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  1. FOR SALE ( Western Australia): 2009 APQS Millenium (CE) with 12 foot table and frame, with spare shelf underneath for storage. Upgraded with Bliss rails, and has the 'Glide' switch for fine stippling. LED and black light. Included in sale are the usual spare needles, bobbins etc, but also the exension base for use with templates and rulers, basic rulers and templates, many pantos. Due to size, purchaser pick-up needed, but I will pay for the Western Australian APQS rep to set up in your house. ( Perth Metro area and South west area). Free tuition also offered. Reluctant sale because of healt
  2. It's ok, all sorted! Good I can get on with the quilt now!
  3. I've not posted for ages, but I need some help. I've checked through my APQS paperwork and can't find a thing about the bobbin winder! I just tried to wind a bobbin and nothing happens. The power point is ok, so I'm wondering if it's the fuse. I've taken two fuses out - does it normally need two? If only one, is the other one the spare? And if so, is it the fuse at the front or back of the box? Thanks for you help!
  4. Beautiful quilting, Ann, well done! I've not been on the website for a while and yours was the first quilt I saw. Gorgeous!
  5. I have not posted for a while and have only just come across this topic. For the first few years of my quilting business, I, too, hated pantographs with a passion! I just couldn't seem to 'get it'. So I concentrated on all-over designs that I could do from the front of the machine. It seemed more natural to me somehow. I also started custom quilting really early on. After a few years, I found there were so many beautiful patterns out there and decided to try again. My first machine was not stitch regulated but by now I had a Millie with stitch regulation and found it a lot easier. Like
  6. I've already been in touch with Amy and she's working on my problem but I wondered if anyone out there has had this happen, and any ideas on fixing the problem. Next week will be my fourth week without working, and I really need a solution fast. I had my bliss rails fitted and the grease was repacked whilst Millie was off the table. When the table was done, and the machine switched on, she just took off at 90 miles an hour and the handle buttons were unresponsive - we ( my rep Judy and I ) had to use the on/off button on the head to switch it off. Initially it was thought that the optical s
  7. Stunning quilt Heidi, you've done a beautiful job. It's very time consuming to do this sort of work, but very satisfying! Thanks for posting the photo.
  8. It depends what sort of batting it is - I always do a needle test to see which side allows the needle to penetrate more easily. That side is the up side to me, regardless of whether it has a scrim or not. I usually use Matilda's Own Wool/poly blend and put the scrim side down, but on some cotton battings, I put the scrim side up. Depends on the results of the needle test! I have only really had a few problems with pokies and that was when using cotton batting, hence my preference for wool!
  9. Thanks Lyn, I thought I'd double check- I already have the straight ruler by Westerlee designs. I now need to think of getting the curved ones!
  10. Lyn, are these the curved cross-hatching rulers? If so, how much are they? By the way, it was nice meeting you at the Adelaide Machine Quilting Festival! I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, did lots of classes. Thanks Shelley
  11. Linzi - thanks for the info, will catch up with you at the show. I will be there for all four days, so will have lots of time to see everything. Lyn, I think we only waited for about 8 weeks, which isn't too long. Just got to wait until I get back from the UK to get it fitted! I am hoping the system will make quilting a bit less tiring. After having a frozen shoulder a while ago, I seem to tire easily. Rowena - Hi - are you going to Adelaide this year?
  12. Yep, they came this week! I am so looking forward to getting them fitted -but alas will have to wait until September as I am flying to the UK in a week's time for a few weeks holiday. Whilst I am there, I am going to the Birmingham Festival Of Quilts. Does anyone know if there is going to be an APQS stand at the show? I will keep my eyes open - would love to meet others from the forum who happen to be there. And when I return home to Oz, I can look forward to using my Bliss rails!
  13. Hi Julie, G'day from a fellow Aussie! I use a short ruler, about 2" x6", with a notch from Victorian Textiles for SID. The notch is really for the hopping foot, to guide it around applique, but I put my left thumb in it to steady it as I SID! I've also got the same style but a bit wider which I use when applying and sewing binding down. For small applique, I use Deloa's applique guide. For cross hatching, I use Westerlee's cross hatching ruler. I use different size circles to sew - circles! I use a clamshell shape template which I got with my previous machine, which I use for larg
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