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  1. Love the quilting! Can you tell me what color thread you used? Did you use the same color thread throughout the whole quilt, even on the darker red pieces if you used white thread? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, it is very helpful. I called Fil-tec and they e-mailed me a color chart and I will be ordering the Cream and the Linen so can see what truly matches the fabric. I also picked out Vegas Gold for all the motifs. And I hope it will look good! Thanks for everyone's help on this. I'll post pictures when done although it will be a while before finished.
  3. I looked at the Cream and Pearl and I thought they both looked dark. If someone actually has one of these colors, maybe they can tell me if it actually is an Ivory or off-white color. Or maybe I should buy one and see if it will match the fabric?
  4. Thanks for all the info on Glide thread. I think I will go with that since I have already tried it as well and it works great. I was also looking at the Glide thread for the Ivory background color but don't see a true Ivory color. I haven't ordered the fabric yet but it doesn't look like there is any Ivory color unless I'm just not finding it. Is it the Bone color? Because that looks too dark and so does Linen color. There is only the two white colors but I think they will be too bright white for the Ivory. Any suggestions for the Ivory color to match the Ivory (cotton sateen) fabric?
  5. Thanks for all the help. I think I will try the Glide thread. Maybe I don't want it to look metallic and I think the gold colors from Glide will work well. My daughter likes the 20's look so it will probably look better.
  6. Thanks, I will look at the Glide thread too. But what should use in the bobbin? Gold thread or the cream color? If I use metallic on top, I probably should use a gold color in bobbin?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I think I will try the Superior metallic in the Antique Gold color. Is it very shiny looking when the quilt is done or more of a subtle sheen? And does is wash well?
  8. I'm getting ready to make an ivory colored wholecloth quilt for my daughter's wedding gift and wanted to quilt it using gold thread. Any ideas what brand or kind of thread I should use so it is washable friendly. I also will be using my Intelliquilter to quilt it, so if there is any suggestions what works good in a computerized quilter. Also, should I maybe quilt all the main motifs in gold and do all the stippling or backgrounds in ivory colored thread. Any help would be appreciated. Kerri
  9. Thanks Linda. I'm going to have to try the Glide thread. I've always been nervous about trying a different color on top than in the bobbin because of the opposite color showing thru but I'll try this if you have such good luck with it.
  10. Linda, it's so beautiful. Can you tell me what thread or color you used? It looks like the color is on the back is white, but the front is maybe blue? Mono thread or different on the top and bobbin? Thanks, Kerri Great job!
  11. I love the silk quilt with all the beautiful colors. I've never used silk for a quilt before and was wondering if it's washable? And is there any particular place you would recommend to buy the silk. The bright colors really bring out the sheen and the quilting.
  12. I love Country Sampler in Omaha. They have great displays and quilt kits that I love to get. All the fabric is already picked out and it makes it so easy to get started on a project. I used to live closer to Omaha and now live in the Lincoln area but usually can make the one hour trip every month or so. I was sorry to hear Log Cabin closed. I used to go there several years ago but haven't been there recently.
  13. I really wish I could come. I enjoyed it so much last year. But I have wedding in the early afternoon and my son's graduation is getting close, so I have so much do for that. Hope all you girls have a great time though. Thanks for thinking of me.
  14. You're going to have so much fun with your IQ. Are they now coming in a black frame? Mine has a white frame around it. But it's a couple years old. Helen installed mine. I would not even try to do it myself cause I really wouldn't begin to understand how to.
  15. Just love your camo quilt. What a great idea! I should make one for my son who is an avid hunter as well. Really wonderful.
  16. Thanks for all the helpful info. I think I'll try the band and see if it helps. I must have really been using the rotary cutter a lot and thought since the handle was curved that it was better for me. I do have quilting marathons where I would piece and cut all day and into the night, so probably need to do more stretching and resting in between. Think I'm going to go crazy waiting for it to heal. I did try cutting with my left hand and I can do it but it is just slower. I think I'll just do sewing for now with a little (left handed) cutting when I need to
  17. Vicki, what does the band do? Is it like a bracelet?
  18. The cutter I use is slightly curved and you have to grasp the black lever part to bring out the blade. Hope I explained that right. I've used that kind for years with no problem. Maybe having to grasp the lever every time I cut is not good?
  19. I saw a sports doctor today because of sore muscles around my elbow and had a hard time lifting things that are normally not a problem to lift. He told me I have tennis elbow and we were trying to figure out the cause of it. After I told him about the quilting I do and use a rotary cutter, he said that was most likely the cause of my soreness. I couldn't believe that grasping the cutter could cause such soreness. Have any of you quilters had this happen to you? I have stretching exercises to do every hour and can lift only a certain way and NOT to grasp anything with my right hand (I'
  20. Annie, I love your quilts. Good job in such a short time with IQ. Could you tell me what pattern that came with your IQ you used for the small charity quilt. I have IQ and don't remember seeing this pattern on my IQ. Thanks.
  21. My signature line was supposed to have a transparent background. Does anyone know if I can go back and change it without redoing the whole thing?
  22. I just added signature line too! I'm seeing if it worked.
  23. Love the fleece quilts. How did you do the feathers? All free-hand? If they are free-hand, I don't know how you made it so uniform and the feathers are beautiful? I know I could never do it free-hand like that. Nice job!
  24. Hi Joan, the Nebraska football panto is a digitized pattern from Designs by Deb at www.debrageissler.com and I think she would probably have a paper pattern as well. She has tons of sports pantos. Look at new designs too. I first used this panto on my son's school (purple) quilt and it just so happened to have footballs and MHS on it. Don't think it was (Milford High School) but was perfect for this. So, when I decided to make the Nebraska quilt, I asked Deb if she could use the football panto and put Huskers on it. She replied that she would and if it was ok to also put Nebraska
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