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  1. I have a quilt to do for a customer with a dark navy backing fabric. I want to avoid the pokies issue and have two kinds of battings here but don't know which one will give me the best result. One is Warm and Natural, one is a packaged Hobbs Heirloom Premier 80/20. Ive never used this packaged batting on the longarm, the package says its "lightly needlepunched and resinated with a soft resin"...is one a better choice than th other? Can't use a black batting as its a sampler quilt with lots of yellow, white and of course navy.
  2. I'm going to save all these pearls of wisdom, you ladies are amazing. Marion and Charlotte, I'm with you on the painters tape. Have gone through a few rolls, the good news is they come in so many pretty colors now....I'm working my way around the color wheel. I'm going on try your method Libby. It scares me to advance the quilt with the needle down so this seems like a good alternative. Vickie, my quilt seems to bow just a bit in the middle and I bet the stretched canvas is the culprit. I've never ad anything nearly this big on the frame so the outer edges of that canvas is definitely unus
  3. I agree Queenie. This is my own quilt and while the first row wasn't perfect I was prepared to just go for it figuring all practice is good and I would be happy with the improvement at the end. I really wasn't happy with the panto though, it was kind of a small intricate design so when the second row didn't line up I decided to take it all out and switch to a panto that wasn't so dense. I knew this one was also wrong Bonnie by doing exactly what you described. It was easy to see I was off by about 2", I just didn't know why. Thanks to the experts here who quickly came to my aid...I actually
  4. Marci, I have a lot of experience laughing at myself but I have to say I'm glad I recognized the major flaw in my thinking about that laser light before I seriously proclaimed to the whole quilting world that I got more room at the end of my table by aiming it differently. Whew, that's a sentence... It's been a day of lessons...lol.
  5. Thanks to both of you for the clarification...I'm in the process of re-adjusting now. I've only done a few pantos, now I'm wondering how they ever turned out right! Yeah, I know my laser light is a bit wonky. I've been trying to compose a concise explanation of why I adjusted it like that, has to do with not enough room, a 10' quilt on a 12' table, a brick wall and a jumbo size operator, but as I was typing it occurred to me that no matter where that light points the machine still has to stitch to the end of the quilt and what actually made it all work was when I moved the tv out of the way!
  6. Im trying to do a simple pantograph and I cannot get it right once I advance the quilt. Im using the same method I always have, got it wrong once and spent the last three days frogging, dont want to do that again. this is what I do: Put my needle down in the highest point of the pattern...I think I'm inserting a pic of my highest point, cant remember how to ddo that and cant find Heidis instructions any more so here goes. image by riciclare, on Flickr Then, with needle down I advance until laser light reaches lowest point in pattern, the next picture (hopefully) is my lowest point.
  7. I don't sleep well and often spend all nighters in my sewing room..it's not always time well spent. A couple weeks before Christmas I had one of those nights, decided to work on some pillows I had promised to put together for a customer. Needlepoint with a satin cording and heavy tapestry back...I really did not want to make them. I stitched the cording on, decided I'd put some fray check on where I had to clip to turn the corners, got them finished about 5 AM and I was happy to have them done! A couple days later I was straightening things up, picked up the bottle of fray check to put it back
  8. Great idea to make it reversible and best of all it's finished....very nice!
  9. This I all so lovely....I also especially love the stars and swirls.
  10. Just a couple more...rag quilts made for my step daughter and husband. They're planning a move from Western Washington to Michigan and I just know they're going to be cold. I did the cutting, layered all the squares and my husband sewed all the X's...he's pretty proud of himself. DSCF1614 by riciclare, on Flickr DSCF1613 by riciclare, on Flickr Thanks for looking...Merry Christmas to you all!
  11. OK, my picture worked, now I have some quilts to share. My aunt always embroiders dishtowels for my mom, my sister and I. I talked them out of some of their unused ones a few years ago with the promise they would be made into quilts and returned to them. Finally they're done and will be Christmas gifts. I don't know how well they'll show up, the redwork one is nursery rhymes, the other one is roosters. photo by riciclare, on Flickr roosters by riciclare, on Flickr DSCF1618 by riciclare, on Flickr
  12. When I was at Linda Rechs studio she gave me a piece of acrylic about 2" x 8" I think. It's the best tool I own, I use it on every quilt I do...thank you Linda! I'm going to use my fantastic photo of it to practice posting a photo. Here goes... DSCF1622 by riciclare, on Flickr
  13. My budget is really tight this year so everyone is getting a quilt made entirely out of my stash. Today I finished a rag quilt for son in law and almost finished assembling one for daughter...hopefully it will be done before I retire for the night. They're planning a move to Michigan (sob) so I'm thinking these will keep them toasty warm...I'm not sure they're prepared for those winters. Also have a quilt on the frame I made from dish towels my aunt made...we always get them for Christmas and hate to use them so I'm making them into quilts, one for mom and one for my sister. Moms is roosters,
  14. I use aurifil thread for piecing and when the spool is empty I save the orange base of the spool and I stack them up on an empty spool holder on my machine. I feel like all those orange discs represent my life's work...well, the most recent phase of my life anyway.
  15. Ah, linda, you are so wise. If you ran for president you'd have my vote!
  16. Count me as not surprised either...I've been "swooning" ever since you first posted that picture. The awards are well deserved...congratulations!
  17. Another beauty linda! I also think the colors in this one are especially pretty.
  18. I haven't had that problem but I got a message on my msn account the other day, it said "no sender, no message" and it was dated 12/31/69. What!!? I'm with you, so afraid of idiots who have nothing better to do than mess with us...
  19. You can't really tell from the photo but it's in a case, not really sure why they picked the assortment of items...