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  1. If you are looking for a good workhorse machine with NO BELLS OR WHISTLES, this is the machine for you. It is a 1991 Nolting 26 inch Long Arm Machine, comes with a 14 foot table which is made of steel and wood. My husband made a track for the electrical cord to move freely all the way across the 14 feet. I am in the process of replacing the Leader fabrics on all of the rollers, and it has recently had a check up, so it's good to go! I am sending all of my pantagrams with it, there are at least 15-20 of them, a box that was used for shipping the head back to the factory about 10 years ago to be overhauled, and I'm pretty sure I have a bobbin winder that goes with it. I have updated to a newer machine, and need to move this one out. I used to be a very busy long arm quilter, so this machine got a lot of use, it was overhauled near the end of my busy years. It has a pretty good range of speeds for you, but no stitch regulator. This is a good old machine that has been loved while it was with us. Now it's time for it's next life with you! Great for hobbyist looking to finish some of those tops, so you can give them away! Yes, it's a long table, but it also frees you to work on any size project imaginable. This machine is Mechanical, not computerized. It will not beep at you, or flash at you and leave you wondering why. It is very simple to run, and adjust. I learned easily how to adjust nearly everything on it, and I'm not a machine person. I am also happy to give you some lessons on how to use and care for it. I'm having a hard time parting with it, and therefore pricing it. It has been a part of my life for 19 years, and 2 moves. It has none of the new fangled stuff on it to recommend it, but it is a great machine! I'm asking $4,000, or best offer. Call Becky at 425-643-7178, anytime.
  2. I've been a long arm quilter for going on 18 years, so I'm not looking for a machine that comes with classes. I also don't use pantograms, so those are not a selling point for me. I've been working all this time on a 1991 Nolting 26", that I have probably finished over 1000 quilts on, and it's getting to the end of it's life. Must Have's: 14 foot table at Least 26" throat made in this century My old machine is a pony, with no bells or whistles, so I'm not used to stitch regulation, or needle up and down, and bottom thread cutter--but I bet I could get used to them! I'm not interested in computer systems. I live in the Seattle Washington area, and am willing to come to you, and rent a truck to drive my new beast home. I'm thinking halfway across the country is far enough, so outer limits are San Fransisco, and South Dakota. Please feel free to contact me if you have or know of a machine up for sale! Becky Kraus 425-643-7178
  3. I might be interested, can you tell me anything more about this machine, and what you want for it? Becky