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  1. Oma, I have done a few quilts for her and have not had any problems. When she bought the backing she was told it was 120 inches wide...I should have measured it. I appreciate your input!
  2. Is it possible to quilt a quilt when the backing is the same size, maybe an inch bigger, as the top? Should I take it off the frame and give it back to the client to piece more on? or should I piece it if she gives me the extra fabric?
  3. Please add me to the send to list also Thanks! Jolene jbassmo@yahoo.com
  4. I just wanted to let you know that I will be out of town for a week and will be in touch with you when I return. Jolene
  5. Bayside quilting has a nice selection of pantos, you could try looking there. They have a website
  6. I wish I could swing it right now but will not be in the position to get anything until next year. This seems to happen all the time...good deals but wrong time
  7. How much are you asking for the large worktable? Any idea on shipping to Ohio or Missouri?
  8. I also have a few questions. Please email me at jbassmo@yahoo.com Thanks