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  1. It turned out really nice, glad you kept the McT, looks great!! thanks for sharing;)
  2. Bright colors on a black background..Very pretty
  3. I love the eagles too! Glad you had a great time! I was updating info the other day and in the type of music I liked I entered - 80's and the site refered to that as "OLDIES" Cracked me up, Im thinking the oldies are 50's and 60's!
  4. Seamripper Pins Scissors marking pen ruler
  5. Patty did you have to make any adjustments with your laser? I have Circle Lord, do you know if there would need to me any changes made with that?
  6. Getting rid of some of your stash, good for you. Fall colors are some of my favorites, be sure and show pics tomorrow.
  7. Thanks everybody I am going to check the channel locks right now! Hope this is it...this is not it, I will call apqs on Monday:(
  8. I hooked up a quilt, stitching a panto, got through the first pass just fine about 3/4's of the way done with the second row and it sounds like I am grinding glass with my wheels and now they seem to be getting tighter. The carriage wheels are fine it is the ones on the table that sound horrible. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?
  9. This is so cute and cuddley looking! You did a great job! They will love it!
  10. Claudia, I got to see your quilt in person in Iowa and it is so much more outstanding in real life than in any of the pics I have seen of it, It just shimmers! Congratulations!!!
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