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  1. We need help with assembly. Do the mounting brackets go on the inside, outside or front of the table legs? Does the fork go between the leg and the large nut or below the nut towards the floor? On line instructions are pretty generic and he is having a hard time telling what they are suppose to do. Thanks for any help we can get. Debbie
  2. Beth, It turned out very pretty. I'm sure she loved it when she got it back. As for venting, I think we need a safe place to do that where our customers won't see it. I learn a lot from others by what they say and how they handle it. And I think our customers learn a lot also when we share what problems we had with their quilts. I like to tell them what I like about their quilts and then explain some things that I think will help them out on the next one. They always seem to be thankful for suggestions. We all have to learn and if we only complain and don't explain, what changes? I definitly have a lot more to learn about piecing and quilting and y'all are great teachers. Even though we get those kinds of quilts, we always seem to find a way to make them work out and the customer usually loves it afterwards. Sorry, long winded, but that's my 2 cents.
  3. I know this is asked often but we have a gift for someone that someone scribbled on instead of just signing and we need to know how to get that off/out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Marci, Sorry, I didn't check this again for awhile. We took the side panel off on the right side and oiled the rocker arm and the shaft behind it that has like a black cap on it. Hope that makes sense. Chatty94, sorry I don't know your name, the trick is to, close your eyes and pull the bobbin and top thread at the same time to feel if they feel equal in tension. I had my top tension too tight.
  5. My thought was, you could make a crazy patch quilt only with smaller pieces, do your decorative stitches, put it on the machine, quilt it and then cut it into potholder size and bind them. It would still take a bit of time but it wouldn't be each individual potholder at a time.
  6. Tuesday night, Rebecca came over and worked over my machine and now I can sew without breaking every few inches. Still have something rubbing where the rocker arm is but I sewed 2 rows last night with no breakage. YAY!!!!!!!!! She did find another burr on my needle plate and the bobbin casing had sharp edges on it (threw that one away). Found out some other places I was suppose to oil that I didn't know about. Readjusted the decoder wheels so they weren't so tight and then readjusted because one was too loose. It was a joy to sew last night with a like new machine. Learned a new tip I will have to try every time I change threads. Hopefully tonight I can get this quilt done so I can get the binding on and get it in the mail by next week. Thank you Rebecca. And thank you to everyone that sent suggestions. Believe me, I tried them all.
  7. Betty Ann, that is good advice. I stand to the left of the machine using the left handle and really I'm pulling it to me and run out of room. Then I have to reach around to "stop" with needle down. That will cause another blip. I will try to stand behind more than to the left of the head. Thanks Debbie
  8. I never thought of putting it on my needle. I put it all over my cone of thread. Several times as needed when the thread is used. I use it when my thread starts breaking.
  9. I have let go of the death grip and I breath now, My problem is that I can't walk without stopping the machine to take a step. When I do, I get a blip in the stitches. (Technical term I'm sure) How has everyone mastered that?
  10. Sorry I was out of town and no computer. Thanks Lyn and Jim. I'm going to look into getting an allen head screw. Is it difficult to turn the needle bar so the screw is in the front? I'm sure I moved the screw to the right side because it was easier to unscrew it, but until I get the allen screw, I think I will put it back. Between the thread breaking and the tension, I'm so frustrated now that I'm on the verge of wanting to sell the thing and then I could afford to have someone else quilt all my quilts. I would just miss out on the fun of doing it myself and loosing what customers I have.
  11. I love mystery quilts. Some of my prettiest quilts have been mystery quilts. I have been waiting for this one to start.
  12. I use it for hand embroidery, putting a piece of muslin behind the embroidery piece. It doesn't bother the needle at all and you would think it would there if anywhere. I wish I could remember the name of the teacher that sells her own brand but it worked great. Debbie
  13. I have had a problem with my thread breaking for a long time. I have checked for burrs and threading and finally with a magnifying glass I found a little groove in my needle plate and the bottom of the plate was rough where there was a little lip that looked like it was there from when it was moulded or punched. My husband filed the hole and when I tried it out last night my thread only broke once on the 2nd row of a panto. That was a big improvement. I also thought about the pigtails because the thread keeps popping out. I know on the old forum there was a topic on using fish hooks but I don't remember what kind they were. I think Linda Stellar posted pictures, but I think they are gone now. I would like to do that. I was thinking of moving the needle screw to the left side of the needle to get it out of the path of the thread also because it is pretty sharp where the groove is. Has anyone tried these? Did they help? Does anyone know if you can get sewers aid in a gallon jug? These little bottles don't go far. Debbie
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