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  1. I know this is an older thread, but I hope Dawn or Amy…or any of our illustrious quilters will notice it to advise. We have a 2013 Bliss table and the head drift was/is driving me crazy. As mentioned in Dawn's response above, Angela Clark our local APQS dealer told me the same thing months ago…it's Ok to be out of level. After visiting APQS's booth at the Charlotte AQS show I realized their blissed Millie with the SR on stayed put when you took your hands off the wheel…not so with ours, it continues to stitch. Not one to leave well enough alone, a few nights ago I started to tinker with Mi
  2. The clicking has subsided somewhat, but is still present. To this point I've cleaned everything, checked for burrs where the needle may have hit (still can't find the spot), checked that the hook didn't have any play on the shaft and adjusted the needle bar. Since Amy initially felt I wouldn't need to do a complete retiming I'll check with her tomorrow to see if she has any other thoughts before proceeding with the retiming. We've ruled out the fabric being the problem, I put on a typical practice sandwich and it didn't seem to make a difference. I made a few passes with pre-wound and t
  3. Thanks Nigel, I think you're on the right track. Got a few spare parts yesterday, hopefully I'll get it back to normal shortly. Just visited Angela Clark of Thread Waggle Quilting at her soon to be open new shop. She was kind enough to diagnose my problem from a video I shot so she could actually hear the clicking noise. She's pretty sure it's a needle flex issue too, she explained how to check and adjust the air gap…hopefully I'll retain the info until I get home. She also provided me with instructions on adjusting the top thread tensioner as we got that totally whacked out also…THA
  4. Angela...Colette was driving, Michelle and I were observing. Michelle didn't think she was quilting any faster than either of us would. Good to know about the cardboard, just everything was happening at the same time, broken needle, shredded bobbins, unfamiliar noises…gets a little scary. On Amy's advice I adjusted the needle bar…she didn't think it was a major issue because it was still stitching. Seems to have helped some but it's still clicking. Starting to sound like an A-1or Nolting…not knocking their machines but an APQS doesn't sound like them (IMHO, based on the videos I've se
  5. Thanks Rita, I was considering that. I'm just waiting for a new bobbin case and spring in case she suggests swapping it out. Should be here today or tomorrow.
  6. Barb and Joanne, thanks for the great advice and suggestions. I'll let you know how we make out. I'm hoping in the end the problem is the weird combination of fabrics and we haven't damaged the machine.
  7. I’m hoping someone will be able to determine the actual problem and guide me in the right direction. I’ll try to make this concise, but that’s not always easy for me, especially with so many things going wrong at the same time. To set the stage our friend, local quilt shop owner and longarmer came over to use Millie on Sunday. Her customer’s king size quilt would have taken her days to finish on her machine and frame and she wanted to knock it out quickly (e2e). I’m not sure how much this has to do with anything but the top fabric was more on the line of a light weight upholstery fabri
  8. How big is this thing, how much quilting space is lost before hitting the frame? Does it flex or twist as you move it around causing the laser point to move off it's mark? Being such a long arm off the side does it tourque the machine when you apply pressure or rest your hands on the A-frame handle? I can't open the two pictures (actually 4, but I think they are the same) above showing the PPS and pantos, am I doing something wrong...I can view all the others? I really like the idea as I tend to find pantos to be a I'm really interested in everyone's feedback. Thanks
  9. Has anyone tried any of Teryl Loy's rulers? She's an Innova dealer that has developed a line of rulers/templates that are 3/8" thick w/ a beveled edge to prevent chipping if hit with the hopping foot. Out of curiosity, why did Off the Edge Quilting stop offering one of the most popular SID rulers I've ever read about? Better yet, why hasn't anyone taken over OTE's product line? Happy Easter everyone!
  10. You can assemble your own system (new Suspa 16" hydraulics w/ APQS brackets) for under a grand. If interested PM me.
  11. So I Googled Terry Twist and found Sally Terry, unfortunately I wasn't able to find a source for her products. Appears all links related to Sally Terry anything are no longer active. Any thoughts on how or where I can find her products? Apparently, Sally Terry's site was down when I initially looked for Terry Twists, but it appears to be up and running again. She's offering 15% off through June 8th. I'm just having a hard time justifying $78 worth of templates. How often do others use theirs?
  12. Great the your avatar....can you teach me how to attach thumbnails?
  13. Now that's a "Manzzz Quilt" if ever there was one! And Linda, yet again I'm in awe of the way you do the things you do...great job!!! I use to have one of those little thingies ...traded it in on the Millennium
  14. Sorry Andrea, this isn't going to help you, but it may help someone requiring hydraulics with a higher lift. Prior to ordering my Millennium I had a ton of questions about aftermarket hydraulics and how to attach them to the table. There was a lot of feedback and several creative ways to mount the system .... thanks everyone! So, I went with a hybrid system. Heidi M. convinced me to go with 16" legs and I'm glad she did, I purchased them directly from SUSPA. I wasn't comfortable with making my own brackets for the legs and pump/control units so I order them from APQS. In the end I got a