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  1. So beautiful! I like your quilting and the piecing is also beautiful.
  2. Kerstin

    Peace on Earth...

    Wow!! That's absolutely beautiful!!
  3. Kerstin

    I'm hooked ...

    Thank you for your advices and ideas. And yes, I will save my money the best I could and then, some day I'll have my IQ I did the same with my Longarm and my Embroiderymachine.
  4. Kerstin

    I'm hooked ...

    I'm sitting in the train on my way home from Krefeld, Open house at Quilt and Co, with Claudia Pfeil. Had a very interesting class about IQ, thank you Merete Ellingsen! There's only one question left: Where do I get the money to buy IQ?? ) I really love it .... ... and when I will get IQ I think I also wanna have Art'n'Stitch ... more money is needed:) Maybe I should try the lottery ... Some things to thing about
  5. Kerstin

    We won 2 awards...

    Congratulations! The quilt is really wonderful!
  6. Janette, thank you for the link.
  7. That sounds great! I've ordered one but I have to wait until it is shipped all over the ocean ... It's a pity, but there is almost nothing for Longarm machines I could order in Germany. I always have to bite the bullet: waiting about one to three or four weeks and very expensive shipping cost... So you're really glad Ladies living in a paradies for LA :cool:
  8. Kerstin

    Happy Belated Birthday, Mrs. Quiltazoid!

    Also from Germany: happy birthday greetings :)
  9. Kerstin

    Pictures of my studios- OLD POST

    Wow! Ardelle that's great! You must be really lucky Two super studios and so well organized. It's a dream
  10. Beautiful! Your quilting is marvellous!
  11. Wow!! Absolutely beautiful!!
  12. Very beautiful! I like your fabric choice