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  1. Thank-you, I did alot more playing, drove an hour to get new thread, and played some more and I think I got it, it's not perfect, but it's better! Thanks for your help, Heather
  2. I've been having weird tension issues. My tension is fine for 20-40 stitches and then will give me a 4-8 stitch patch where it is a bit loose on the top and tight on the bottom. I have tried loosening the bobbin, tightening the bobbin, loosening the top, tightening the top. I've rethreaded the machine, checked for lint/thread build up in bobbin area, changed the needle, changed the bobbin, changed the bobbin case, have the batting above the cone, turned the cone upside down and I cannot find an answer! I am using CAN-SEW polyester thread and Dream cotton batting. 4 hours yesterday and I am no closer than i was when I started! Any ideas out there? Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks for your help! I can't get into my machine until next week (last weekend before school starts again - hurray!) but you ladies have given me lots of ideas to try!
  4. Hi all - I'm new to this just recently purchasing a Millenium off of a friend who was getting out of the business. I have a problem with my bobbin tension. It seems very inconsistent - giving me great stitches for 4-5 inches and then lying flat for an inch or two, great stitches for 6-7 inches, then lying flat again - I've tried everything I can think of - changing needles, changing bobbin cases, changing bobbins, adjust top and bottom tension, cleaning out the bobbin case/ hook assembly. I've watched videos online - the bobbin in the palm trick (which is WAY too loose for my machine - if I have the bobbin that loose, the tension discs aren't even touching for the top tension) Any suggestions? Thanks, Heather