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  1. I'm a newbie here, have gotten a lot of assistance from you helpful folks...thank you very much. My name is Cindy, lived all my life in the pacific northwest behind a sewing machine. I started out in school to learn pattern making and design, worked in several different areas from pattern making, sample making for manufacturers, custom work, but really for the last almost 40 years most of my time has been spent doing alterations. I worked for a local department store that was bought out by Macy's, and after almost 25 years with Bon Marche/Macy's I was layed off last July....which is what b
  2. I think I've been following you around Mercedes. I also took the machine maintanance, Sally Terry's what to practice and Sue Patten this afternoon on background fills and am going to her trunk show tomorrow too. I've also had 3 classes with Pam Clark and have really enjoyed those. Now if my machine would just co-operate with me.
  3. I also love everything about quilting but my favorite part is somewhere near the end. Somewhere after the quilting is done and the binding process is going...and I realize that all those tiny pieces and all those small stitches have actually made a blanket! It's like a miracle to me every time.
  4. I've spent a lot of time the last couple days watching Matt the Manquilter and got a lot of enjoyment out of his beatlesradio.com....now that's good music. I'm with Patty Jo though, Tower of Power is one of my favorites also and that reminds me I need to get them on my ipod.
  5. Oops...seems as though I'm not paying attention. Susanne and Sue are two different people and I combined them into one...sorry ladies, but thanks to you both for your help. Innovations is in 2 days so I expect to be smarter soon. thanks again and again..Cindy
  6. Hi Susanne: Yes I just bought my machine in May. I've seen only general information..loading a quilt, oiling the machine and such on CD...I'll wait now and see if I get a printed manual when I take the class at innovations. I feel much better now that I know the height issue isn't a terminal condition! I planned on putting a quilt on today so I could play but I have been mesmerized by Matt's waiting for the truck and assembly so haven't gotten that done yet. Thanks again...Cindy
  7. Thanks Linda: I am registered and am taking the maintanance class...just seems to me that a manual should be included in the price of the machine. Even the assembly manual was for an older version of the machine so if it hadn't been for a mechanically inclined husband we would have been sol. So many pictures and descriptions of parts didn't apply, it was a real challenge. I told him tonight his name has been changed to Manual.
  8. Susanne: I don't have a manual. Hmm....could this be part of my problem? I resorted to chocolate and wine last week....
  9. Thanks to everyone who helped me with my wheels. It ended up that Mark sent me new ones, and things seem better now...now I can believe the problem is just me and not the machine. When hubby took off the first wheel he found an allen screw that was not tightened down, he tightened it and put the new wheel on and now the wheel turns freely. I think it was the problem with the screw that caused all the issues. Ok, now the next problem...I hope I don't wear you guys out. I had purchased a stylus and an R&S pattern board for circles so he attached my stylus for me. When I tried to demon
  10. I was going to suggest "Coterie"...sounds as elegant as your beautiful quilt looks. But Cheri's "Winged Radiance"...I like that one too.
  11. Mark: I did what you suggested, the bolt on the right was SO tight I had to loosen the gold bolt..it was really tight too and when it finally moved I heard something pop...scared me but now that wheel seems to turn freely. The one on the left still doesn't, I tried to get it to pop too but it doesn't want to. I think this is the reason I am so concerned with the wheels...they just don't seem to want to rotate. The one that popped is better now but the other one is really hard to turn with my hand. Still doesn't stitch too well, but I know that has at least something to do with the operator
  12. Bonnie and Barb...I got my machine at Bayside, I've been hesitant to ask for someone to come look at it because I've been unemployed for a few months and would really like to work this out on my own...trying to save those dollars for an even rainier day! I will call though if I have to. Heidi...The machine goes easier front to back, I really feel like the wheels on the table are the problem. What do you mean about the brackets on the table...are you talking about the cylinders that go between the rails? I have a 12 foot table. I'm thinking I may lower the center truss just slightly like
  13. Hi all.. I'm getting a little discouraged and could use some more imput if anyone has the time. I have a new Millennium...it's been in my basement since June and I am still making no progress. I feel like the wheels aren't working right but since I have no experience I just don't know. I have adjusted and adjusted them so I have a gap between the wheel and rail about the thickness of two business cards. I have cleaned the rails, cleaned the wheels, checked the table for level and square...and have done all of this more than once. In the video, Dawn says the wheels should turn eas
  14. Hi Angie: I have made this quilt so don't quite have a kit any more but I do have all the patterns. I'd make you a heck of a deal if you want them...you've all been so helpful to me on this forum you can have them if you just pay for postage. I'm not sure but I would guess all the fabrics are still available. It's not paper pieced but not all that hard to do if you do carefully. Cindy
  15. I think I am actually ready to quilt on my new Millennium! You all helped me with the orientation of the machine, the room has been revised twice since then so I have room on all sides and I think now the room is perfect. I had a practice quilt on the machine and have been trying for 3 weeks or more to get the wheels adjusted... I don't think they are right yet, but I've watched the cd over and over, printed off all the advice from the forums and I still can't make a smooth curve....my husband has suggested that the problems may be with the machine operater...can you imagine...so I am j
  16. Thanks to all of you for helping me. Seems like the vote is for the front of the machine closest to the wall, so that's how it will be here. I don't have the luxury of lots of windows and a view as I am in the basement but I do have a sliding door to the backyard and good overhead lighting so I think that will be ok. Now if I just had room to walk around all the stuff in that room...being in there remends me of a saying I've heard...something about trying to put 10 pounds of "stuff" into a five pound bag...well, that's what I've got going on! I've so enjoyed looking at all the pics of you
  17. Good morning to all! I've recently been laid off my job and have decided that going forward I want to be a longarm quilter. While I am an experienced quilter, I am completely new to longarming, so I studied and studied and with your help I took delivery of my new Millennium with 12 foot table yesterday and the assembly has begun! My room is only 12 X 20, I think it will need to sit about 2 feet from the wall ( less would be better, but I think I can spare 2 feet), so the question is, should I put the front of the machine or the back of the machine near the wall? I don't want to get it w