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  1. I love it! Linda R. gave you some great advice - the colors are gorgeous
  2. Lovely - I see turning blades in the light parts - I did one a couple of years ago that I put swirls in the "saw blades" but I like this one better. Nice job.
  3. Thanks, everyone. I've decided to bind it and leave it as is for now . . . but I've certainly been spending a lot of time looking at Irene Bluhm's work and thinking . . . who knows!
  4. That is soooo beautiful - how big is this - it's just lovely!
  5. Tension - it is the most frustrating! Whenever I use cotton thread, and I don't use it often, I slather on the Sewer's Aid to the cone. I also remove the little piece of batt that I keep in the top thread guide. I've tried King Tut in my machine, and have not had a lot of luck with it . . . not much help, I know, but we've all been there. Good luck as you perservere . . .
  6. Your quilting really enhances the beauty of this quilt - beautiful job!
  7. A few years ago (actually 2012) I went to Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, Alberta to take some classes from the amazing Claudia Pfeil. One of the classes was stencilling out a whole cloth on a 40 x 40 piece of muslin . . . I had never done that kind of thing before. As often happens, I got home from the classes with all good intentions, but the beginning of this wall hanging got folded ever so neatly and placed in the "bin" - you know, the one we all have of projects to get to later . . . This spring, I was inspired by seeing a few other quilters work, and pulled out that piece of muslin, finis
  8. I hate to tell you this, Andrea, but you ARE at the age where most of us need reading glasses. (sorry ) and, unfortunately, when your eyes start changing, you usually need a few prescription changes in a short period of time. Measure the distance that you usually are from your eyes to the quilting that you are looking at - tell your eye dr. that and he/she can get your prescription for mid and short range just right - maybe you'll just need a specific pair of quilting glasses to reduce that strain when you're at your machine. I wear progressives when I'm quilting - and cheepo readers when
  9. I really like how you have outlined the applique with the flower/leaf motif - beautiful job so far . . . looking forward to seeing it completed!
  10. I'm a sucker for French Braid quilts, Hospice fundraisers and feathers - so how could I not love this one!! Your quilting is beautiful!
  11. I knew the trick about holding down the clutch when you stop stitching to keep the SR on, but is there any way that the needle will remain in the down position when you do this? It was so much easier with my Lenni - at least when I stopped, the needle would be in the down position and the SR would remain on. If the stitching stops and the needle is not down, it's pretty tricky trying to move the ruler while keeping the machine perfectly still.
  12. Made from a pattern called "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" in the book Six Halves Make a Whole Lot More. I'm so not a "diamond" girl, so I gave my quilt the name "Diamonds in the Sea" - a fitting name as I just spent 4 1/2 months at the sea in Mexico. I wanted to practise my SID, ruler work, fills . . . I am really pleased with the outcome! Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread (Pacific and Sand - just coincidental but perfect names!)
  13. Beautiful!! Claudia is such a great teacher . . . you must have been top of the class!
  14. I love the feather border! You really saved this one - but I'm curious - she had it at another LAer for two years - and it didn't get quilted?
  15. I love your quilting on this one! .... and the backing idea is great. Thanks for sharing.
  16. This is a beautiful quilt - and your quilting is fantastic! I really like the mix of quilting designs you used! Nice work!
  17. Excellent example of how the quilting enhances the quilt - you did an absolutely beautiful job on this one, Andrea! I really admire how thoughtful you are to make sure that when completed, the quilt is the best it can be! Cheers to you - your customer will be thrilled!
  18. This is only the 3rd quilt my sister has made - she tends to go a bit "over the top" - but wow, what a great job she did piecing this. I counted the pieces per row - over 90 - and there's 34 rows - so you do the math! She wanted it quilted very densely - as it needed to be with all that small piecing, so I used the "Dizzy Izzy" panto by Urban Elementz. Dizzy Izzy is right . . . if I didn't have the panto cam, I think it would have blinded me. But, it turned out to be beautiful! My sister also makes beautiful needle-felted Santas . . . so I'm charging her 3 Santas and a couple of snowmen
  19. I love this! Your quilting is just perfect - the feather wreaths . . . well, what can I say! Great job!
  20. You know I'm not a modern quilter, but, what would you think about putting spirals in those white circles - even all those small circles? I think I have spirals on the brain because I just finished doing that on a quilt - I'll show you later! You've done a fantastic job so far from what I saw on FB!
  21. Lovely colours! I think Come Dance with Me is one of my busiest pantos - it's pretty versatile!
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