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  1. SOrry, Only the Cogs and the Aztec is still available. I will change the post. I apologize for not doing that sooner.
  2. Hi Nancy, I sent you an email a week or so ago. Did you receive it?
  3. I have a few boards for sale Aztec - list $89, asking $15 Cogs - list $169, asking $30
  4. I just wanted to update this post to let you all know that I have sold a couple of the long boards but still have a couple left. The Mini Clam is great for quilting around applique and the Celtic Wave is very fast. Birdie is elegant. Also - I have a large box on wheels that my friend made for me specifically to store the long boards and it fits under the longarm. It will hold around 15 sets! If you have purchased some of my boards, then this box is free for you. If you didn't purchase any boards then there is a nominal cost of $25. HOWEVER, you have to be able to pick it up as this is not something I can ship. I am in the Kitchener area in Ontario, Canada. If you are interested, please contact me. Here is a picture of it:
  5. I have a number of Circle Lord boards for sale. Please message me, or email from my site I will accept a reasonable offer if purchasing more than one. Prices are in Canadian dollars. If you are in the U.S. the price will be 25% lower. Shipping costs are not included in the price. Circle Lord Giant Boards (king) - $225 each: Birdie Celtic Wave Mini Clam Pampas Clam -- SOLD Seven Treasures of Bhudda -- SOLD Circle Lord Design Boards: Aztec - $60 Mini Aztec - $45 Cogs - $115 Spirals - $45
  6. Hi Mercedes, I think you need to mount the cog on the Circle Lord bracket (like the other small boards) in order to use it. Here, a similar board is shown in the first picture on his site (click on the picture to get a larger view): If you just lie it on the back it will move around on you. Maybe you can tape it down and use it without the bracket - I'm not sure.
  7. Hi Mercedes. The Cogs would be $85 US and the Sunburst would be $60 US. I will have to get back to you on shipping. I will do an online quote to see, but won't know exactly until I bring it to the post office. Thank you,
  8. Hello, I have a number of Circle Lord giant boards and design boards for sale. You can see a full list here: I am in Ontario, Canada - but will mail them anywhere at the best shipping rate I can find. Shipping will be added onto your purchase once I get your address and the cost. The prices are all very reasonable - about 1/2 of what is currently advertised. Please contact me if interested or if you would like further information. Thank you,
  9. I have used Circle Lord boards from almost the day I bought my machine and love them! They helped me get up and running quilting customer quilts with ease and accuracy. The giant boards are so much easier than pantographs - and faster! I also love the cross-hatch system with the push button control. I am moving to a computerized system (sorry Michael!!!), but I still plan to keep a number of my Circle Lord components - particularly the cross-hatch system and the cross-hatch up front system (smaller boards) because I just don't think any computerized system could match the ease of use.
  10. Hi Everyone. I have finally installed Quilt Path after many years of 'thinking about it'. I removed my Bobbin Cam system as I don't think I will need it anymore - and there just wasn't room for two screens on top of my Millie! This is the original Bobbin Cam that I purchased through Sparrow Studios about 3 years ago. It comes with 2 cameras and everything you need to set up including the instructions. You might need to add some double sided tape to mount the camera as the tape adhered to my machine when I removed it. And you might need some extra industrial velcro tape to mount the cameras. These are things really that can't be used twice, and they are easily found at a hardware store. The original price was $245. I'm asking $75 (plus shipping). Below is a picture of it in use on my machine. At this time I will also be selling much of my beloved Circle Lord collection of tools. I have several giant boards and several smaller design boards. If you are interested, send me a note and I will send you a link to my complied list once it is ready. Prices will be about 1/2 of the current retail price. Thank you, Caroline
  11. Hi! I haven't been on the forum lately. I guess I got kind of got bogged down with too much of a quilting backlog! With so many quilts to do, I finally decided to get a Quilt Path! I have to admit, I'm pretty excited! I won't get it until later this month after I return from vacation at the end of August but I'm sure I will have lots of questions. I have already been watching and re-watching all the videos and reading all the posts in this forum, but I can't seem to find the Facebook Users Group for Quilt Path that was mentioned in one of the posts I read. I'd love to join. Can someone post a link? I'd like to learn how to quilt around an applique. As I understand it, a 'no sew' area (like intelliquilter has) is being looked into, but is not available at this time. Also, what are your favourite digitized pantos? I guess I'll be selling my paper pantos and my Circle Lord sometime in the future. I'll likely post them on this forum, but for now I still need them until my backlog is done as some of my orders require them. And what is your favourite style of quilting to do on Quilt Path? Blocks? Custom? E2E?
  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm making nachos tonight. Maybe enchiladas tomorrow! Can't wait to try it.
  13. Thank you everybody! To answer some questions - Yes, I do also sell fabric. The area above the quilts on display (work orders) is a cement ledge that was built in the basement when we moved there. I wish it were a table where I have room to store underneath, but it's not. We're not sure why that area wasn't excavated when the original work was done - we thought maybe it was a big rock or something (or maybe Uncle Albert's tomb )! We covered the front of the ledge with beadboard to give it a clean look and then hung dowels on hooks for hanging quilts. I can get a lot of quilts hung up that way. The ledge on top is about 4' deep and therefore the fabrics sit lengthwise. The shelves are from Costco - two 6' shelves that we used as 5 shorter shelves - we were able to cut the shelves to any height we wanted with a pipe cutter. My contractor had great ideas and showed me how to cut pipe!. Another great idea he had was to put pegboard up when he enclosed the steal support beam. On the other beam he added the light switches and an electrical outlet, fairly high off the floor which I used for easily plugging in the vacuum when cleaning..
  14. Southwestern Ontario (Cambridge). My turnaround time is 8 to 10 months.
  15. Hi Everyone. It's been awhile since I've popped in here to share anything, but I've been working on my studio to update it with better lighting and a ceiling and cleaner look. There were many times I searched the forum on ideas for lighting. My situation is that I'm in a basement with no windows and low ceilings. Thank you for all your help. Loaded with ideas about fluorescent tube lighting, Deloa's lighting system, track lighting, pot lights, etc., I finally decided on pot lights that could be set in between the rafters, thus allowing the drop ceiling to remain as high as possible. We put lots of pot lights in - 29 to be exact. There are 4 BR30's in the main part of the room and 4 above the table providing good all over light. Then there is a row of 4 GU10's on either side of the table pointing towards the table. The row of pot lights above the table and the 2 rows of GU10's on either side are on their own sets of dimmer switches (3 dimmer switches - one for each row) allowing me to control where the light is coming from depending on which side of the table I'm working at and what type of quilting I'm doing. I'm working on my first quilt with the new set up today! You can see the pictures of the progress of my studio from 2005 to current here.
  16. Thank you Madelyn. I purchased the daylight bulbs and am trying them out now. I only replaced 2 of the 6 bulbs so far - so the other 4 are still the halogen soft lights. I find that the room seems much cooler in tone and am liking it so far - but it is different. I'm hoping it won't be too blue when I get all 6 replaced. I read somewhere that daylight bulbs can offset seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which I have never had a problem with, but it is another point it the daylight bulbs favour.
  17. I just found this post and for me it is very timely. I am in the process of changing my PAR30 halogen flood lights with LED bulbs to reduce heat and expense. I have an 8' track in a small sewing room (not my longarm studio). I have 6 fixtures on the track pointing to various task areas in the room - the sewing machine, cutting table, ironing board, etc. The current bulbs have 40 degree flood and are 75 watts each. I found replacement bulbs at walmart that are 850 lumens and called 'daylight'. And I was thinking of adding a dimmer switch so I can tone it down if need be. My question is this. Jim - you said you use a warm light rather than a daylight bulb. Is there a reason for this? I was planning to buy all daylight bulbs because I am under the impression that daylight bulbs will give me the best clarity of colour and be the best to work under. What do others have?
  18. Robbin - CC is continuous curve. It is like outline stitching a quarter inch from the seams, but with a machine you curve from corner to corner and can follow the seams very quickly. It is great for the triangles and square blocks. Here is one video (of many out there) that demonstrates it:
  19. Joan, I'm sorry to hear that you are thinking that you don't enjoy longarming. It helps if you like the entire process - from setup to takedown, but I suppose the 'prep' would be the least favorite part for most of us. It didn't take me too long to find I liked doing the all over designs (freehand and pantos), but I still stiffen up and procrastinate when I have a custom job to do. It's not in my comfort zone and I've been quilting for 5 years. I tend to set up my quilts in the evening, and not start the quilting until the next morning. This way it is up and ready for me and I can go in and out of the studio and work away at it bit by bit. Maybe if you put a video monitor or some music in your room you wount feel so lonely and keep your sessions short and frequent (like 1/2 hour at a time several times a day) so you don't get bored.
  20. Thank you everyone. Bonnie - the quilt is 76" x 88" - I think meant for an older double bed (they weren't as long as they are now. I don't know what the pattern is called. Yes David, it is very feminine. The fabrics look old - some look like feedsack or shirting, but some look newer - like from the 70's maybe? There is even one petal that was pieced. I could be mistaken as I don't know my older fabrics well enough. The large white blocks were sewn together by machine, and the applique was expertly done by hand.
  21. Thank you! I've attached a closeup. My customer says she is going to give this one away, but I think (hoping) she will change her mind when she picks this up on Tuesday.
  22. I just finished this quilt which was purchased by my customer at the Mennonite Relief auction for only $45!! I used Circle Lord curved cross hatching board for the centre of the floral wreaths and Circle Lord piano keys board for the borders. I hope I didn't overdo the filler quilting. I'm still teaching myself about custom quilting and it's all about design choices isn't it? This is only my 3rd 'custom' job - but I have done tons of edge to edge.