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    Wyonut2run reacted to sewingpup in Trimming Question   
    I only quilt for myself....and I am a right to the edge trimmer.....I place my longest ruler at the corner.....check to see that the lines on the ruler run even with the border seam if there is one.....and that the corner is a true right angle.....I have one of those six foot folding tables set up with two of the large cutting matts and the table is up on bed risers to make the height good for me to rotary cut....sometimes I end up cutting a little of the border off to make the edge straight and sometimes I leave a little of the batting showing for the same reason...just want the sides to be as straight as they can be and the corners a 90 degree angle....works for me....I am not a show quilt maker ...just a bed quilt maker.....Lin
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    Wyonut2run reacted to T Row Studio in Christmas in July   
    Here is a lovely paper pieced poinsettia wall hanging Marie made she will have it ready for Christmas this year.  
    Here is the before after and back hope you enjoy. and..... Merry Christmas........ LOL

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    Wyonut2run reacted to MaryQuiltsTx in Amazing People   
    Last week I changed my needle in my Lenni and accidentally put it in backward. It immediately got hung up and blew a fuse. I used my extra fuse and fixed it. No problems. So today I remembered I needed to order some fuses. I went to the Quilted Joy website because I had had good service from them before. I ordered 6 fuses. My thinking, "I have to order them so get several" and since I am somewhat anal it has to be a round number like a half a dozen, right?   The owner of Quilted Joy, Angela Huffman, saw my order and her thinking was "does this lady have a problem?" So she called me to see if my machine was regularly blowing fuses and to see if she could offer help. Yes, she really did do that. I was floored. I did not buy my machine from her. I don't even live in the same state as she does. But she took the time to see if I needed help. I find that amazing and very uplifting. No one does that anymore.  APQS has some amazing people representing them and I am glad (even though I am having some thread issues at the moment) I bought an APQS machine. I wanted to be sure to acknowledge her kindness because I think society as a whole is sometimes quicker to complain than to compliment.
    So thank you Angela.
    (And yes, I asked her about my thread problem and she told me a few things to check on. How nice is that.)
    I also want to thank the folks on this forum who are always taking time to offer advice and help whenever I have a question. I was feeling kinda bummed about the problems I am having but I feel better and know that there is support out there. So thank you.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Sue E. in Bobbin Bits   
    If I feel I am going to run out during a row on a panto, I'll take a new bobbin. I use up the almost empty bobbins for sewing down my edges and on practice pieces. 
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    Wyonut2run got a reaction from quilterkp in Long Arm reviews   
    I learned on a non stitch regulated machine. I did about 50 quilts on my sister's Voyager 17 before buying a 2012 millennium. Being on this forum puts you 10 steps ahead of where I was! Good luck.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Sheri Butler in Today's the day...finally! . . . . . . . .   
    Heidi.....I really thought you had BLISS when it first came out!
    Well, Bliss is EVERYTHING they say it is.. That's all I can say...other than.....I quilted for 4.5 hours the first day I had it installed.
    4.5 hours?  I cant remember when I quilted that long in a continual time.  YEARS for me. As of the last year, i'd say 1.5 at the longest time, was I able to move that millie around.  Oh My Gosh!.....and that 4.5 hours...I finished a quilt i'd started months ago.  As I unrolled it ...and watched it drape to the floor...I could feel the biggest smile on my face!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to dbams in Bonnie hunter Mystery here is my top   
    These look great, but I have to say I am glad I waited to start until all the clues were out.  Not really a quilt I particularly want to make.  Maybe I am not a fan of making really scrappy quilts?  In any case, congratulations to everyone who is working so hard on their mystery quilts.  My hat is off to all of you!!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Sharon Deming in No longer a Lurker...   
    Welcome to the divine world of the retired! Six Saturdays, and a Sunday - every week! No need to get out in rush-hour traffic. Just stay home when it snows, and quilt to your heart's content. Welcome to the forum!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Pepsi Girl in Bonnie hunter Mystery here is my top   
    So how's it going ladies? Got anything to show?
    I've been snowed in for a week so here's mine.  It stills needs the last border but I couldn't wait any longer.

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    Wyonut2run reacted to stitchin cricket in North Carolina Snow Day!!!!   
    I thought I would share a rare occurrence in my neck of the woods SNOW!!! Here in NC, we rarely get snow and when we do, it usually doesn't hang around for more than 2 or 3 days. While our snows can't compete with the western or northern snows, their a big deal for us, and we love watching the snow fall. This snow fall just might hang around a little longer than normal because of the arctic blast that follows the snow. That just means more quilting time for me. The scene in these pics can be viewed from both my sewing room and Millie's room. I'll get to experience a quilting day with beautiful scenery. ENJOY!!!

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    Wyonut2run reacted to stitchin cricket in DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!   
    Well guys, I'm going to the bank tomorrow to sign papers for the loan to purchase my dream which is owning a Millie!!! I didn't think this would be possible for at least another year, I purchased George in June of 2015 because that's all I had the space for in our home at the time. In September/October of last year, my husband announced that he wanted to sale our house. He didn't get any argument from me because it never felt like home to me. It took us until May of this year to complete the renovations in order to put the house on the market. After 10 days on the market, our house went under contract and we closed on the sale in July. We had moved into my grandmother's house with the intention of buying it from my mother, but that didn't work out for us. After putting in offers on two different houses that fell through, we were beginning to think we would never find a house. On September 1st, I finally found our forever home. Our realtor showed us the house that same day and from the moment we walked through the door, we knew it was home. We immediately put in a offer, and after the owner countered, we accepted. What we didn't know is that another couple put in an offer similar to ours, but didn't respond fast enough to the counter which was great for us. We really love our new home and I finally have the room for Millie. This is going to be the best Christmas of my life!!!!
    Now that I'm going to have Millie, I will be selling George. Because we decided to move right after I purchased him, He is practically brand new with hardly any hours of time on him. I have quilted a total of 6 quilts on him. I will be posting him on the forum by the end of this week. If anyone is interested in him, let me know. 
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to AnnP in Who has their paint chips and fabrics for Bonnie Hunters Mystery this year?   
    Im in, But where do I get the clues? Oh I found it. Yes Im in. This will be fun, but mostly after Christmas. Im piecing a king size quilt now. Have an oversized queen on the frame, have bindings to put on 4 quilts. You all know what Im talking about.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Mary Beth in Who has their paint chips and fabrics for Bonnie Hunters Mystery this year?   
    I wanted to start, but have so many projects, not sure my brain can handle it.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Quilta93 in Cross quilted banner finished.   
    I don't know why my whole post didn't appear above. Maybe it was too long.
    Thank you Lynn for the suggestion of not crossing the seam lines and the use of Superior SoFine in a matching color. (More thread added to my collection. ) I was thinking of quilting wavy, lines as you suggested, but decided to draw straight lines that ended up about 1" apart at the edges of the quilt. Also thank you for the suggestion to quilt flames.
    Thank you Lora and AnnP for a the suggestion about swirls in the flames. I decided to just do flames, as I'm not comfortable adding swirls to them yet. I did do SID around the piecing. I need more practice!
    Thank you Cagey for the link to the tutorial on quilting wood grain.
    When I was finished with the quilting, the cross was puffy and there was a large pucker on the back. I looked up how to block a quilt (which I had never done) in some older posts. I purchased a new toy, suggested in some of the posts. It is a laser level square. It worked quite well, and the pucker on the back disappeared, which surprised me.
    The banner is hanging in our parish hall.
    I am very pleased with how it turned out and the religious ed teachers were amazed.
    I have learned so much from this forum. Thank you!!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Pepsi Girl in Can't Wait   
    Every year I make a small quilt or wall hanging to give away at the Spring Tea. I came across this and thought it was perfect for a Tea. I still have to hand stitch the binding but I just couldn't wait. I just think it's to cute!

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    Wyonut2run reacted to Quilta93 in Pension and fabric   
    I'm going to start getting a very small pension the end of this month. After giving some to charity, I'll be spending it on fabric and quilting toys.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Crazyqltr in New Lenni on it Way   
    I just got notification that my new Lenni is shipping in the day or two. I can't wait so excited so I just had to let everyone know.  I am a bit nervous to as this is my first longarm. I will probably have lots of questions.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to LynnBarr in Had to race for home after work   
    That is too funny!  My husband jokes that there is some guy in a brown truck and brown uniform that keeps leaving gifts for me on our doorstep - he must be my "other boyfriend." And somehow the boyfriend in brown knows EXACTLY what I want - the right color fabric, the exact ruler I've been talking about, the correct color of thread to match the project I'm working on. It is a miracle!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to dbams in NQR - and this is why!   
    Haven't had time to quilt lately, as I have been working on these slipcovers for the last couple of months.  New sofa and loveseat at home = old sofa and loveseat moved to the cottage, but in need of updating.  These slipcovers only took about 10 times as long as I thought they would, but I'm happy with the result.  Did 95% of the work on my grandmother's 1951 Featherweight, and it was a champ!
    Thanks for looking.

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    Wyonut2run reacted to Mary Beth in Stash Busting   
    But it's so pretty......
    Today I had a cortison injection in my lower back. I came home, took two pain pills, and the last thing I remembered was crawling under the covers. I woke up when my DH opened the garage door at 5:05. I came dragging down the stairs, went right to the fridge and fixed a sandwich and bowl of soup. Mid bite....I remembered the delivery. I had to act cool. I had to school myself not to let beads of sweat pop out on my forehead. Jason Bourne would have been so proud of me. DH said he would take the dog for a walk after dinner. I was drumming my fingers....waiting....waiting....he decided he could not get his wedding ring off. REALLY!!!!!! He goes on a search for Windex because he heard it would work....it did....take the dog for a walk. Finally, he did. He drives her over to the local high school and they walk around the football/baseball/soccer fields. As soon as his truck left our street, I hobbled out to the mailbox and retrieved my fabric order. Whew!!!!!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to FloridaMissy in Stash Busting   
    SUCCESS, drove past my favorite quilt shop and did not stop although the temptation was great.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Quilta93 in Ready to work on that panto again!!   
    I could put chocolate at one end and wine at the other.
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    Wyonut2run reacted to loraquilts in Ready to work on that panto again!!   
    Okay, since your ladies are just going to be wasting it anyway, I'll take that wine off your hands.   
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    Wyonut2run reacted to Robin in Stash Busting   
    I did it again!  I went to town for Diet Coke and Milk and came home with more fabric!!  Help me!!!
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    Wyonut2run reacted to FloridaMissy in Stash Busting   
    Maybe starting with the new year we should have our own stash quilt challenge?
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