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  1. Hi again Alice: Connie is always on top of it isn't she. She always has the big picture in sight and is great in helping all of us. I forgot the link (this is from Connie's top 10 support questions). See #4 of the link I forgot on the previous post. http://apqs.com/quiltingmachinetiming.htm Good Luck, John
  2. Alice: You probably need to check the position of the finger. It fits in the slot in the front of the bobbin basket on the hook assembly. It should be about 1/3 of the way in the slot. This adjustment is described in your book. see this link and go to step #4. John
  3. Hi Connie: You didn't say which bobbin winder you have. Is it the one with the wooden base or the Turbo? The Millie is different and new production Millies (and all machines) will come with the Turbo bobbin winder instead of the on board winder. John
  4. Mary, sounds GREAT! Now perhaps some of the frustration of your quilting business will just go away! I went FULL time with Country Lane last fall and have managed to stay very busy all the time. We could not do what we do as a business if Mary, John, and I had to work full time somewhere else! Stay in touch and keep on keeping us informed. Janet
  5. The new frame is easier to put together and has a lot fewer parts. The tables are about the same except for the spacing of the spacer tubes. The major difference is in the legs and they hold the bars in a different way that is much more convenient for making changes. We have 1 of the old tables and 3 (with 1 more on the way) of the new tables. It was an improvement in the manufacturing, installation and cosmetically more pleasing. The new table is also much easier to set-up. The power take up motors are not interchangeable (mounts are position a little different) and if you want casters
  6. Mary Beth: Thanks for the kind words. I'll have something special under the tree for you this Christmas. (Don't forget the cookies and milk).:P John
  7. Judi: Glad to be of help to you. I wish you were closer also (We love Minnesota). You are welcome to visit our studio here in Lee's Summit. We have the only overhead and touch screen outside of Stan and Dee Dee's to my knowledge. We also have a barely used CompuQuilter for a Millie for sale on consignment. It has made 3 or 4 small quilts and still has several months of warrantee left. Price $12,500 including delivery set-up and lessons. This is a savings of over $1000. If we can be of service let us know. We are just learning to use it ourselves. John
  8. Hi Barb: We are located in Lee's Summit, MO. Did you buy your CompuQuilter from APQS or CompuQuilter? We are the local dealer for APQS and Compuquilter. If I know where you bought it I probably know who will do the set-up and training. Did you buy the touch screen and overhead track? We just installed the first one here at Country Lane and it's great. If anyone wants to try it out let us know. John
  9. Hi Judy: Janet put my picture there. I didn't think anyone would notice and I didn't have a glamor shot. The tux looked good anyway. :D:D. I do have children and adults give me their Christmas gift orders. Its always Christmas here at Country Lane. John
  10. When you received your Millie you received a black cable with phone plugs at both ends (one with a washer) This jumper is used when you move your laser to the front of your machine. See posting above. John
  11. The upgrade and new manual is now available on the CQ website. John
  12. Plug your jumper cable in the laser (the end of the jumper with the washer on it) and the other end in the hole at the front of the machine and the cable from the power supply in the hole on the side at the back. There is a cable inside the machine to send power from the back to the front. The laser mounts on the stud at the front top of the machine. John
  13. The CompuQuilter with the touch screen is up and running here at Country Lane. The changes in the software are designed to operate the touch screen. If any one wants to come by our studio and play with the system just email or call and we will set up a time for you to come by and visit.
  14. You didn't say which machine you have and I will assume a Millie. One noise that we see quite often is this, the top cover at the rear hitting the shield covering the belt. Put your hand on the cover and see if the noise changes. If this seems to be the problem loosen the six screws holding the cover on and lift the cover up until it is clearing the back and front covers, then tighten the screws. Sometimes someone will lean over the machine and put weight on this cover and push it down until it hits. If it is the gearbox it gradually gets loud and has a distinctive growling noise. John
  15. Hi Charla: You did not say which machine you have. Did this problem start suddenly? What if any incident preceded this problem? Have you made any changes or adjustments to your machine? We really need more information before we can give any suggestions. Let us know. John
  16. The motor take up adds about 1-ft to the table and you will need at least 2-ft to get around the table. You need to allow at least 17 feet for a 14-ft and 15 feet for a 12-ft table. The other end of the table can go right up to a wall. These are minimum measurements. John
  17. We (Country Lane Quilting) are currently having the first CompuQuilter with touch screen and overhead track installed, will be finished tomorrow. We will also have a 7-ft show table with the touch screen and overhead track for shows since we are a CompuQuilter Dealer. We are using a Freedom for the head.
  18. I have spools of the abrasive cord. A couple of different grits. If you will send me your mailing address I'll send you a couple of feet. John
  19. They are hardly new. It is a jewelers loup used for viewing diamonds, watches etc. The factory is now carrying them or you can get it at Ace Hardware. The normal power is 4X. They are great for timing your machine because the focal length is just about right. The normal machine owner should not have to time their machine very often. Timing is seldom an issue. John
  20. First let me welcome you to APQS Chat. You will find a great group of helpful quilters here. To answer your question: No special wiring is required a standard 15A source is more that adequate power for your APQS quilting system, lights, radio or what ever. We have had three machines on one 15 amp circuit without a problem. The Millennium and Freedom are fused at 6.3A and the Liberty and Discovery 3.15A. The normal current use is less of course. You might want to check the dealers page to locate and contact your local or nearest dealer and they will be a great resource to help you in ma
  21. We have been referring clients to a local branch of US Bank. They understand our business and have been doing a great job. If anyone is interested email us for more information. John
  22. To make it easier for you, check out: http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=2348#pid16398 John
  23. Welcome to APQS chat. You do not have to own an APQS machine or any machine at all. You don?t even have to be a quilter. Every one is welcome, and this is a great place to get an education about quilting and machines not just APQS quilting systems. Many world class and beginning quilters are on here on a regular basis. Everyone is interested in helping each other out. Enjoy and don't hesitate to contact your local APQS dealer for personalized help one on one. Just go to the dealer locator and find the one nearest you. Again, Welcome and enjoy. John
  24. Hi Laura: Good question. This is a question that has been posted several times. It is one we also hear when helping our clients decide which width table to order. Our normal recommendation is get the largest table you have room for. We have 2, 14-foot tables and 2, 10-foot tables (and a 7 foot one on order). The 10-foot one on the Liberty is used for production and shows, the other short one we take to shows for demonstrations also. We use the entire 14-foot table a few times a year. A 12-foot will probably meet your needs 95% of the time. Keep in mind that for a 12 foot table you
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