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  1. New addition to our Family! She is a two and a half month old "Teddy Bear". We named her "Bitzie" (a play off of Itsy Bitsy); she is no larger than a pop can.
  2. Ruth, What type of Stitch Regulator does your machine have? All I see in the pictures is the speed control dial, I don't see stitch length controls.
  3. Beautiful picture Linda! I met Rita and Roland a few years back in Milwaukee at a quilt show, had a wonderful time.
  4. Fun project would be making a quilted cover for it!
  5. I have made several photo quilts and I done mine just as Gator did. Like she said make sure you use the correct batting for large un-quilted areas; don't want your batting to ball up in your photo areas (if this the route you choose to go). All mine turned out fine, even after several washings.
  6. Beautiful quilts Terry!! The Bear is my favorite! would look great in my man cave!
  7. WOW! Beautiful quilt and the quilting is awesome! Love it!
  8. Sounds a little scary to me, could be a nightmare! Any chance instead of adding a layer of white batting; baste stitch a layer of muslin to the wool batting as the color blocking?
  9. Nancy not all members of the forum indicate their locations. So the best would be to post asking if any members are in your state/region. BTW I'm in Wisconsin as well.
  10. So Sorry to hear that!! May she be at peace now. I met Rita and himself a few years back in Milwaukee at a quilt show. Had a wonderful time! She was a special lady with a great sense of humor. She will be sadly missed here on the forum. My thoughts & prayers continue for the family.
  11. Mary, when you get a new machine it is like getting a new pet; it take time to bond with one another. In time with practice you will learn all the little corks of your machine and what methods work well. Have faith and don't give up. When I use a panto I line it up to the quilt; your quilt for many reasons may not line up perfectly. The quilt could be off by the slightest amount and you may not notice until your half way or more quilting it. I'm sure the other members have great advice for you. I suggest try all the suggestion and find out what works best for you. Good luck and happy quilting!
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