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  1. Nancy; You did not mention where you are located. We have several financing options available to our clients. Your local APQS dealer will have information also. For more information call or email us. We are the APQS dealer located in the Kansas City, MO. area. John
  2. In a word NO. To my knowledge all LA's use commercial machine needles. No flat side for one thing. Different LA's also use different needles (length is a issue). Hope this helps, John
  3. To all: I have experienced this issue several times. If you will remove the handles and look at the sockets for the bulb (white at each end of the lamp) I think you will find that the contacts (brass) get out of allignment. (The repair is easier with the light fixture off the machine so you can turn it upside down to see the contacts easily.) I take a small screwdriver and realign the contacts. This has always solved the issue. This will also work for the Millie. John
  4. For a 12 foot table you should have 9 feet by 15 feet and for a 14 foot table you need 9 feet by 17 feet. The C motor adds about 1 foot to the table. John
  5. Ramona and Paul: It was great having you visit. Feel free to visit anytime you are in the area. And that goes for anyone else on the chat here. Janet and Mary are always ready to talk Quilting. It is interesting to see how other quilters have set up their studio. We get to see many new studios when we are doing set ups and it is always a joy to share the excitement with new APQS owners. John
  6. Remove the four screws on the front top cover, then loosen the two that go through the back cover also. Lift the front of the cover up and on the right side there is a brass screw (facing out to the side (this is a adjusting pot.) turn it ccw to speed up the needle speed and cw to slow it down. Start with 1/2 turn ccw. John
  7. Your local APQS dealer is Dea Crandall (813) 949-2494 | dcquilter@earthlink.net (Tampa, FL.) She would let you try a Millennium out. She could help you find financing if you need help along that line. The only Millennium that has been won to my knowledge was at "Quilting on the Waterfront" and that was several years ago. John
  8. We set up a machine Friday and it also had extra nuts. You should have one nut on each side of the round plate inside and use one nut on the out side of the rail. John
  9. A standard cord that fits a computer/ monitor/etc. will work. Cheap and readily available. John
  10. Use the big black wrench that came with your machine to loosen the large nut. Lift that leg off the floor and screw the large threaded tube out. Much like a refrigerator. You may need to tap the wrench with a hammer to break the big nut loose. Adjust to level. If you machine seems to be dragging check the spacing between the leveling bar and the machine. Also check the top roller in the front to assure your quilt top is level and not dragging on the front of the machine (this would be most apparent when using the base extender). John
  11. Tamara: Turn the flywheel until the hopping foot is at it lowest point. Depending on the age of your machine this may be easy or not so easy. On the older machines the screw does not line up exactly behind the hole in the side plate (this issue has been addressed in the later model machines). It take a sharp screwdriver with a thin blade I think a 5/16. Loosen the screw, the foot will now be so you can turn and move it up and down. Place a business card between the hopping foot and the throat plate (this is the correct spacing). Rotate the foot until you needle is in the middle. Tight
  12. Janet: A 12 ft table is actually about 13 feet with the take up motor drive, 14 will work but would be a little tight. We recomend 9X15 for a 12 foot table and 9X17 for a 14 foot table. Our Millennium on a 14 foot table is in a room 9X17 and it is easy to walk by. John
  13. Hi Cheryl: You have had quite a lot of information here. This is my two cents worth. We have a Millennium, Liberty and Freedom with CompuQuilter. Mary and Janet have used the Millie for about 4 1/2 years (another brand for 6 years before the Millie). The Liberty is light and easy to move, however Janet and Mary both prefer the Millennium for several reasons, more work space and ergonomic handles. We put our CompuQuilter on the Freedom. If you are planning to dedicate a machine to the CompuQuilter I would consider a Freedom (the only options you would need is, Needle Positioner, Single
  14. Janet: The remote can be added to you lift in about 5-10 minutes. No tools required. It is very easy to install. If you want more personalized information call or email Country Lane at 816-350-2002 or countrylanequilting@mail.com. John
  15. Hi; Sometimes I talk crazy but not usually on the board. The Hydraulic Lift is $1500 and the remote is $250. If anyone is interested in either email or call us here at Country Lane for more information. As for the picture this one looks more like me. My beard is not Santa Clause long now. As for looks this is about as good as it is going to get.:D Thanks Mary Beth for the kind words. Flattery will get you everywhere John
  16. Joy: We carry a saddle stool that many APQS owners like. It has adjustable height and tilt. I'm sure you will get many responses from quilters on what works for them. The Hydraulic Lift actually raises the lowest table height a bit. There have been suggestions from owners to make the legs shorter and this (like many owner suggestions) is being looked at. John
  17. Julia: I know you'll do great. We had a great time setting up your Millie. You certainly know your way around a wrench. Now is the time to take a breath and enjoy your new Millie. The way you were running your Millie without the stitch regulator impressed me, real smooth, that is the key even with the stitch regulator on. The Millie likes smooth. John
  18. When you use the large black wrench if you will tap it with a hammer or anything heavy, a shock will break the nut loose better than brute force. I have installed several hydraulic lifts including one Wednesday. It gets easier the more you install. Have you seen the remote for the lift, we love ours. John
  19. Barb; We would love to have you visit. Call when you get in the area and we can guide you in. John
  20. Hi; Thanks to Myra and Mary Beth for mentioning us. Country Lane Quilting is located in Lee's Summit, Mo ( a suburb of Kansas City) and we would love to have you visit and drive the different machines. We have a Millennium, Liberty and Freedom with CompQuilter available for you to test drive. Janet and Mary have been professional quilters for over 10 years and are great at explaining the different machines. (They are returning from Duluth tonight). All three of our machines get daily use. If you would like a packet of information or would like to visit us just call or email us.
  21. Hi Shirley: I think this link will answer your questions. I put some pictures of the new Turbo winder on the chat in this thread. We stock them here at Country Lane they sell for $129.95 including shipping and handling. See this thread: http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=2044#pid14162
  22. Nini: You nearest dealer is: Paducah, Kentucky Irene Reising (270) 443-0324 | ireising@aol.com She is about 430 miles from you. Any of the dealers would be happy to give personalized service. If you have questions and want to talk to people who use and service APQS machines on a daily basis call one of us. Any dealer will take time to help you. John
  23. MB This is one of the challenges with the FW cover. If you want to tighten the guide or remove the right side cover you have to remove the FW cover (scrape the double stick take off of the cover and machine if necessary and replace the double stick tape, is available at Deals or the dollar store normally). the longer double stick tape is on the stronger it gets. For position of the three hole guide see this link http://apqs.com/photosl4.htm The guide should be at 8 o?clock If one more turn clockwise is too tight I put a piece of thread in the hole and screw the guide in. This acts
  24. Jennifer: This is something that happens and the reason for the Hartley Flywheel Cover. Remove the left front side of your machine. You can remove the thread using a thin hemostat. You might want to use a Xacto knife to cut the thread. The APQS has enough clearance to get to the thread. If you have a challenge or need help give me a call at our studio. If you would like a Hartley Flywheel cover I keep them in stock, they are $15.00 including shipping and handling. We also stock needles, bobbins and bobbin cases and the wear items on APQS machines (currently no shipping or handling
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