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  1. Magna - glide bobbins- ALL SOLD (as of 3/28/17). Thank you ! Lynn aka quiltmummo
  2. Hi Sharon, Great ! Bobbins are yours. You'll need to register thru Paypal, if you have not already. Or email me at the address, lynn121@charter.net. Then we can decide which way works for us. Thanks for your interest. Lynn
  3. For sale: 10 "jars" of Magna-glide bobbins - trilobal polyester; Style L; 20 bobbins in a jar. Each bobbin has 72 yds. on it. All brand new; left in plastic "jar" and in a cabinet drawer in a heated (70' room). Never used. Also includes one thread color chart. Selling all as one unit. Each container contains 20 bobbins all of same color. Colors: 1.) Linen (10WG1) 2.) Cream (20001) 3.) Warm grey (10WG4) 4.) Black (11001) 5.) Dark Brown (20476) 6.) Navy (32965) 7.) White (10000)
  4. Thanks Plumpurple. Will be posting shortly re: price.
  5. Question: Does anyone know the price of new magna glide delights bobbins? Here's the info: Trilobal polyester; Style L; 72 yds each; came 20 bobbins in a plastic jar ? I have 10 "jars" and will likely want to sell. Brand new, none ever used, been in the jars and in a cabinet. Never got around to trying them. Once I know the original cost, I can offer them at a very reasonable price. And will list all the colors when I have info re: original cost. Thanks, Lynn aka Quilt Mummo
  6. Thank you ladies. My intention was/is to do Mono on the top and a So Fine #60 bobbin. Test run for sure. Quiltmummo aka Lynn
  7. I am getting ready to quilt a Bali Star bedrunner (pattern from Judy Niemeyer). Thinking of using Monopoly Thread from Superior since fabrics go from light to dark. Anyone used this thread on the top or/and the bobbin ? Any adjustments to tension ? I know thread can be washed & dried (moderate), what about a steam press ? Any other pitfalls I need to watch for ? Suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Vicki, Fabulous job ! I, too, love the cobblestone walkway. Quilt will be cherished for years to come. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  9. Due to purchase of IQ, I am selling my Circle Lord, templates, & accessories. To see the list of templates, etc please go to the following section on this forum: FOR SALE - Used Quilting Machines. (Subject line the same as above) Thank you, Lynn
  10. Since recently purchasing the IntelliQuilter, I am selling my Circle Lord , accessories, & templates. Sale: 6/1/12 - until sold. I have an APQS Millennium. Shipping from Michigan. Buyer assumes cost of shipping. Payment thru PayPal. Can send me a U2U message if interested in purchasing. Items: Original cost: Sale cost (+ cost of shipping): Basic unit $399 $260 Up front stylus (never used) $99 $ 65 Templates: Cable (3 pieces) $299 $195 Aztec
  11. Vicki, Congrats !!! You have a masterpiece here. Beautiful applique as well as quilting. Beautiful workladyship ! Quiltmummo aka Lynn
  12. I have been successful in using a very lightweight fusible webbing but be careful in getting your iron close to the batting. I usually covered everything & then applied the iron to it. Other ways work well too. But in a pinch, fusible webbing works. Good luck. Lynn
  13. A hardy congratulations ! I look forward to reading the article. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  14. Thanks everyone for your input. Looks like I will need to get a new program. Appreciate your experiences. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
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