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  1. Thanks seems to be going ok for bobbin and looser tension. Thanks for the advice on doing pantos..I have only ever used a SR and am scared to try without..I have a really slow reaction time and tend to panic, howeverI have heard it is better to learn without a SR. I will give it a try.
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I will start with a new bobbin and loosen my top tension. My quilt sandwich isn't too tight ...I checked that. As far as slowing down,...if you could only see me, I'm really trying to go just a little faster and keep a consistent speed. I think pantos are so difficult. I've done 6 quilts(my own) and I'm not getting much better. This is the first time I've done this particular pantograph and the thread is breaking in different spots on the pantograph.
  3. Help! My top thread is breaking only when doing a pantograph. It is fine if working from front of machine. I have re-threaded the machine and put in a new needle. Any ideas?
  4. I do the drop test and my bobbin thread is loose but when I try to tighten it slightly I get the thread laying on the back and so I loosed it back up. My tension seems to be better...could the bobbin tension be too loose and cause the loops and would that be the loops on the top or the bottom. Thanks Nancy
  5. Thanks Barbara, yes I have checked my bobbin case and taken out the bobbin backlash spring and cleaned it. I also put in a new needle (why not!) and I looked for lint on my check spring and checked to see that it is at 11:00 and then 8:00. I don't know how to check to see if it is getting caught on the machine? My tension seems to be better but I'm still getting loops on top and now have loops on the back.
  6. When I first use my machine I always have railroading on the back and loose loopy threads on the top seems after I run the machine a few minutes I am able to get beutiful stitches but then ever so often I get railroad tracks on the back and loose loopy thread on the top ( only 1 inch or so )_ and then it goes back to beautiful stitches. I also get loops on the top ever so often. I have cleaned my machine with compressed air and WD40- and oiled the hook..I put net on my thread spools(both the one I use for my bobbin and the spool on my machine..I don't have the quilt too taunt on the ro
  7. I just spoke to Mark in the Factory, very helpful. They think the step down transforer is going out and will send one to us tomorrow. Thanks for all the help, at least it kept us busy trying things.
  8. Flywheel area is clean, nice try though, thanks
  9. There is a cover over the flywheel on the thread side, I am checking the whole thing now. Thanks
  10. Thanks, we did talk to a Allision, she said a tech would get back to us, since we are trying to get this business going, a down day really hurts.
  11. Thanks for responding but Who is Amy, and how would I contact her?
  12. I'm having problems and called this morning at 9:00 and have not heard back? How long does it usually take to get help? When I have my machine on but it is just sittting there, I hear a popping thud and my needle drops down and sometimes when I' have SR on and I'm sewing along the SR will stop ( actually everything stops ) and I hear the same popping thud and the needle drops down...sometimes it takes a couple of big stitches before it stops. I have cleaned the rails and the wheels.. Help. Nancy W.