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  1. Since you are in California, check out They are located in North Orange it doesn't take long to get them. If you order $100 worth of merchandise, then shipping is free. Any questions you have, you can e-mail, and they e-mail back very promptly.
  2. Hi! I imagine that you have already taken care of this problem, but here is my two cents worth. I sew quilts for a large fabric company. Until recently I always sent the quilts to a quilter for the quilting. My quilter charged a bit more than for her regular customers, I think, and always charged a rush fee of $25, plus thread and batting fees. I am now doing my second quilt for the fabric company since getting my long arm. I will not charge the rush fee, but then I am not taking in work from other people yet. Some things to consider....when something goes in a magazine, often the quilt maker and the person who actually quilts the quilt get their name in the magazine. That is a good thing. However, at my large guild, we usually have recognizable name speakers...and I have never heard one of them mention the name of the people who actually do the quilting...or in some cases the piecing of the quilt. So, it's possible that the designer may not be mentioning your name during her trunk shows. Also, I would want to know if your name will be published in her book along with "quilted by" so you do get that recognition. Since you are in business as a quilter, you should charge your normal rates to the designer, and perhaps as suggested, a "one time thank you for your business" discount. But make sure that the designer understands it's a one time deal.
  3. Sue.....if there is an OC expert in Millie maintenance...PLEASE let me know! LOL! Guess you meant me....which is an even bigger laugh! Amy was great...but you can teach an "old dog" only so many tricks...and my brain was flooded after 4 days of classes back to back in Iowa! Plus meeting a bunch of wonderful quilting ladies...which really was the best part of the trip for me! Kerry
  4. My suggestion would be to go to and click on designers and then Jinny Beyer...from there you can download a whole bunch of free patterns by her. I didn't see this one on the RJR site, but a similar one is called Fabrege...same name as her line of fabrics that are out now...or soon to be. You can also go to and perhaps paste in a copy of this quilt in the "contact us" area to find out what this pattern is called. Kerry
  5. Hi! For the past two years I have been doing sewing projects for an LA based fabric company. During this time, I've done many quilts, but also other projects such as pillows, covering boxes with fabric, and even asked to do some craft design projects (one was for fabric cupcakes that ended up in McCall's magazine). Everything was SO different that after much trial and error, I finally decided to charge by the hour. I keep track of all of my time...from ironing and cutting the fabric, to sewing on the bindings and hand tacking. It is too difficult to just look at a quilt and decide by size...I've done somethings that were just preprinted panels with borders added...and others are intricately pieced quilts. I am always working with fabric that WILL BE coming out and a lot of the projects are used to decorate the quilt market booths (Houston and spring trade shows) and to showcase the new designer fabric lines as well to "troubleshoot" new patterns before they are made into kits. So, what is working for in South Orange County, CA is $15.00 an hour. I consider myself a skilled seamstress. I think your profile said you spend part of the time in CA...and part in Seattle. I think if you are doing a quilt on consignment for someone in the Seattle area, the pricing may be different than what you can charge in So Calif keeping in mind that most who ask that you sew a quilt for them, are not seamstresses, and appreciate the fact that you are. Good luck! Kerry:cool:
  6. Hi Sue! Found you! As you know, I just returned from Iowa in July (my Millie was set up on July 21)...and took the 2-day maintenance classes with Amy at the APQS factory. This lady really knows her stuff...and she had us taking things apart and putting them back together... I admit I was a "tad" jet lagged, and a bit tired in the afternoons...but Amy is very accessible if you have any questions. It's a class everyone should take to know how to fix some things on their APQS machines if you aren't within driving distance of the APQS factory in Iowa! (Although there were a few times during class that I must admit that I decided that if anything does go wrong with my Millie...I'll just load her up in my car and head to Iowa....from So California! Kerry
  7. Hi! I will be going to Houston this year. My daughter moved there so I can stay for "free" and it's a good excuse for a visit. I went to the "vendors only" quilt market last year. I sew projects for one of the fabric companies and they "got me in" as a vendor. I went mostly to see the projects that I had sewn for the company ... how they were used to decorate the booths. It was awe inspiring. Never been to anything like that before. However, being a shopper at was awful not being able to buy anything since I didn't have a resale license for a business. This year, I am going to Houston again...this time having just bought an APQS Millie...I am now a "business" and looking forward to going. I still do the fabric company projects, but this time I am interested in doing the Schoolhouse and Shopper's Spree events that are on Friday, Oct 9. The quilt market then runs Oct 10 through Oct 12. The Quilt Festival quilt show is the following weekend, starting on Thurs Oct 15 through Oct 18. Classes for the public begin on Monday, Oct 12 and run through the quilt show. There are many long arm and regular quilting/sewing classes. I had originally thought I would take a couple of 3-hour long arm classes each day for three days. It was really adding up to be quite pricey. Then my friend, Linda Craig, told me about the Ohio Quilting with Machines thing. This starts on the Thurs after the Houston quilt show ends...starting on Oct 22, through Sat Oct 24. What I discovered is that many of the teachers who will be at Houston, are then moving on to Ohio. The classes in Houston average about $110 for the 3-hour long arm classes, but in Ohio, they are $35 for 2 hours. So, I've decided to take a side trip to Ohio and fly there for the classes....I can take more classes covering more subjects for cheaper in Ohio. Also I get to see Linda again, which I'm really looking forward to. So, now I think I will just go to the Houston Quilt Festival...just to see the vendors and the quilts. I live in Southern Calif, and we just got finished with the Long Beach show in July, which is put on by the same folks who do Houston. You can find out about the Houston show and the spring quilt shows and Long Beach at Kerry
  8. This is one of my first times on a forum! I, too, am going to Ohio, and hooking up with Linda Craig there...whom I had the pleasure to meet in Iowa recently when we went for APQS classes. I will actually be at the Houston show before Ohio, and had originally planned to take classes in Houston...but the classes are so much less expensive in Ohio, and the opportunity to see Linda again enticed me to take the side trip to Ohio from Houston...before coming back to California. It's so much fun meeting other quilters and sharing experiences and stories....such a great group of people! Kerry
  9. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to answer my question whether to buy or not. Obviously all of you are very happy with your purchase....and I am sure I will be too...once I make up my mind. As pointed out, I have two nights to sleep on this....I'll let you all know what I decide to do....but I already love this e-mail forum. I am not at all into chat rooms, etc. Do mostly e-mailing to friends. But, I think I've discovered a whole new "fun world" with this. Thanks everyone! Kerry
  10. Thank you Beth, for replying to my e-mail. It's always good to hear favorable testimonies from owners of products that I'm interested in. I hope to get some more feedback before making my decision on Monday...... oh, what to do, WHAT TO DO!! Kerry
  11. I just went to a sales presentation for APQS yesterday here in CA. Right now with all of their "wheels and deals", the cost of a Millenium, with the 12 ft table and auto fabric advance, SR, and...well I guess everything that could possibly go on this machine...the cost is $15,400. Then I have to add shipping, professional set up (no sons or husband here), and our huge CA sales tax. I am really tempted to buy this one. I have until Monday to decide. Since there are no road shows coming here anytime soon, and not many sales reps for other machines in this area...ladies...what is your opinion? Is this a good deal? I've tried some other brands...and seem similar to me. I'm thinking once I get one...I will just learn to use it. Right now I do sewing projects for a big fabric company, but have to send all the quilt stuff to someone else. My thinking is that I wouldn't be dependent on someone else...could do the quilting myself, and charge for that. Other than that, not planning to do a business at the moment. I would appreciate any advice any of you may have, because I believe in getting lots of feedback to help me make a decision. Thanks so much. Kerry