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  1. I had this same problem yesterday on my Lenni. My top thread was also making little loops on the back. I found my bobbin was too tight, and my top tension was too loose. Put your bobbin in your hand and lift it by the thread. It should run freely with the bobbin just barely lifting from your hand. Do that and then adjust your top tension until you get a nice stitch. I hope this helps you. Marley
  2. Hi all, Sorry to hear that a lot of you ladies are suffering pain. May I refer you to a lady named Elaine Hollingsworth. You can google her, or go to her website called "Doctors are Dangerous". You will be amazed, startled, and very, very, angry, when you read what she has to say. She has a book which tells of her findings. You can order it from her website. Everyone should read this book!! Also if any of you have skin cancers, look up Black Salve on You Tube. Marley
  3. That McTavishing looks really beautiful behind the applique. Marley
  4. I have the SideSaddle on my Lenni machine. Very happy with it, couldn't wish for better. Customer service is excellent. Jennifer is just an email away if I have any questions. Price wise, It is about 1/3rd the cost of some other systems. Does everything I want. Marley
  5. Good one Lyn! Do you have your feet wet up there in Queensland? We are OK here, near Mildura, but there are lots of folks further South, that are flooded out. Here the blockies are trying to dry fruit, sultanas, currants, etc. What was looking good, has now turned into a soggy mess. Not much water on the ground, just misty rain, warm weather, causing bunch rot and mould. We have retired so not worrying us too much. Marley
  6. I love how you have done the grass, water, etc Dell. I have just learnt to load pictures from Bonnie's instructions. You need to have your Webshots open and go back and forward from there to here. Copy from there, come back here and paste, do this for all the photos that you want to load, then post your article. Don't post each one separately. Thanks Bonnie!! Marley
  7. Thanks for all the compliments! I found Bonnie's instructions for loading photos and have printed it for next time. I have given to quilt back to the maker and she was very happy with it. The pattern is called Noah & Friends,by Kookaburra Cottage. It is a BOM from Marley
  8. If someone can upload these photos for me, I will be pleased. I think there is a post on here somewhere about posting photos, but I can't find it. Thanks, Marley
  9. Hi everyone, I have finished this applique quilt. When I started it I was having problems with Lennie jumping around, but I improved as I went along. It was hard to know when enough is enough, and now it is off the frame I can see that it needs more quilting in some places. What would you have done with this one?? Marley [/url][/img]
  10. Hi Judy, I emailed Dawn and she suggested a few things to try. I also found that 2 wheels were leaking gunk, so changed them. Don't notice any real difference. I am quilting a very large applique quilt at the moment. I am getting on better now. I think I have more confidence now,although I am still doing a lot of pulling out. When I finish this one, I am going to take the head off and check it all over. Thanks to everyone for your help. Marley
  11. Hi Jenny, I live at Redcliffs, near Mildura, a long way from you. I bought my Lennie new from Sue when she was the APQS dealer. My husband set it up for me, and he is very particular about things being level etc. I think the problem may be the lip on the table that the wheels ride on. The wheels can't ride in the centre of the lip because the edge of the lip is higher on one side, not rounded. Some areas are more rounded than others. Could this cause problems? Marley
  12. Hi Cynthia Yes, we have Target, Spotlight, etc in Australia. Our power is different, might be better to purchase your requirements here. Your son will love Adelaide, my grandson has just finished Engineering degree at Adelaide Uni. Marley
  13. Hi Judy, I'm from Victoria. How do you like your Lennie? I love mine with the SideSaddle. Manually, I find it a bit frustrating at times. I thought it was just me, but I tried another machine recently and it was like a RollsRoyce. Beautiful stitches and lovely smooth corners. If I had the money I would have one tomorrow. I would still keep my Lennie/Sidesaddle combo! Marley