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  1. I am starting to use rulers and templates and am curious if there is a special foot for rulerwork on millie?
  2. Do you still have these? Will they fit a apqs millie? peggy_robbins@yahoo.com
  3. Thanks Jim. One more question please. I have the queen size frame. When I turn the quilt will my frame be wide enough to attach the sides of the quilt to the top of the frame? Thanks again.
  4. Any suggestions on how to use horizontal pattern boards to quilt vertical boarders? Only way I can think of is to turn the quilt around on the frame to make quilt border run horizontally like the pattern boards. Might be dumb question but I am new to this and you ladies have given me great help just by reading some of questions and answers. Thanks Quilting friends.
  5. Sharon can you give me a little more explanation about the dowel rod and curtain rod for stitching close to quilt sides please. I have made the oxo clamps but still have problem getting close to the sides of my quilt. I am beginner. Thanks peggy y much thanks Gail o. Will give it a try.
  6. I am trying to purchase an edge mate for Millie with thread cutter. Anybody have one they don't use? Peggy_robbins@yahoo.com
  7. Do you still have these? If so I want them please. Peggy Younts Peggy_robbins@yahoo.com
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