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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from T Row Studio in Ellie and Squeak   
    Absolutely gorgeous work! Be proud!
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to sdaurio in Log Cabin   
    Just finished the largest quilt I've ever had on my frame.  117 x 117 - man that was a big one!!  I used 2 layers of batting, hobbs 80/20 and wool.  Glide thread on top and magna glide in the bobbin.  Lots of ruler work and free hand feathers.  In real life the colors are not as separated.  I tried to do something completely different with the quilting in the lighter half of the blocks from the darker half. Hoping to create more visual difference between the areas.  I think it worked.   I'm not particularly happy with the white squares where 4 meet.  All the straight lines meeting in the center has a bit of bowl in it.  But it's for my bed, so I'm fine with it.

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    Linda G. Craig reacted to K. Szymaszek in Flowers in winter!   
    That came out great Charlotte. I love the squared off flower, and the e's and l's. Looks like this one was fun to quilt.
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to delld in This week updated 3/3/15 later post see below   
    I hate this lousey weather. Wet, cold and very windy!!!! So I'm inside quilting away and keeping my coffee cup full or at least trying to.
    This is a bed runner made by Janet. She and her hubby went to Italy and took lots of photos of the beautiful tile floors and came home then designed and made this bed runner. It is 40 by 110 inches.
     20150227_203149 by delld1964, on Flickr
    Here is the whole runner.
    20150224_170203 by delld1964, on Flickr
     I still have to design what goes in the center of the circle blocks.
    Any ideas would help.
    Thanks for looking!
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Custom in Progress :)   
    I too am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your Gramma.  I too need to keep extra busy at times like this and I can see you really poured yourself into this beautiful quilt.  Your custom work is just gorgeous!
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from Sandra Darlington in Hi everyone....   
    Sandra, what wonderful news! Good to see you here. Smiles, hugs and prayers.
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from FiestaQuilter in My 1st post & a big thank you!   
    Welcome Mary! As I read your message I can hear your smile. I've had my Millie since 2009 and I am still loving every moment. The "learning" never ends. There is always a thread here that will catch my eye and give me new ideas or hints along the way. So grab a cuppa, pull your chair a little closer and enjoy!
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Pulling my hair out....frustrated...HELP!   
    If the stitches are skipping still at this point, check these things first:
    1. Check for hook shaft collar play before you do anything else. Over time the bushing behind the hook shaft collar wears down enough to create just enough "in and out" play behind that collar. That, in turn, allows the entire hook assembly to slightly move forward and backward as it rotates and this can cause skipped stitches. Use this attached document to check:
    Hook Shaft Collar adjust.pdf
    2. Next, if you're still skipping, check the needle depth once more. You should see the entire needle eye and a smidge of silver above the eye only. If that looks good, move on to step 3:
    3. Mark a new needle so you can really see the hook rotation. Use a thin point sharpie marker and put a mark right in the middle of the scarf (divide it in half from top to bottom). Then add another mark below that, just at the bottom of the scarf where the needle starts to bend back again. Now rotate the fly wheel and check the clearance of the hook behind the needle again, and make sure the tip passes between your marks. If it's hard to see, put a white piece of paper on the opposite side of the needle so you can see better. It will act like a backdrop and help illuminate the area better.
    If the needle passes at the top mark or higher, then the hook's getting to the needle too soon. With a little luck you won't need to start by removing the hook again. Loosen the screws on the hook assembly, HOLD the fly wheel so the needle doesn't move, and then grab the back of the hook where the screws are and turn the hook clockwise (which will make the point get there a little later.)
    If the needle passes low on the scarf, too near the bottom mark or below it, then the hook point is getting to the needle too late. Hold the fly wheel again, but in this case loosen the screws and turn the hook assembly counter-clockwise so the point gets there quicker.
    When you have the rotation just right (passing between the two marks), then tighten the only screw that you can see on the hook assembly only a little, little bit. You only want it to hold on enough so that you can now adjust how close the hook is to the needle.
    4. Now to the part that is most likely still causing your trouble....if you're still getting skipped stitches, the hook can't find the loop of thread created behind the needle because the hook's too far away from the needle. Put that piece of paper on the opposite side of the needle where you're looking again so you can really see if there is space between the the hook and the needle. Get a magnifying glass too. Move the fly wheel back and forth ever so slightly so the hook passes by, and see if the hook pushes the needle out of the way. It absolutely must not only touch the needle but it must also bump it.  
    When you start moving the machine the needle then starts moving too, and it always moves in the opposite direction than what you're quilting. So it will skip stitches more moving to the left or pushing the machine away from you, when the needle bends to the right (and the hook's not there yet) or when the needle bends toward you when you push the machine away (increasing the gap.)
    With that one screw holding the hook in place so you don't lose the rotation, now put a screwdriver between the back of the hook and the front of the collar and twist its handle to nudge the hook more toward the needle to you get deflection. (If you overshoot and the hook really slaps the needle, use the handle of the screwdriver to tap the hook back again.) Don't get frustrated if this step takes several attempts to get deflection without a hard can take us a long time at the factory to get it just right too!
    When you think it's just right, then rotate the hook to the next screw and tighten that one just a bit. Rotate the hook around to the needle and check the deflection AND the rotation to see that they haven't changed. If they have, you'll need to readjust again. (It's possible that the screws may want to slide back into their old holes in the shaft. If they do, you're better off removing the hook, smoothing the shaft and starting again.) If the deflection and rotation haven't changed, go to the next screw and tighten it a little bit, too. Then check rotation and clearance AGAIN.
    Keep going round and round, tightening each screw and checking. If everything continues to stay aligned and the screws are pretty tight, then it's time to give them your muscle. Really tighten the two screws on the round part of the hook with muscle, but take care with the third screw that's on a flat spot on the hook, since that screw head could snap off.
    5. Finally, re-check the hook retaining finger's depth to make sure it's only 1/3 of the way into the opening in the bobbin basket. Readjust if needed.
    6. The only other thing that could affect your skipped stitches is if your needle bar has play in it from bushings that are worn. If that's the case not only the needle bends, but the needle bar holding it does too. To check that, run the machine for 10 minutes or so, and then grab the needle bar and see if it wiggles back and forth. If the bushings allow wiggle, it's possible to change them but that's a bit more involved. Let us know if you discover play and we can visit about that.
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in In Progress - Feathers, Pebbles, and Swirls :)   
    Couldn't wait to share!  This is a customer quilt I'm currently working on.  I love how it's turning out!
    DSCN3987 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr     DSCN3970 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from cathyh in Down and out with arthritis   
    Cathyh, you've received really wonderful suggestions here and I have very little to add to them, except that I know you can do it.  It's going to take some adaptation of how you use your hands, absolutely, but I found that if my thumb even has just a bandaid on it while I use Millie, it reminds me to let it rest and adapt to using my other fingers instead.  Yes, it's really awkward at first and takes a little practise, but it works, you can do it too!  I'm sending you positive thoughts and lots of ((((Hugs)))).  QUILT ON!  
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from ffq-lar in Nice surprise   
    Woohoo!  How exciting is that!  Congratulations to you both!  
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from ffq-lar in Winter Wonderland in blue   
    Just love the variety of designs you used.  There is so much to see!  Beautiful!
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Medallion Heirloom Custom Design - Batik Stars   
    Gorgeous work!  Just love all those pretty stitches!  
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from quiltingjoyful51 in NQR Prayers Please UPDATE   
    Really?  Jury duty?  As I was reading that in your thread here, I burst out with "OMG!".  My DH lowered his soduko (sp?) and  wanted to know what those quilty people are up to now.  LOL!  I love your attitude and your strength.  My prayers and (((Hugs))) continue.
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to quiltmonkey in Hi Everyone..... I have missed you so much!   
    I am sorry I fell off the radar this past year... I have been busy with going back to college + full time job + quilting business + just trying to live life ....... busy!  But I have missed you all...  I will be graduating with my degree in business in August 2013 -- just one more month to go. Then I am D.O.N.E. with my skewl and my edgjimcation --- so far I am tracking 4.0 so let's see if I can keep up the GPA. It's been a fun ride and I have enjoyed school a lot, but I am ready to wrap this up and get back to quilty stuff. I am missing my quilty friends and all things quilty. I don't think I have made anything for myself in over 2 years. I need some me time. Anyway, glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

     Hello and special (((hugs))) to you! I have missed you all.
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to Mrs.A in Hi Everyone..... I have missed you so much!   
    Oh YAY!  Sweet, smart Shana is back.  For all the newer members of the forum...Shana is the kindest, friendliest, most positive person...she is such an asset to this community on the forum.  Shana - we missed hearing from you.  Congrats on your degree and WELCOME BACK!!!   Nancy in Tucson
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    Linda G. Craig got a reaction from quiltingjoyful51 in NQR Prayers Please UPDATE   
    Sending you positive thoughts, prayers and many ((((Hugs)))).
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to RoseCity Quilter in Ardelle! Are you on high ground?   
    Yes I am fine. Camrose is over 200 miles from Canmore. The devestation in southern Alberta is unreal. I cannot stop watching the news.....many communities devastated, thousands evacuated from their homes. The flooding happened so fast, many had time to only grab their children and pets before evacuating. Three dead so far. My heart breaks for the people affected.
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to katquilter in Emergency 911   
    Hooray - George is again alive and kicking.  Whoever designed that little drawer with the extra fuse is a saint.    I will wait til tomorrow to put in a fresh needle and check it out. 
    I am so impressed that this forum is so helpful , and that Dawn pops in to hold our hand when we have a train wreck.. thanks Dawn, and everyone on the forum!
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to Borderline Quilter in Toot Toot!   
    Can I share my news?
    Had a call this evening to tell me that I won 1st for Longarming at Quilts UK, Malvern on my Customer Mary's quilt...WooHoo! 

    It was a stunning top even before quilting!

    Marys Feathered Star Applique 2 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr   Marys Feathered Star applique 1 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr  
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to Gail O in What you've learned   
    Quilts are so much more than just blankets, and quilters so much more than people who can sew.
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Lake Life   
    Large (102 X 102) Lake Life quilt along with two shams (each with the Adirondack Chair on them).  Used a variety of colors on the top and bottomline in the bobbin.  This is the 3rd quilt or throw I have done from this more is in waiting:)

    Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr

    Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr

    Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr

    Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to Corey in What you've learned   
    Linda, I agree, passion and practice goes hand in hand, sowing and reaping as the old book say. To be able to make dreams & ideas into reality is awesome, 
    For me, quilting is a rewarding hobby that turned into business.  
    To meet awesome people of the same passion and appreciation for the art and making good friends along the way is a gift.   Every quilt is unique, ever learning and adding to the storage of knowledge in our minds.  They say we bring their quiltop into life, we do magic. 
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    Linda G. Craig reacted to ffq-lar in Quilting that looks like wind blowing.- Help please.   
    Two designs from one quilt.

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    Linda G. Craig reacted to delld in Quilting that looks like wind blowing.- Help please.   
    Julie, here are two pictures of a quilt I did. If you click on them you can go look at all the blocks in Flickr!
    021 by delld1964, on Flickr  
    020 by delld1964, on Flickr