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  1. I have been working to catch up on the Mystery Quilt. I selected fabrics in red, white and blue from my stash to make a charity quilt for a local organization that gives the quilts to wounded service men and women. I do some long arm quilting for them and I try to add a few quilts as well. I have completed step 6 (LOL that took for ever!) and I have done one each of the two blocks of the next steps. I am posting the pictures to show my fabric choices. I hope that the pictures will come out as this is my first time. Now, back to work on the remainder of the blocks!
  2. I am a newbie lurking on this post for a while and I just found out about the Mystery Quilt. I am pulling fabrics right now and I will be spending catch up this week-end! It looks like this would be so much fun and a great excuse to ignore the quilt I have on the frame that's driving me insane. What was I thinking ! Thanks for the fun project. Now, I am going to have to learn how to post pictures!
  3. A few years ago, I bought my first Bernina used from an individual in Utah. We used the escrow system of Paypal. She paid the fee associated with it (minimum charge). I put the money in the Paypal escrow account. She shipped the machine, insured, and I had five days to inspect the machine. During these five days, I could have notified Paypal of my rejection and, upon receipt of the machine by the seller, the funds would have been released back to me. Of course, all works well until there is a problem with the machine ie. damage in shipment etc... Then, it would be a real hassle to sort it out. Send me u2u if you need me to talk to her about the machine. Hope all works out for you. Marie
  4. I am trying to make a decision between buying a new Lenni, a used Millie ( I cannot afford a new one), a used Freedom, or a Gammill. I will use the machine at least at the beginning to make my own quilt and quilts for sale. I do not intend to quilt for others as I do not think that I could handle the stress of that responsibility. I have driven an old Millie and an HQ sixteen. The Millie was a lot of work to maneuver but the end results were very good. I will not comment on the HQ; I was disappointed. I am going to Innovations in Seoptember to try the Lenny and the Gammill. I am 62, in good health but not too tall. I do not think that I will evereneed the computer assisted quilting even though I am pretty computer savvy but the cost does not justify my use. I live in WA state most of the year and in AZ in the dead of winter. The availability of a good dealer is important to me. I woul appreciate any input.