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  1. You can google rfid tracking wallet and buy one for about 25 dollars.....some catalogs have them. They are ugly, but have had not problems since I started using one...
  2. Found the Quilt Connection in Ames to be wonderful.....they were having shop hop too, oodles of fabric spilling out everywhere and I found some work by bjdesignsand patterns which I loved. People so very friendly and welcoming. They gave me directions to Creekside in West Des Moines where I found bjdesigns again, but even more work by her and found out she is from there. Bought one of her patterns and am tickled to have it. Creekside was equally wonderful and welcoming ...met some interesting people at both places. Put both of these places on your to see list....definitely worth a trip....I was so taken with bjdesigns....I want to do her elephant and mctavish around it....By the way, I told Sylvia about the Stonehenge fabric and sent her pics....how much was that a yard? I did not look....she loved the pics I sent to her and we havne't seen anything like that here....
  3. Hey, Guys! I made it home tonight! What a time! And yes, it was like a retreat! But, oh, so much info packed in a short time. And the snow was great, really impressed my Mississippi folk that I left yesterday in the snow and made my way to two more quilt shops on the way to the airport! At each shop, I would get directions to the next place and at the shop in West Des Moines, Creekside Quilting, a lady who was checking out, invited me to follow her as she made her way home and she would signal when I needed to turn off at the airport! We waved and she went on home and I made it to the airport without a hitch! What wonderful people are up that way in Corn Country! Would love to see it in the summer! Everyone was kind and friendly. And I so enjoyed meeting Lucy and Dollie, my classmates, both from farms in the big midwest... Strong women who are master multi taskers! And we sure had a good teacher with Amy....made things so simple! Oh, and I must tell you....yesterday I drove in the snow, this morning I was freezing in Des Moines and tonight I had dinner on the beach, watching bikini clad young folk flying kites!
  4. Dawn, Are you still interested in putting together a team of maintenance techs? Gloria
  5. Hey, Sylve! I'm back! And I sent pictures just now! come on over! Gloria
  6. What a wonderful idea Sylvia! I just want to join the chorus here. I live 996 miles from Carroll , Iowa and it definitely takes some planning to get there! I would so love a DVD.....APQS has always been so responsive to me when I have had a problem or question, but it would be great to be able to handle more on my own. I do appreciate your consideration, Dawn. Do keep us posted. Gloria
  7. Oops! I accidentally started a new thread entitled # 8 screw....G
  8. Many thanks, Sylvia and Patty and Mark! I have printed out all of your instructions and placed them in my journal which I just started a few months ago. Also, I have found my username so I can now start using the forum again. I see that I must, so I can defend myself when I am being talked about by my fine friend, Sylvia! Actually, I am truly amazed at the quick response on the forum and I plan to become more involved. Thanks Guys! And Hi to you Patty! I must tell you that I have consulted my notes from last summer and found out information that I had written in my notes about the bobbin tension and that just did not click then, but did today.
  9. Oh, Patty.....Yes! We are in! I will bring food and Sylvia will bring the wine! Did you get my picture of my little Charlie's quilt with the airplanes and clouds? My first! I have so much to learn!
  10. Yes, we had a great time and I learned so very much. Many thanks to Patty for her preparation, informative classes, and hospitality. Sylvia and I came home so excited and plan to get right to work! And it was so fun meeting Nancy Jo over lunch on Friday. What a great thing to meet the people we talk with on the forum!
  11. What a wonderful day! Many thanks to Sylvia. We would still be staring dumbly at many of those parts, even though the instructions were great. My mind is blown, I am having trouble thinking, but I go in to see my Freedom frequently. Very stately sitting there. I am taking the instructions to bed with me now, along with a pencil and paper to make a list of what I need to ask, what I need to buy....Wow! Gloria
  12. Thanks for the tip! We decided to try it this morning so I picked some cherry tomatoes, zucchini, banana peppers and added onions and salsa and we had a feast! Can't wait to try this when my children visit. They will love it! Gloria
  13. Hey, Cheri, I have family in Columbus, Ms. Are there any good quilt shops up your way? Nice to know you are in Miss. Gloria