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  1. What a find! It's beautiful with the help of your quilting!!
  2. I just finished this quilt for friend/customer - who is also an award winning quilter and needlecrafter. Actually, it's not finished, as she asked (after I delivered it to her) that I put some quilting around the centre of the flowers - which I had thought about, but hadn't talked about it with her, so didn't. Always trust your instincts!!! This is a Kim Diehl pattern - Late Bloomers - Superior So Fine thread, Hobbs 80/20 batting. Quilt's name is "Whimsical Bloomers" - isn't it a whimsical pattern!!! Thanks for looking
  3. No, Cagey - it is a customer quilt - I'm pretty sure it was all pre washed before piecing, tho.
  4. David - my customer found a similar motif online - I made a stencil and went from there. I actually only marked points and then quilted the design point to point. Cagey - not sure why it's so flat - maybe because there is very little piecing as the rings are appliqued on the background squared. Thanks for all the positive comments - my customer was thrilled with the outcome!
  5. Yes, appliqued! All the rings are appliqued on plain white blocks - my customer did an amazing job on this one! It was for a king sized bed - huge! This is another request for "not over quilting" - I think it worked well.
  6. I love this! But Christmas, already??? Love the unique quilting in each block.
  7. Just beautiful! I love the way the leaves stand out from the quilting! Your quilting is fabulous!
  8. Lizbeth - I have a panto cam. The laser light is still on the back, but I'm watching it from the front via a camera. For me, it's the best way to go . no moving back and forth from front to back - and once you get used to the camera piece, it's the absolute best. I couldn't do pantos any other way.
  9. Thanks for that, Linda - is there anything that you don't know!!! You are such a wealth of great information for us! I had planned on rinsing the area a few times to reduce the impact of the bleach on the fibres, but didn't know about the peroxide.
  10. tada! - the little stain is gone - this may not be the preferred method, but I dabbed it with a q-tip dipped in a diluted bleach solution. Of course, I tested it out on scrap first, and it worked just fine! I'm so glad that this was white fabric and not anything with color. Note to self - NEVER put a red (or any color for that matter) file folder anywhere near a quilt top . . . in fact, I think I'm going to get rid of all my colored file folder and go with the plain ones.
  11. Help!! Does anyone have a magic solution to remove a small spot of red dye (from a manila folder) from white fabric. Don't ask me how it happened - but it did and I need to see if I can remove the stain from a customer quilt!
  12. Beautiful job - and I love the way your pictures show off the quilting definition.
  13. oh my!!! This is just gorgeous - well-deserved ribbon!!
  14. Couldn't imagine changing anything! Great quilting - it's going into my faves!
  15. This is beautiful - he's going to love it! You nailed the "fancy stuff"!!
  16. Gorgeous!!! I love all the variety of background fills and quilting - just a stunning quilt all around! You have deserved some relaxation time!
  17. Beautiful red and white customer quilt - she wanted it "serene and peaceful - not heavy modern quilting" - we planned the quilting together - Stencil in the plain blocks, cc in pieced blocks, cross hatching in setting triangles, LOTS of SID! but it really makes the quilt! I'm delivering it tomorrow - the customer is going to love it - she did an amazing job of piecing and pressing all the seams just right - made my work go smoother. Have a look . . . front and back pics
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