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  1. I see lots of shelves and storage too! Looks fab! Now once you're all settled in and have been working in that space for a few months, I'd love to see if it's still as tidy. Enjoy!
  2. How exciting is that! Woohoo! I too would love to see photos of the progress. Congratulations!
  3. I too am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your Gramma. I too need to keep extra busy at times like this and I can see you really poured yourself into this beautiful quilt. Your custom work is just gorgeous!
  4. Glad to hear and see you are on the mend! I'm so relieved. Could have been much worse in a rollover. (((Hugs)))
  5. Welcome Mary! As I read your message I can hear your smile. I've had my Millie since 2009 and I am still loving every moment. The "learning" never ends. There is always a thread here that will catch my eye and give me new ideas or hints along the way. So grab a cuppa, pull your chair a little closer and enjoy!
  6. Sandra, what wonderful news! Good to see you here. Smiles, hugs and prayers.
  7. Wonderful! That George is such a flirt! Shameful! Lol!
  8. Cathyh, you've received really wonderful suggestions here and I have very little to add to them, except that I know you can do it. It's going to take some adaptation of how you use your hands, absolutely, but I found that if my thumb even has just a bandaid on it while I use Millie, it reminds me to let it rest and adapt to using my other fingers instead. Yes, it's really awkward at first and takes a little practise, but it works, you can do it too! I'm sending you positive thoughts and lots of ((((Hugs)))). QUILT ON!
  9. Lovely, lovely quilt and the work you did is so beautiful, it must have been breaking your heart as your worked on it. So very sorry for your loss and her dear family's loss. You just never know what life with bring. It teaches all of us to enjoy and appreciate each and every day.
  10. Woohoo! How exciting is that! Congratulations to you both!
  11. Huge sigh of relief for you. Yay! I too would love to hear what the heck happened to those other heads. Quilt on!
  12. Oh Lil, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so very sorry for our loss. Sending you heartfelt ((((Hugs)))).
  13. Just love the variety of designs you used. There is so much to see! Beautiful!
  14. Joyce, I'm thinking of you and sending prayers. ((((Hugs))))
  15. OMG, what a sweet baby boy! Soooooo kissable! Congratulations on your new grandbabies!
  16. Hokey Smokes, Kay, another one blown right out of the water! Breathtaking!
  17. Wow, such beautiful fabric! Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!
  18. I agree with Linda, in that its important to stabilize the quilt and do the borders first. Otherwise the waves appear and, unfortunately, if they were already full, then a real problem will occur. Piano key or bead board design will help greatly to suck up some of that fullness. Best tip is to deal with fullness where it appears. Pushing it along only compounds the problem and the frustration level. Good luck!
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