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  1. Oh Linda, this makes my recent monster quilt seem like a piece of cake! You do have my sympathy....
  2. Cindy: I used to be able to post pictures from Flickr. I'm doing something wrong because now it just posts a link to my Flickr page. Would you share your method? Thanks so much!
  3. I know Annie, it's weird. It's probably something I'm doing wrong, I'm noting all the suggestions and I'll work on it again in a few days. The stylus is attached to the front axle, if it was back where the laser light is it would work perfectly.
  4. Thanks Lyn, I'll try again after I get the current quilt off the machine, it does seem to me this should work. I am trying to match the board to the block position because as I had it there was only about 1/2" between it and the front roller and the same with the back roller, no room to move it around. I believe you that it should work and I want it to work, I'll let you know. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the topper offer Linda. I think I'll have santa bring me one for Christmas but for now I'm going to plan B for this quilt and cover it with a lot of CC's. The piecer decided to try something new and pressed all seams open so I don't have one ditch to travel in....I want to do piano keys in the border, not sure how thats going to work. It's really beautiful though.
  6. This is what happens when I place the board on the table in the exact position to stitch on the block. Seems like its not going to work. Linda, I've taken the quilt top roller off the machine. Would I need that back on to install the topper? <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/78141575@N02/10678723953/" title="image by riciclare, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3709/10678723953_055f2bba12.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="image"></a>
  7. OK, I'm trying to use a groovy board to put a design in a block set on point. It's a 12" block, the on point measurement is about 16". I cant make it work. I have my block positioned in the sewing field, can't move it because I only have about 1/2" extra at the top and the bottom. So then when I try to position my board it hangs off the front edge of the table by 6" or so. Is there something obvious I'm missing...probably, but I'm having a mental block. Can the stylus be moved? Is my machine too small (Millie). Seems like this should work, if anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it. I'm ho
  8. Oh my, such beautiful quilts I hate to even put this silly thing up here. Not finished but I've made good progress, still hoping for a decent outcome, <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/78141575@N02/10467941903/" title="image by riciclare, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3773/10467941903_6bd8a3ffa6.jpg" width="374" height="500" alt="image"></a> I have another question. My next project is the exact opposite of this one....its beautiful and perfectly pieced by my good friend Linda. She tried an experiment and pressed all her seams open and its gorgeous.
  9. You and I think alike Shirley....that's exactly my plan. I'm going to sid wherever I can find a ditch, put a little outlining on the applique and was thinking I'd like to meander in the sashing and borders....that's where all the fullness and irregularities are. The blocks themselves are nicely done, just so many layers of fabric and fusible they're stiff. No amount of batting will puff them up.
  10. Thanks ladies for the encouragement, I've got it mostly pinned, doesn't look too great but I'm going to go for it on the dsm. I'm hoping she doesn't hold me responsible for the final result. She's not actually a friend, she's a co-worker of my husband...I'm going to have him deliver it back to her! About the tucks Sylvia...it came pre-loaded with tucks...ha. Ann, the blocks are from Shannon's (doodlebug) sew along. I think we've been working on it for about a year and a half. She has all the instructions on her blog....pieceful kwilter. I hope it finishes up soon as I'm running out of fabric
  11. Thought you all might enjoy this quilt, made by an admitted non-quilter. If my pictures show up (no guarantees there) you will see how flat it lays, its worse in person, the sashing is "meandering" to say the least, there are so many layers of heavy fusible it's stiff as a piece of plywood, seams are pressed in every direction and vary between 1/2" and 1". She said when she got to the center block she needed background fabric and didn't want to go to the store so she got a jacket out of her closet and cut it up. It's kind of a stretchy mesh with flocking. I'd like to make it look nice for her
  12. I'm a two iron houehold...one in my sewing room and one for my husbands ironing board. Yes, poor guy has to do his own ironing. I've bought countless irons, I'm guessing that every year I'm replacing one of them, have had everything from the top of the line Rowentas to the 19.95 Black and Decker from Walmart. Some last longer than others but none of them last for any reasonable amount of time. At this point I only look for one without the auto shut off, they're usually cheap and they work well for as long as they work, then I buy a new one. I've also had the gravity feed irons with the tank t
  13. GOL (gasping out loud), that's so micro it hardly looks a stipple! It looks beautiful, would love to see it finished.
  14. I always baste and I'm certainly ne expert, Im chiming in here because I have a different method. I use the fingernail on my left thumb to pull the fabric just a little bit. If I'm basting across the top I have my thumb to the left of the foot and as the foot pushes the fabric slightly to the right I grab little bits with my thumbnail and pull back the other way. If I'm basting down the side I keep my thumb behind the foot and pull backwards as the foot tries to push the fabric forward. It works really well and if the border has excess fullness you can distribute it quite evenly with no pucke
  15. Such a pretty quilt, I love the quilting and also the way the cornerstones and corners and the 9 patch blocks form the secondary pattern...so pretty!
  16. Well, it's not my fault! Linda (my customer) had her sister visiting from Portland last month and Linda helped her put together a quilt top while she was here. So last week Linda was talking to her, told her about the issue with the baby quilt and found out that the top she'd helped her sister with had the same problem. She says she had put in a new needle, she usually uses a microtek (I think thats what she called it) but was out of those so she put in a universal. I'm not sure why a universal wouldn't work, maybe it was faulty or put in wrong... In any case, she has all the seams repaired,
  17. Yes, thread is what I suspect. She used Aurifil, although I'm afraid she accidentally put in a bobbin wound with water soluble thread....I know, its a scary thought. I gave the first row a spritz with water to take off the blue marks, only did that first row though because it was drying too slow and I wanted to roll and move on. I don't remember if all my pins were on that end or not. I looked carefully in that pinwheel block, I couldn't see any sign of thread...no broken pieces sticking up or anything, it was like no thread at all. She's a really good friend of mine, I'm more worried about l
  18. Last week I quilted a little baby quilt. As I was working on it I noticed a spot where about 1/2" of a seam wasn't sewn. I made a mental note to let the piecer know because I knew she'd want to hand stitch it closed. When I took it off the frame I decided it needed some SID and decided just to do it on my dsm. As I was doing that I found more seams open, then more, then more, there must have been 2 dozen of them I marked with safety pins for her. Does anyone have a theory on what could have happened? I thought maybe a her machine was skipping stitches, she says the quilt was ok when she finis
  19. Thanks Linda, that helps a lot. I charged 4.5 which made it $279.00, then I gave her a $79.00 discount and have been worrying abut it ever since. The customer is my best friend, she gave it to me 4 years ago to "practice" on when I first got my machine....she made it for her sisters picnic table. For a long time I was afraid of it, then when I finally got to it I wanted to make it really nice and failed to consider that it was going to be a gift for her sister and maybe she wouldn't want to pay 279.00. After all, she gave it to me to practice on. I'm ok with the 200.00 for this and I think s
  20. I need some help with pricing. I've just finished a custom quilt for a paying customer....a rarity for me as most of my work is panto or overalls and many are for my sister so she gets the family discount. I quilt, she buys the margaritas! I've just finished this huge quilt, I don't know if any of he stitching shows up but each block is done differently, all the yellow sashing is egg and dart, all three borders are treated separately, the outside one is piano keys and I stitched in the ditch each side of each border and each side of the dark blue that goes around each block. Oh yeah, and lot