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  1. KimDeJong


    I have loaded backing fabric and batting onto machine. I have sewn a horizontal line across batting, channel locks on. There is quit a difference (almost 1") when measuring from sewn line to leader, in various places. Does this mean my leaders need to be removed and straightened?
  2. KimDeJong

    paint color

    Hi Patty, I did receive the very helpful packet. Thanks. Looking forward to Jax. My sewing room now is a very subdued yellow and I love it..just thought I would change things up but maybe not. See you in Jax Kim
  3. KimDeJong

    paint color

    Thanks to everyone! Now if I can only make up my mind as to which brand/model longarm quilt machine I will get. I have saved $$$$ for a couple years and don't want to pick the wrong machine. I do love test driving them all!
  4. KimDeJong

    paint color

    I am repainting a space in my house for quilt/sewing room. I need paint color suggestions. Four windows in the space which is 26x15. Thanks