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  1. How timely is that....I had exactly that problem today......I will try loading the join seam parallel with the rollers NEXT time.
  2. HYSTERICAL....rolling on the floor laughing!!!
  3. We knew that she it, love it, love it!
  4. Thanks for the quick repsonse Linda AND Dennis......all "signed , sealed and delivered printed"....and I can cope with it not being signed..... lol. Loved the cover pic....I am happy with my eBook.
  5. I have 2011 Millie with the works and CQ! It is attempting to stitch the pattern Espalier by Lorien, but needle goes down, tries to move to another place with the needle still down!! leaving a long thread - in the middle of the pattern.....nearly a ripped hole. Quality of pic poor, there is 'residue' from the cotton wadding on the material which I have attempted to remove with a microfibre cloth.
  6. Is an eBook still happening? I am in Australia! And when will it be happening? Not that I am rushing you....just
  7. Saturday breakfast would be good for first class is 8.30am
  8. Sat night is out for me as I will be attending the Gala Diner. Anyone got a great idea for an APQS 'badge' for us to wear at AMQF?
  9. Just wondering if a definite 'meet' night has been decided for AMQF? I am in SA but not conversant with any recommended eating place in Adelaide.
  10. Amazzzzing, Ferret. Thank you to you for allowing us to share in your skill, TQS for the slide show, Bonnie for the link!!!
  11. Kristina, maybe 4 miles away, but it sure appears closer in your photo! I know the experince of a fire having lost our house in a bushfire 2 1/2 years ago. Stay safe.