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  1. I am moving back to Kalamazoo area. Thanks for the info ladies.
  2. I would appreciate input. I don't want to get rid of my Millenium but I am in TX and will be moving to Michigan next winter/spring. I have a 2003 machine with bliss, and hydraulic lift. My dilemma is that most of my furniture is from 1999 or 2002 and I am thinking of just donating it here. So how to move the longarm? I have the original box for the machine head. I can try and get boxes to ship the frame from the local dealer. I only have a small sedan so I can't pull at trailer or fit the machine head in my car. Does anyone have an idea of how much the shipping would cost? I am
  3. thanks Jennifer. I will definitely try it that way. PeggyB
  4. Thanks Ladies. I hope to start the beadboarding tomorrow. I am planning on jumping over the applique. I will post pics. PeggyB
  5. Ladies can you help me out? I have the quiltazoid and I want to do beadboard around an applique border. I am going to start in the corner and have a miter line so that the corner is beadboard horizontal and vertical meeting on the miter. My question is when you use quiltazoid to do this what is the best method? Do you sew vertical, stop at the miter then move the board and due the horizontal and repeat until you reach far enough that you can just do all the horizontal across? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, PeggyB
  6. I have had low back pain for years. I think on this forum 3 years ago or so I read about different shoes people wear for standing and quilting. Based on those posts I tried MBT shoes and most of my pain has gone away. I think alot of my pain was from years of poor posture (plus two injuries from my 20's) no affiliation with the company it just has made a world of difference for me PeggyB
  7. I have enjoyed every class I have taken from her.
  8. How creative! I really like it and thanks for the tip about using foam.
  9. PeggyB


    It is perfect for that quilt!
  10. this is the whole quilt, binding isn't finished on lower left. It came out pretty
  11. I had been intrigued by this pattern. Thanks for showing it with such beautiful quilting.
  12. I agree with Linda. Also when you use the products you purchase wholesale you have to pay the sales tax you would have paid had you sold it to someone else. So at least in Texas I have to pay or at least file sales & use taxes
  13. Please add me also Peggy