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  1. I'm going to lose my mind if I can't turn this thing off. It used to work but now using a micro thread and it doesn't like it.
  2. Thank you Jim. Clean with alcohol, I assume? I had edited that post but it didn't complete. Can you also tell me how to fix my thread sensor adjustment. It has started beeping allot and I've tried various amounts of wrapping around the wheel. That, coupled with the intermittent beep that I've never actually figured out - it is all annoying.
  3. The laser light on the panto side flickers and is very easily turned off. I gently tap and rotate the cable to get it to come back on. Usually stays on while running the machine, but now I'm having trouble with that. Has the light failed and I should replace it? Thanks in advance,
  4. Thank you, Cagey! I didn't get notified of your reply. I think you're right about gradual increase in needle. I get panicky. Also I have slowed way down, loosened needle thread tension and lengthened the stitch. It's going much better. I have a second quilt to do for thIs lady; I'm going to try a different thread than the Innovatech (first time use for me). I also prewashed her wide back hoping it would improve the 'hand' of the fabric. I'm nursing the machine thru these two quilts; it worked beautifully the day before I started this one. Hoping it is bad thread and bad fabric. Because most off my troubled is moving right to left, I fear I need to replace the encoder wheel. How hard is that?
  5. I put in a 5,0 needle and turned it about 2 minutes to the right of center because that's worked for me before. The top and backing fabrics are cheap Joann's. Everytime I have stitch quality issues it is cheap or stabilized knit fabrics. I wish I could find a tutorial to help me understand what is happening. A $20000 set up shouldn't be so finicky about fabric quality? Should it?
  6. I am having problems with random skipped stitches, loose stitches and thread breakage on top. Needle is new 3.5. thread on top is Innovatech, bobbin is Deco Bob. Ideas?
  7. After winding new bobbin I began having trouble. Needle breaks, needle thread fraying, bobbin thread breaks; threads are so fine 50 in needle and bottom line in bobbin. After tweaking tension it is sewing better but is making a popping or hitting sound when I pull the machine towards me. I've quit for the night and am worried it's going to break another needle. It is better if I slow down, but is dense quilting I'm doing. Also, I am in manual mode. I have an appointment for maintenance next week but hate to not work for six days.... Any ideas? I know I should do my own maintenance but who has time to learn another thing? I be too busy learning creative stuff! TIA!
  8. Title says it all. Tried to call APQS but only got voicemail.
  9. RunningThreads, are there videos for adjusting the hook and finger? TIA, Bobbie Z
  10. Well folks, I'm having trouble again. I think I've solved it but don't really understand why it is so hard to work with cotton threads. Maybe I've just been lucky. I am quilting more lately. I'm working on a series of memory quilts for a family. Using YLI in the needle and king Tut in the bobbin now. I checked at the start and everything looks good. But about third of 2 way through the quilt I noticed some looseness in some top stitches, and took better look. Periodically I was getting ladders underneath. Not all the time. And it got worse the farther into the quilt I was. I'm just doing meander so this didn't take long. I changed the needle. Still trouble. Ripped out what I had to; changed the bobbin thread to fine smooth polyester. Changed the path to help the thicker thread have less drag. (Reading lots of threads here looking for clues). Put some scraps on the machine and tested lots of loops and swirls. No problems so I'm back quilting on the job again. I'm beginning to hate cotton. Was part of the problem using two cotton threads?
  11. Bobbie Z

    Free motion dancing on Millie with Bliss and Glide

  12. Thank you Zeke and ffq-lar for your comforting replies! I thought something was wrong with me. It is too bad because I like the thick cotton look of King Tut when I don't want a shiny top thread, and I love variegated most of the time. ffq-lar, I need to get educated to understand your guidance on moving the hook finger. Is that info in my manual? Thanks so much. I didn't select the reply notification so it took me a few days to check back.
  13. I just finished a quilt that I fought all the way through. King Tut on top, So Fine in bobbin. Everyonce in a while the needle thread would either break or, oddly, break and skip about five stitches on top and then stitch again just fine. Sometimes I didn't notice it and so finding those breaks and fixing them neatly was a real pain. I tried changing the thread path on both three hole guides, and going to a 4.5 needle from a 4.0 after reading various threads here. I'm either needing a comprehensive guide to King Tut or I'm going to give up on King Tut in the needle. I can sew with Rainbows just fine but the thicker cotton gives me fits. Thanks in advance, and I am blessed by these forums often.
  14. Do you folks do the meander because the machine doesn't like screen printed areas? Tia. Bobbie Z
  15. Busy Quilting (Lyn), you mentioned in an earlier post here that you use your vertical cone holder for everything. I have a few spools that I need to use, particularly Rainbows thread. The thread is snagging on apparently nothing at all and then the thread breaks. I can't figure out what the thread is snagging on and am ready to resort to the horizontal spool holder, which I haven't installed on my new Millie. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance., Bobbie Z
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