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  1. I trim mine at the edge of the quilt. I use a long ruler and rotary cutter so I can get the edge straight, even trim a bit the quilt edge off if i need to. Diane
  2. Some people recommend not seaming down the middle of the back to avoid having a seam where the quilt will be folded. Diane
  3. I was sure glad to have this information on Sunday. Wore a white vest to the grocery store and got ball point pen marks on it (gotta cross those items off the list!). Took the marks off easily with rubbing alcohol, threw it in with the white dress shirts, wash and dried just fine, the marks are gone! But wait, there is a new mark, and another! I had forgotten to take the pen out of my pocket and now have blue ink marks all over the shirts, too! Aaarrrrgghh
  4. Why not use a selfie stick and use the camera on your phone?
  5. I also use a wine rack. But I added a recipe card to the end of each panto that has the name of the panto on it so I do not have to pull it out to see what it is. DiNe
  6. I am starting a list of places that offer discounts and happy hours so we can eat out cheaply. I gave up cooking for Lent one year and just never picked it up again! Diane
  7. I think part of the reason the quilt "moves" (shrinks) a bit is because of the quilting. Especially if the panto is dense. Diane
  8. I learned on a non stitch regulated machine. I did about 50 quilts on my sister's Voyager 17 before buying a 2012 millennium. Being on this forum puts you 10 steps ahead of where I was! Good luck. Diane
  9. I got the Go!big electric so that I can continue to quilt as my arthritis gets worse.
  10. I use PermaCore tex 30 on my 2012 Millie. I haven't had any issues with tension or thread breaking. Diane
  11. My sister had the end in a closet for years before getting a new space.
  12. Kansas City Star Cottage Tulips 1931. I found it on Pinterest after googling it. Diane
  13. I use YLI varigated with the same thread I'm the bobbin.
  14. I for sure thought it said "keep a little bag of French chocolate near your sewing machine" Diane
  15. There are camps for kids with diabetes. Great experience & opportunity for the kids to learn a lot about caring for themselves. I have had type 1 diabetes for 41 years, on a pump and love it. Camp Hope Inc in Casper,WY is the camp I attended and was counselor at for years. I know you will get it all figured out. Diane
  16. Since it is one of your own cut off what doesn't fit. Hopefully it is just a couple inches of border. Diane
  17. I use the almost empty ones for stitching the batting and top to the backing before quilting. Diane
  18. Or you could cut the card table top and leave only a couple inches on each side. Or remove the legs and attach directly to the plexiglass
  19. I agree with vrbo.com try these listing numbers. #344231. #504498 They are in panama city beach
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