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  1. I just texted Claudia to ask about those pvc clamps. I think I remember her saying she got them from Pam Clarke but I don't see them at http://www.homestitches.com. As for the red snappers rubbing the throat plate under the leveller bar... We always roll the edge of the leader past the leveller bar to prevent this from happening. You need 6" of extra backing on that end to accomadate this. We also use the leadergrips instead of the red snappers as they have a lower profile(slightly thinner).
  2. Nadia has nailed it I think Liane. Sorry I wasn't much help, I was in the middle of a custom quilt and had repairmen fixing a leak at the same time you called. Definitely sounds like the fuse under the top cover. You can use the replacement fuse located in the first place I showed you. Grab yourself some extra fuses the next time you're out. If you need me to walk you through it, feel free to call me at home 780-633-4242. Sew glad I told you to go to the forum, these ladies/men are so helpful! Quilters Rock!
  3. lmao!!!!!! http://www.uline.ca/BL_1752/Cadillac-Mats?keywords=cadillac
  4. Here's the one I have. I ordered the 12ftx3ft. Before I got it I could only quilt for 2-3 hrs a day and my knees and hips would ache. Now I can quilt for 12+hrs no problem
  5. Hi Stephanie, I remember being in your shoes all too well. The last thing you want to do is rush into a decision that you are unhappy with. There are pros and cons to both Gammill and APQS machines. You need to create yourself a list of all the features that really matter to you and prioritize them. Then get your hands on each machine and pay attention to those things that matter most to you. Choose the machine that scores highest on your check list. During my research I felt the most important factors were stitch quality, machine handling and warranty. These were the three things I was looking for when I test drove the machines. Here is a blog post of my results. http://manquilter.wordpress.com/2010/02/07/my-reasons-for-choosing-an-apqs-longarm-quilting-system-over-all-the-competition/ Good luck with your research and if you have any questions there are loads of us willing to answer your questions.
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