. Ask me how I know.....(((((((hugs)))))
  10. Thank you so much everyone. It meant so much to her (my aunt) when I read all the names from the forum and where you were all from, and that you were praying for her. Honestly you are the most wonderful caring people. I am glad that she doesn't have to feel the pain anymore. Selfishly, of course, I wish she was still with me. It has been such a stressful year and each one of you has helped give me the strength to get through another day. I will let you know how hubby does with his surgery. I believe they will run out of wings when you all stand in line! You are angels! Thanks from the
  11. Dave I see you! Back to the couch the boss said so! Quick recovery!
  12. all that with just 3 fun size M & M's! Your amazing;);)
  13. Thank you for all your prayers for my Aunt Elaine, the Lord decided to take her last night around 2 am. She will be dearly missed. Just not enough strength to continue on. I will also update you on my husband, as of now he will be scheduled for another back surgery on the second of February. He will have to have more rods and screws inserted just above the others that are already there. Thank you for all your support through our "trying" times.
  14. Yeah!!!! happy for you, way to go;););) Wheres the pic's????
  15. Way to go Kerri! Absolutely beautiful. You girl are having way to much fun with that IQ!:P:P
  16. Best wishes Anne. You look beautiful. The centerpiece is lovely! Happiness to you always!:)
  17. Congrats Heidi I am so happy for you. Hoping everything goes like clockwork! Shopping will be fun....;)]
  18. Sandy I will be praying that it is nothiing. Hugs to you. Hoping that a peace will surround you.
  19. Well now Sheri I think you have to post once every 1/2 hour for the next month to make up for lost time! Welcome back friend.:P:P
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