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  1. Yes, Linda, I too would steer her away from that set up for all the same reasons already mentioned. She would never be happy with it at all.
  2. Hi Sharon, it's sooooo good to see you! I've often wondered what you were up to, thinking you must be super busy -- but wow all those wonderful grand babies and another on the way! How great is that! Congratulations! Love these quilts and what you've done with them. So beautiful!
  3. Amazing how people will take advantage of others. I can't help wondering why. Do others not take quilters seriously? Do they not think of LAing as a viable business, where time is money? Do they think a business run out of our home is not a "real" business, that we don't have a "real" job? Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and sticking to your guns! Love to hear what the outcome is.
  4. Learn something new every day here. :cool:
  5. Oh, such pretty colours and I really love the texture the wool batting and the CL give this quilt! Yummy! :cool:
  6. Yup, just like a magnet! As soon as I'm supposed to ignore something, I just can't!!! LOL! Wow, that is such a painful picture to look at. My prayers are with you and your back. I promise never to complain about my back again!!
  7. Don't know anything about the needles -- but they LOST YOUR MACHINE!!!! Holy moly, how could they do that??!! I would absolutely have a fit (maybe worse than a fit) if that happened!!! p.s. received my DVD last evening. Thanks so much, Bonnie!
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