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  1. Looks like it was a terrific Thursday! Loved the quilt pics and the grandkids even more. Lulu and those legs are so adorable!
  2. Im a little farther than this picture shows but I've had some issues...as usual. Like the purple disappearing ink that won't disappear...does anyone have a cure for that? Also I have a new set up. I've been floating quilt tops recently so I too my top roller off. Now my brake attaches to a short little roller that isn't in my way. Then I got the pink centering tape, I use that to mark the end of the stitching field. I learned all this from Lynda in Seaside...I can't wait until I start quilting like her!!
  3. And we are so lucky that Barb works in our "neighborhood". Thanks Barb for all you do!
  4. Thanks for all the help. I love the feathered circle idea but I don't think i have room to do that, plus my feathers are not suitable for public viewing yet. The invisible thread sounds like a great problem solver, I haven't used that yet but if I can find some locally I will try it...I have a bit of a time crunch on this so don't think I have time to order. I'm going to draw it out with the lines of writing underlined like Linda and Lyn suggested and run that by my customer...I like that idea. I'm toying with the idea of an outline of a flag at the top or bottom on the cream, maybe both. Or
  5. I'm hoping this picture comes out smaller than the one in my original post...can't seem to figure out how to edit or delete that post. I need ideas for quilting this, hand embroidered center. I think I'll cross hatch some of it, not sure where or what else to do...oh so confused. Thanks and I'm sorry for messing up the forum today.
  6. Any ideas how to quilt this? I see some cross hatching but not sure where...yikes! The center is all hand embroidered. Any and all ideas will be much appreciated. Hope my picture works....
  7. Oh Linda, this is gorgeous! I have to ask, when you do a design like this do you mark it first or just wing it? It's just beautiful and perfect for this quilt.
  8. Please put me on the book list too.....I can't wait!
  9. I'm only familiar with the Puyallup Fair, but according to their rules a professional is anyone who makes $2000.00 or more in one year. The good news is I will always be an amateur in their eyes.
  10. I heard on the news yesterday it had snowed on Mt. Rainier and the last of last winters snow only melted 43 days ago. Now, our weather here at sea level is quite different than the weather in the mountains, but this still paints a clear picture of the miserable summer we had.
  11. Another beauty, I too love that background fill. But I want to know about those perfect circles on the fans...are those freehand?
  12. Yes, same batting. My hopping foot was adjusted by Barb M to be 2 business cards high....it's been several months but I think it should still be ok. I think when I do the last one of these I will baste down the sides, if that doesn't work I will change the height of the foot.
  13. I wish I had a treasure like this forgotten in a closet....beautiful!
  14. I'm thinking it may be the height of my hopping foot that's the issue, however on the first quilt I had no problem. I have 3 quilts exactly the same, same pattern, same fabric, backing and batting and the two I've done already were nice and square and flat. The pantos were different though, the second one was much less dense so when I'd get to the end of the row there was always some "vacant space", I'd quilt to the edge and then the pattern came back in to fill that bit of space, that's when the bunching occurred. The foot would push the fabric away and then push it back in. I think I'll
  15. I'm always here asking questions of the experts and while I'm nothing close to being expert at this I did figure out a few things that work for me on pantographs...maybe this will help some of my fellow newbies. I'm a little bit hindered (not handicapped!) because I have MS. Left hand doesn't work well, right hand doesn't quite understand the goofy left hand so it's always a struggle. This is how I got passable results with my pantographs. I use my right hand only and on the left handle, I keep my elbow close to my body, I bend my left knee just a little bit (seem just a little more stab