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  1. I have boxes for everything and am very willing to ship. Will deliver anywhere in Iowa.
  2. For sale, 2008 APQS Millennium quilting machine. Just back from the factory, all new circuit boards, everything checked out. Automatic fabric advance, 12’ bliss table, LED lights and black light in the throat, set up for changeable hopping feet. 1 year old canvas leaders with zippers. Throwing in the UPS (uninterruptable power source). Laser light and 5 paper pantographs (table has the clear plastic flaps to place panto underneath. L sized bobbin. $10,000. Located in Nevada Iowa. Selling as I bought a new Millie 30 needed the extra throat space.
  3. I use SR for everything except freehand feathers. And even then, I sometimes use SR. I like even stitches and I am not able to do that without SR.
  4. I was nervous about spending the money but needed to bring my daughter into my business and we didn't have the time for her to develop her freehand quilting skills. Have loved having quilt path--it thinks like we do. The 2 day class was a wonderful thing, my daughter designs some of our patterns and we both enjoy using it. Don't worry.
  5. Learning curve? Hardly any. I practiced for a bit and later that same day I was just quilting along like normal. WORTH EVERY PENNY! WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT ITL
  6. Si had a much milder version of this happen a few years ago. New circuit board and I was back in business.
  7. I just charge everything at my hourly rate of $25/hr.
  8. I have Quilt Path and love it. The more I use it--which is usually on at least one quilt a day--the more I can find to do with the patterns that came with it. I have bought a few more, but we have been adjusting and altering some of them and designing some new for ourselves. I too would like to have a no sew zone and hope that the promised update will include that. Customer service is great--I did have a problem with a loose part but that has been fixed and is no longer a problem. I'd buy Quilt Path again.
  9. I just charge by the hour for everything that I do. Squaring backs, sometimes piecing seams, sometimes ironing. I don't mind--I make the same money for that as quilting. I recently went from $20-$25 an hour. I thought that there might be some complaints or loss of business. No change so far. It has been 6 months, so I guess I would have seen it. Some people don't seem to care what it costs, they just don't want to do the prep work it takes.
  10. I bought a used Millie about 5 years ago. It was new enough for me to upgrade to bliss after a couple of years. The service is phenomenal even though I am not the original owner of the machine. Easy to use and care for by myself. I have had 2 issues with it over the years. Both fairly minor. One required a new board--it was free to me as it was defective when manufactured. They kept someone at the plant at Carroll until I could drive there after work. I was down one day. The other was a rough spot near my bobbin, shredding thread. I called and Amy talked me through fixing it. I am s
  11. I'm confident you will be fine replacing. Just keep track of things--screws etc. Remember if you have a camera on your phone it is sometimes nice to take pictures as you take things apart so you can be sure they look the same after. The APQS directions are always very complete. Hope you are up and running before you know it.
  12. Mine did that early one morning. Started running like crazy. Smell like toy train transformer afterwards. I used it a bit and called APQS when they opened. It was one of the circuit boards. The repair was free--they sent me a new board as they had some defective ones when Gracie was manufactured. She is a 2008, so maybe that could be your trouble? I live close enough, 1.5 hr. drive that I was able to drive to Carroll to get the new board after working that day. They even had someone wait for me--after hours. Amazing service, especially since I am a second owner of the machine. Hopefu
  13. I could look at pictures of that any time. Just amazing and beautiful.
  14. My swirls boards have paid for all the other sets of boards I bought. Great deal.
  15. I remember how the time drags....until he/she is set up. Hope the time flies for you.
  16. Wonderful. It sure is amazing what you can do with stock or standard motifs, too. Adding or subtracting or putting more than one together. You sure do need to be able to think outside the box.