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  1. Winners are always announced first at the Awards Night on Wednesday. We always hope the entrants will be at that exciting event to see and hear it announced first hand. With so many winners it is not possible to email or call each winner, and of course, we NEVER want to announce this to anyone before the Awards Ceremony!
  2. Janne, do we assume you quilted it? Janet
  3. Right on with the issue of NOT overbooking yourself with classes. You will be brain dead at the end of the day and not remember 1/2 of what happened in your last class of the day! Another EXCELLENT chance for a learning experience is to leave at least a couple of hours to work as a volunteer at MQS. We could not have such an awesome presentation if it were not for our volunteer staff. My choice is the Receiving and Judging Room but I really am a little partial there. I get to see every quilt close up that comes into the building! Contact Jackie Lathem if you want more information about being a volunteer.
  4. We have ALWAYS left our machine sitting over the quilt wherever our last stitching happened to be! (APQS brand only. Many of the other machines do leak oil overnight!) The only time you need to be moving your machine when you leave for the day is if you are OVER oiling it! Remember is only takes a small amount of oil to make your baby happy. Don't think of your machine as an entrant into the "oiled pig" contest!
  5. Shana, it was great to hear you rave so about your experiences at MQS; especially all of your great words about working in the judging room. Those ARE long hard days but well worth the experience and knowledge gained from see the entire process of how the quilts are received and getting to watch the judging process first hand. I hope many of you will contact the volunteer coordinator, Jackie, ( at let her know you want to volunteer. I am looking forward to seeming many of you in the "dungeons" (holding and judging rooms) again this year. Janet Mitchell, MQS Judging Room Coordinator
  6. You should have no problems quilting on any of these fabrics. You do have to be careful that you don't stretch the fabric as you load it. NO need to have three layers to quilt. One layer is good also. Don't let yourself talk you out of trying something new for a client; but you might want to try it on a sample first! However, any of these fabrics that have a deep nap will tend to hide the threads. If you want the stitching and the threads to show just quilt over the design more than once, similar to doing thread painting. Now will we see some of these velvet quilts at MQS this year?
  7. Our first meeting of 2009 will be held on January 15th. If you would like more information regarding our guild and meeting times please send me a email to We are located in the Kansas City, MO/Overland Park, KS area. Our meetings are always fun and informative for all types and styles of machine quilters! We would love to have you come and pay us a visit.
  8. Pretty AWESOME work. Thanks for sharing. I am also sending you a email with a couple of questions.
  9. Renee, Mary, John and I are so sorry to hear of the major troubles going on in your life right now. Thank you so much for sharing with this group. We will keep you in our prayers and be sure to let us know if there is anything we can especially do for you. Janet
  10. Now that all of our shows and out of town trips are finished I think I can finally settle down to some quilting and working wit my fabrics. I should be able to come up with something by next week!
  11. Regular price for the new Hartley Fence is $595.95 and worth every bit of that price. Myrna Ficken has also produced an EXCELLENT book and DVD on how to use it. You can learn do everything a Circle Lord can do and for a LOT less money. No need to continually add stencils. Our Hartley is almost always left mounted to the table to be ready to use at a moments notice. However, even when it is not on the table and we need to use it it only takes about 2 minutes to remount the fence on the machine table. If you are getting any wobbly designs when using your Hartley Fence it is ALMOST ALWAYS because either the guide bar that attaches to the machine is not fastened TIGHTLY (not muscle tight - you still want to be able to remove it) or, you are not applying consistent gentle pressure against the outer portion of a circle or against the guide bar when creating circles or straight lines. You are welcome to give me a call or email if you are still having difficulties. If the HF you are interest is a candidate for being upgraded (you would need to call Hartley at Hartley Manufacturing to know that answer) it is always worth the extra pennies.
  12. I would also be interested in purchasing. Can we have details and is he willing to produce more?
  13. Whatever space you can quilt with the CQ can also be quilted freehand or using a pantograph. Have fun ladies.
  14. I like my ruler to have a little bit of grip on some fabrics; especially if they are a little slick. Try just a couple of strips of double stick scotch tape on the back of your ruler to help hold it in place. If it grips TOO MUCH just run your fingers along the tape and smooth out or rub off some of the stickiness. When it gets dirty or I need to add just that little bit of grip to my ruler the tape just peels of cleanly and I can apply a new piece of tape. By the way, I LOVE the Itty Bitty by Off the Edge Quilting for doing my SID work. It is tiny and can be manuvered around those corners and seems that are just a little bit off in the piecing.
  15. When using two layers for that little bit of extra loft and more warmth I like to use a Hobbs 80/20 as the bottom layer and then a layer of Hobbs Polydown Plus on top of that. The only issue you might find is that you may need to raise the hopping foot a little to accommodate the extra thickness of the two layers of batting.
  16. Silk quilts beautifully! If you have seen any of Claudia Pfiel\'s work you will notice nearly everything she has done is on silk fabrics. If the client plans on hanging the quilt it REALLY does need quilting; otherwise it will begin to sag very badly in just a few days. Seems to me that modern colored fabrics would call for some "modern style" quilting!
  17. Ladies, you are correct. The picture of Myrna quilting is NOT on a Lenni. Only the Freedoms and the Millenniums come with the curved ergonomic handles. There is simply not enough space to accommodate the attachment for the curved handles on the smaller machines. Also, some of the features on the Lenni accomplish the same as on the other machines. However, in order to manufacture a machine that is a little less expensive the fancy handles and meters were changed. STILL the very same quality just a little less monies involved in the production! The PatternGrid is one of those additional items many people like to purchase separately; especially if they are working with pantographs! I do love the final version I have seen of how the rollers are locked. It is great to see that issue has finally been resolved successfully and production and shipments are finally moving right along! We look forward to eventually have a Lenni here in our own studio!
  18. Kathelaw, You don\'t say where you are located. Perhaps we at Country Lane can help you with your new Lenni. Please contact me either by telephone or email.
  19. This is just to bring everyone up to date on the date changes for our upcoming 2-day digitizing workshop. Please read the description carefully and let us know as soon as possible if you wish to attend these two fun filled days! :)Space is limited to a maximum of 6 (six) students for Sharon\'s classes. We do require a deposit to reserve your space in the class. Please call or email us for more detailed information.
  20. You don’t have to have a computerized system to take this class. Perhaps you are only interested in learning how to digitize those patterns you have already designed for one of your clients. There seems to be a very ready market to sell digitized patterns at this time! DIGITIZING WORKSHOP - Lee\'s Summit, MO January 10-11, 2008 - 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Country Lane Quilting is pleased offer a two-day workshop in digitizing to be taught by one of our own Mo-Kan Machine Quilters Guild members; Sharon Wilson. Sharon has taught embroidery digitizing for 7 years and CompuQuilter digitizing, using Autosketch for 2 years. The class will be held at the Country Lane Studios. If you need directions please call. Please let us know if you would like to attend this workshop as soon as possible as space in this class is limited to 6 (six) students and we don’t want to have empty spaces! Please arrive early enough to set up your computer, “build your nest”, etc. so we may begin class at 9:00 am. We have a full two-days packed with hands-on learning. If you have a fairly simple design already in mind you would like to digitize, bring it with you on the second day. Sharon will explain more about that in the Day 1 Class. Sharon will be happy to remain after class each day to answer more individual questions you may have. Mary and Janet will also be more than willing to stay after class and show you how the CompuQuilter system operates or just let you try out the patterns you have already designed. We look forward to having you in class and know we will learn LOTS from Sharon. For more information you may either email us directly at Country Lane Quilting or just give us a call.
  21. Yes, your Hartley Fence could create some wonderful rays in which you might quilt something else. Another alternative on the threads is to use some bright and Very contrasting! Have you thought of creating a secondary design with the quilting?
  22. I forgot to check! I forgot that I had been out of the studio for a few days and that my husband/partner had probably been logged onto my system! Those were my comments NOT his! He doesn\'t even quilt! He just works as the sales/service tech!
  23. Myrna Ficken has and EXCELLENT book and DVD on using the Hartley Fence. You can order them both directly from her or we keep them in stock here at Country Lane. I didn\'t see where you are located but if you are where local to the Kansas City, MO area you could come to our studio for both a short lession and an on hands look at the book. Just let us know
  24. Looks like Mary and I won't make it to Houston this year so APQS will be missing part of the team! Think of us while you are all busy "playing"!
  25. Just a very minor question/comment regarding mixing freehand and computerized quilting into the same category. What is the difference in mixing computerized/Freehand with Hartley Fence/Freehand, Circle Lord/Freehand and Handquilting/Freehand etc? Believe me it takes a LOT of skill in mixing any of these methods to make them look great. Having had my CQ for over a year now I find out some new skill every time I use it to assist me with the quilting for another quilt! Just as it takes skill in deciding on placement of the design, choice of design to suite any particular quilt, it also takes skill in the final execution of that design.