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  1. I have been away for way too long. Is it too late to jump on board for this for Rita?
  2. I haven't been on here in what seems like forever. So it's like new to me again anyway. Thanks for the heads up, Dawn, and thanks for getting me back on with my new information.
  3. CindyT


    Hi, Hawaii Barbara!!! I was just thinking about you a few days ago when I wanted to start listening to some Christmas music. You sent me the Ukelele (?) Christmas CD several years ago when we were in a miniature quilt swap! I have a Lenni on a 10 foot table that works great for smaller quilts. The head is lighter weight and easy to move the head for quilting. It just doesn't have all the bells and whistles some of the other machines have or as big of a throat space. Stitching quality is up to usual APQS standards and less maintenance with lesser bells and whistles. I'm sure you'll get a better idea when you get to Road to California and be able to try the machines first hand. I've been MIA from this forum for quite awhile, too, and I'm ready to get back in the loop! Hope to see you on here!
  4. I, too, used to go to MQS every year and looked forward to it every time until it moved to Wichita. I attend the first year at Wichita and have never gone back. I was so disappointed. Of course the last few years it was at Kansas City, it had been dwindling down with not as many vendors and didn't seem like nearly as many quilts. MQS was where I got to see new long arm gadgets and accessories and got to purchase my long arm thread in bulk at great prices. Now I just order online and pay extra shipping charges. There used to be excitement in the air and you definitely spent more than a day going through the whole thing. At Wichita I found myself saying, "Is this it?" I do miss seeing the people that I've met at these big shows, but there's always forums or FB that seems just easier (and cheaper) to be able to keep in contact. To be honest, my friend and I just attended a "local" quilt show (an hour and a half away) and was disappointed this year (which we never were in the past). In the past, it was elbow to elbow trying to get down the aisles of the vendors and you were always in competition with someone else trying to get a closeup view of the quilts on display. This year was nothing like that. Of course they had also raised the price of the admission to get in. Three ladies behind me went up to pay and threw a fit of the admission price and turned around and walked away without going in. There were other disappointing factors to me/us that I just won't mention. I'm just wondering if it's all due to the cost of everything nowadays.
  5. The lime green just adds a wonderful touch to the black and white quilt! Looks great!
  6. Your quilting is over the top on both of these show pieces! Don't let one judge's opinion deter you one bit. That's just one person's opinion. I would have quilted piano keys or beadboard also in those busy fabric borders.
  7. The quilting definitely makes this quilt come to life!
  8. The same thing happened to me TWICE in one day about the same time it happened to you. I was quilting with QP. My thread breakage sensor doesn't work, and I didn't hear the bobbin run out. The thread broke and got sucked in. The first time I just pulled the thread out for a few minutes. The 2nd time I pulled and pulled and finally gave in and took my machine apart and saw the same thing your picture shows. I do have a cover, but it does not stay put so I'm on the hunt in hubby's tool box for more double sided sticky tape. This hasn't happened in a few years and then twice in one day. SMH I felt your pain.
  9. Congratulations! Best of luck to you on your new adventure!
  10. It's just like riding a bicycle! Great job on your "1st" one and done!
  11. Vickie and Cagey, the ruler is Sashing Stars Set by Marti Mitchell that I used. Sheri, I have a lot more than 8 UFO's so I'm impressed you ONLY have 8!! Thanks all for the nice compliments. I hope to finish more in 2016!!
  12. I haven't had much time to piece this year, but I did manage to finish this UFO from a few years ago. I took a class through our guild on sashings, and decided to try using the ruler I bought on the panel these blocks came from. Pretty happy little quilt with all over quilting, but nothing fancy. It's hanging in my studio for now.
  13. It looks wonderful...especially for only your 7th quilt!!! I didn't even attempt feathers until about a year or so. I am impressed you have a George and did all this with a sit down machine. I am slow with my Milli so I have no advice on speed building for you. I would just say whatever you feel comfortable with is where you should be at. Everyone works at their own pace. Be very proud of your accomplishments and keep on quilting!
  14. That is such a happy quilt. Quilting accents it very well and looks like it was fun to do. Happy customers are the best, too!
  15. That is awesome! What a gift her granddaughter will receive!
  16. I saw yours on there yesterday, too! Way to go! Then I saw MINE on there today!! Woohoo! It was my Mini Boo-ti-ful Halloween from several years ago.
  17. Wow...what a busy lady you've been with "Edna"! Your quilting was perfect for each and every quilt! Eye candy first thing in the morning is so inspiring!
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