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  1. Magna - glide bobbins- ALL SOLD (as of 3/28/17). Thank you ! Lynn aka quiltmummo
  2. Hi Sharon, Great ! Bobbins are yours. You'll need to register thru Paypal, if you have not already. Or email me at the address, lynn121@charter.net. Then we can decide which way works for us. Thanks for your interest. Lynn
  3. For sale: 10 "jars" of Magna-glide bobbins - trilobal polyester; Style L; 20 bobbins in a jar. Each bobbin has 72 yds. on it. All brand new; left in plastic "jar" and in a cabinet drawer in a heated (70' room). Never used. Also includes one thread color chart. Selling all as one unit. Each container contains 20 bobbins all of same color. Colors: 1.) Linen (10WG1) 2.) Cream (20001) 3.) Warm grey (10WG4) 4.) Black (11001) 5.) Dark Brown (20476) 6.) Navy (32965) 7.) White (10000)
  4. Thanks Plumpurple. Will be posting shortly re: price.
  5. Question: Does anyone know the price of new magna glide delights bobbins? Here's the info: Trilobal polyester; Style L; 72 yds each; came 20 bobbins in a plastic jar ? I have 10 "jars" and will likely want to sell. Brand new, none ever used, been in the jars and in a cabinet. Never got around to trying them. Once I know the original cost, I can offer them at a very reasonable price. And will list all the colors when I have info re: original cost. Thanks, Lynn aka Quilt Mummo
  6. Thank you ladies. My intention was/is to do Mono on the top and a So Fine #60 bobbin. Test run for sure. Quiltmummo aka Lynn
  7. I am getting ready to quilt a Bali Star bedrunner (pattern from Judy Niemeyer). Thinking of using Monopoly Thread from Superior since fabrics go from light to dark. Anyone used this thread on the top or/and the bobbin ? Any adjustments to tension ? I know thread can be washed & dried (moderate), what about a steam press ? Any other pitfalls I need to watch for ? Suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Vicki, Fabulous job ! I, too, love the cobblestone walkway. Quilt will be cherished for years to come. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  9. Due to purchase of IQ, I am selling my Circle Lord, templates, & accessories. To see the list of templates, etc please go to the following section on this forum: FOR SALE - Used Quilting Machines. (Subject line the same as above) Thank you, Lynn
  10. Since recently purchasing the IntelliQuilter, I am selling my Circle Lord , accessories, & templates. Sale: 6/1/12 - until sold. I have an APQS Millennium. Shipping from Michigan. Buyer assumes cost of shipping. Payment thru PayPal. Can send me a U2U message if interested in purchasing. Items: Original cost: Sale cost (+ cost of shipping): Basic unit $399 $260 Up front stylus (never used) $99 $ 65 Templates: Cable (3 pieces) $299 $195 Aztec
  11. Vicki, Congrats !!! You have a masterpiece here. Beautiful applique as well as quilting. Beautiful workladyship ! Quiltmummo aka Lynn
  12. I have been successful in using a very lightweight fusible webbing but be careful in getting your iron close to the batting. I usually covered everything & then applied the iron to it. Other ways work well too. But in a pinch, fusible webbing works. Good luck. Lynn
  13. A hardy congratulations ! I look forward to reading the article. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  14. Thanks everyone for your input. Looks like I will need to get a new program. Appreciate your experiences. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  15. Now that I have recently received my IQ, I am wondering if someone could recommend a good "unzip" program. Or can you chose to have the IQ designs sent to you already unzipped ? I have Buzz Tools for my embrodiery but wondered about one for the longarm. Thanks so much, Lynn aka Quiltmummo:)
  16. Tammie, Congrats on opening your new shop ! So much potential in that store and you are in beautiful Colorado. Will try & make a stop when I am in Colorado visiting family ! Best Wishes for Success, Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  17. Lisa, I live in West MI. Five years ago or so, I put in a paver sidewalk. I certainly like the "warmer" look -- better than cement. If done properly, there should not be much shifting. However, you may have to brush in some additional sand after several years. (Just added some to my pavers this year.) Can't speak to cement much yet. Just did my driveway this year in cement. 2011-12 will be the first winter. Expansion joints were put in. Certainly like it better than asphalt. Although, getting used to seeing the white/lt grey rather than black--now there's a contrast ! Hoping all g
  18. Since my Millie went for a "spa treatment" new M & M wheels were placed on her. My EdgeRider wheels are quite "young" & not used much. All hardware & in the original packaging. Selling them for $ 75 + shipping. (Original price: $ 160) Please let me know if interested. Thanks, Lynn
  19. What a beautiful quilt and deserving tribute. Job well done.
  20. Laura, Thanks. I have purchased the DVD. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Lynn
  21. Carmen & Laura, Thank you very much. Lynn Quiltmummo
  22. 1.) In Bettsville, Ohio (a bit East of I 75) is a quilt shop called The Door Mouse, 5047 W SR 12. It has 15,000 bolts of fabric. It is out in the country. Here's a website: www.thedoormouse.com Phone: (419) 986-5667. Hrs: M-Sat: 10-5 with W 10-8. Last Sun of month 12 - 5. If you call the shop, they can give you the exact coordinates for a GPS (if you have one). This one is well worth the trip. 2.) Bluffton, Ohio (right on I-75) Forever In Stitches 120 N Main. 1.5 miles from I-75 Phone: (419) 358-0656. Daily: 10-5:30 Sun 1-5 www.fislic.com Don't know where you a
  23. Looking for a resource to purchase the Claudia Pfeil DVD (on feathers). Can anyone cite a place to buy the DVD - if DVD is still available. Thank you in advance. Lynn aka Quiltmummo
  24. Dave & Jane, Wishing for you a successful surgery & speedy recovery. Jane, you are in my thoughts as well. Take care, Lynn
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