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  1. Thanks Gail. I would be using wool. Would 2 batts be too warm?? I definitely have enough throat space with Mille. Hoping to do the Anne Bright Musical. Have it in the 8 1/2 but was thinking of enlarging it. Her pantos are very consistent in density so think it would secure the quilt. Looking for a quilt that just puddles around you and yet firm enough to have that quilted feel. Think I will make a trial sample. Thanks again for your thoughts and your time. Have a good day..
  2. Have been quilting with the 8-9" pantos and wonder if anyone is familiar with using the larger 13" ones. Anne Bright has the option of purchasing the downloadable design, enlarging 200%, resulting in a 13" panto. Do quilts with the larger, more airy design have a softer hand? Do the smaller designs result in firmer quilts with a flatter appearance? Your preference? Thanks so much in advance for your responses. Have a great day and Happy Quilting.
  3. Thanks Linda and Rita Yes, quilting is just beautiful so a panto would have been just perfect. But it does seem to be freehand. What an artistic mind that quilter had. Would love to "walk around" in it and see what I could absorb. Would have to be a very long walk. LOL Am going to check thru all the pantos again and see if something catches my eye. Thanks again. Will be back, hopefully not gone as long this time. take care all. Margaret
  4. Thanks Bonnie. Hopefully this works and that the stitching is visible. Have a great day ]Margaret
  5. Hi everyone, seems like years have gone by since on this site. My excuse, LIFE. You all got me started with my used Mille and my fingers are itching to get going, once again. Can never thank you all enough for all the fantastic, friendly help. Am hoping to do some this winter and saw a quilt that I just loved the design on. Just wondering if anyone knows this panto? Am gong to try to figure out how to load a photo!!! Gosh, this site has changed soooo much. It has been a long time! thanks so much and all the best to everyone. margaret ok, how do I post a photo? thks
  6. ok, just when I think the choice of batting is between Hobbs and QD you throw another one into the fire. I can't make tops fast enough to try them all!!!!! Maybe I should steal some of your UFOs since I only have one Definitely looking for lighter and drapier than W&N
  7. Monika thanks. Found you on the map and it is far. I am south central Manitoba. So the yuymmy leftovers from Thanksgiving are definitely a no go. Kathy, where abouts are you? Haven't found a map with Schist lake. Will call for batting and let you know how I make out. Have you used any of the Orient yet Monika? I love bamboo but is a bit pricy. Has anyone tried the corn batting from Mountain Mist? It is supposed to be more economical. Getting more info tomorrow on it and the Hobbs line. Guess its personal preference Hobbs vs QD. Should do a poll :cool:
  8. Monika thanks for the info for JN Harper. Do you deal with Wm Gardner Agencies? They refused my e-mail!!!!!! Would like the no questions asked, am just hobby but maybe someday in the far away future will do some custom work to help support my habit LOL. Tried a u2u but it kept saying, "error, empty". I know that is newbie syndrome, but right now I just want to quilt, no more leaning computer stuff. Is that thanksgiving dinner all eaten???? Almost drove over!!!!
  9. Doodlebug, fantastic repair job and sense of humour/survival Love your posts........awesome work this stuff you call doodle Margaret
  10. Dawn, thanks for the info, am keeping that on file. Yes, I do NEED cotton. Thanks for the offer of Thinsulate Madelyn. A few years back I made parkas for my guys lined with thinsulate. They prefer the down, saving me the job of making more, that much more time for quilting I think the quilt I am working on is going to be like Boni's "door". Am going to look into NJ Harper, thanks Monika. Both you and Meg mention the QD new Orient (combo batt), sounds like something I could use. Now that I have a machine I should be able to make both summer and winter quilts, LOL. Is the QD fluffier t
  11. Greetings from winterland Canada, hopefully this is only temporary. (so I am a dreamer LOL ) Looking at wool batting, yes we are going to need it! Have 80/20 cotton/poly (its needle punched), just not warm enuf for kids winter quilts. Wool/cotton a good combo? (same care?) If so, where can a Canadian source wool at a wholesale price? Love bamboo but is kind of pricy, maybe wool is the same. Or has anyone used double cotton? Does that get heavy...looking for more fluffy and light? (Tried Joanne's in Grand Forks and they don't carry wool.) Thanks everyone and happy quilting. Ma
  12. Wow Linda, that is quilters paradise! You are probably the only Manitoban happy to see the snow. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Make sure to show us more pictures: fabric stash, those beautiful quilts all quilted. Congrats and happy quilting. Margaret
  13. Meg, I'm in Canada and I bought my machine from Ohio. It isn't right of the buyer to expect you to ship it, unpaid/partial payment. Fortunately for us our seller met me in Minneapolis where, if totally unsatisfied, I could have refused. He was very honest and I ended up with a great deal. If your buyer is truly interested, she would do as Joan suggests. Everyone here is giving good advice.
  14. Bonnie million thanks for very clear photos and explanation. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks a bunch for your time. How do you ever get any of your own work done? Now the rest is up to me to go and try this on the machine. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? Have a great evening. MEGA THANKS
  15. Kathy, could you send me to the post that you saw the design on? thanks a bunch.