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  1. I'm trying to track down the lovely lady who sold me her used Circle Lord Baptist Fan templates around August. I just have a question to ask. Nothing Bad! Thanks!
  2. This is mine. I used the Feathered Wreath template from CL on the blue tone on tone blocks.
  3. This is my MIL's. I used the king size Baptist Fan templates.
  4. Here's my entry for the CL challenge. I used the large CL crosshatch templates and the pushbutton system. I skipped over all of the embroidery so there were thousands of stops and starts. I used wool batting and So Fine and Bottom Line threads. It took me about 7 or 8 weeks to complete because I work full time outside the house. Customer was thrilled!
  5. Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here. Thanks for bringing this quilt back up. I haven't seen the pictures since I posted it. I have done lots of crosshatching before this quilt but I couldn't always get it perfect. So for this quilt I used the Circle Lord templates and the pushbutton element from the front. It was still extremely tedious due to the starts and stops over the embroidery. So that's how I did it. The wool batting really helped give definition to the quilting. I highly recommend it for heirloom quilts. Thanks again for the lovely comments!
  6. I just wanted to mention something. The customer I lost over the quilting I did had told me to do what I wanted on the quilt. I think I did a beautiful job quilting. She hated the borders which were beadboarded. I never accept "do what you think best". I make my customer tell me what she has in mind because I'm gunshy now. I don't make my customers sign anything but maybe I should...
  7. I would give it back with her check. I wouldn't rip. You would spend days that you could be quilting for others. You did your job. If she has decided that it needs to be redone, then she's going to have to take it out. I guarantee she'll change her mind after that first hour (and then what is she going to do?!?) You may have lost money on the job but if it keeps her quiet, then it's worth it. I dropped off a little quilt today that I did custom quilting on (SID, different designs in blocks, 5 thread changes). She was disappointed in it. She wrote the check before she saw it, then was upset that it cost so much and she couldn't see the quilting. There was an obvious lack of communciation because I pulled out the threads I was using and showed her when she dropped it off. She expected to really "see" the quilting on the top; I didn't use loud enough thread. I didn't take her check since she was unhappy. I offered to rip it out and re-do but she does realize the time I put into it. She also has realized that she can quilt these little quilts on her own. I have probably seen the last quilt from her. We left on good terms today so I'm hopeful that she won't bad mouth me. We agreed that she needs to be very specific about her desires. I have only had one other bad experience and I lost her as a customer. Honestly, it bothered me tremendously at the time. Now, I'm not concerned because I don't have time for people like that in my life. Good luck with your decision.