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  1. Zora can you tell me more about the machine for sale in the Kansas City area that I saw on the form?

    1. Zora


      It's a 2003 APQS Millenium.  Never used in business.   Has power fabric advance.  Well maintained and serviced a year or so ago with very few quilts done since then.  14 foot table.  If you are interested, I would suggest you call APQS and get the value of the machine.  They hold their value very well, so this will not fall into the 5K range.  Once you get the value from APQS, and if you are still interested, I will give you her contact information. I don't know her asking price and I don't know what extras she may have.  I know she has Red Snappers for loading the quilt and expect they will go with the machine. 

    2. fbaldwin


      Thank you so much for replying.  I am looking for newer model and bliss track.  Again thank you.

    3. Zora


      You are welcome.  Good luck in your search.