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  1. Thanks Sylvia! You are right on with the lint in the bobbin case. My problem is solved and my Lenni is stitching beautifully once again. Myrna was so kind to talk to me this morning and told me what to look for. I will pass her advice along for those that may encounter my problem (see my original post). What I would have thought to be a top thread tension issue (the worst ever) was actually a bobbin issue. There was a very teenie tiny peice of a thread caught in the bobbin case where you pull the thread around when loading your wound bobbin inside of it. I didn't realize by just looking
  2. I have a Lenni. I've owned for a year and never have I had tension problems or had to adjust anything outside of threading the top thread different ways. That's not working for me this time. I have MAJOR eye lashes on the back of my quilt and it's the top thread on the back that's the eyelashes. I'm frustrated so looking to all my APQS friends for a fix as I'm at a loss.
  3. Here is the link to the thread for Lenni IQ
  4. Needle inserted correctly last night and quilting away. Thanks everyone!!
  5. Wow, big babies for twins! Congratulations Grandma Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. So, does the indent face me at the front of the machine?
  7. Okay, I did something really stupid yesterday. I won't elaborate (I know not to do it again) but I blew the fuse and broke my needle at the same time. I've replaced my needle before but always had the "entire" needle there to look at before removing. So my problmen is....If I recall, the indent at the bottom of the needle faces me at the front of the machine, right? I never thought to "memorize" it's position and the cd is in a box due to a recent home office remodel. Thanks ladies!! (and be kind when you reply).
  8. I knew it! Wish you all the luck in the world and hope your move goes smoothly!
  9. Darlene, I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my father in 1998. He was only 49 years old (colon cancer). He was the best father anyone could have asked for. If you had asked me that when I was a teenager, I would have never admitted it. My dad raised me and my sister and was very strict in every aspect of the word but it wasn't until I moved away from home and especially once I had children that I realized just how much he had to give up and what he had to bear the brunt of all those years. We became very close and I miss him so much! I wasn't daddy's girl (my sister held that spot) but
  10. You can buy the big board and cover at my local quilt shop that fits on top of the standard ironing board . They do ship. I have one and love it! Once you have it, you won't be able to live without it! Quilt shop is What's Your Stitch N' Stuff in Virginia Beach, VA. Website for contact info is Give them a call.
  11. I bought my Lenni in November 2009. The videos are great (Myrna Fickens are wonderful and inspiring)..but some word of advice...have the TV where your Lenni is! It took me a couple of months to get going. I drove a few hours to take a beginner and advanced beginner class in the same weekend and about an hour after the first class, I was ready to go home and get moving on it. It's the little things you don't know that can stop you from moving further because you second guess yourself. Ever since, I'm pretty much unstoppable, atleast for the pantos. I am almost ready to move on to custom w
  12. Bev, I've had my Lenni since November and I love it! You will too! Congratulations! I know you must be beside yourself having to wait so long.
  13. I want some Myrna Ficken CD's! WOW - AMAZING QUILT! I am a brand new Lenni owner and need some good CD's to get me moving on my machine. Especially if they get quilted like this after lots of practice!!! But really, any suggestion on some of her cd's and where to purchase them? If you call yourself a beginner, I'm not exactly sure what they would call me...I probably don't want to know.
  14. Mine works great. I used two of the large pieces of white foam board you can buy at Office Max and then went to Kohl's (always a sale) and bought a flannel sheet set in a solid color. Came home, cut to wrap around each one individually, hot glued and hubby hung them side by side on the wall. Completed blocks stick to the flannel like magic! It cost me under $30!