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  1. For a DSM you need a needle for your machine. The MR's are commercial needles. If you will email me I will check with my supplier for needles for your DSM. I can also get needles for embroidery machines if you will email me your needs. John
  2. The 7 foot table and Motor Advance is sold. The 10 foot table is still available. John
  3. Janet and Mary are at MQS (as most of you know Mary is the president of IMQA). Janet is the the Judging room coordinator and Country Lane Quilting is a corporate sponser of MQS. We do carry the MR needles at a great price. If you buy 100 they are $35 mix and match sizes. MR 4.0 are in the new green pack and the other sizes are in the old yellow pack (same needles). Single packs of 10 are $5.50. See this post for a complete price list. http://apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=22000&page=1#pid270994 John
  4. This table is currently at MQS if anyone would like to see it.
  5. One set of locking castors for $80 or pick up at MQS. Used on Show table.
  6. I have one new micro drive for Lenni, Liberty, UltII. $150 plus hsipping or pick up at MQS.
  7. I forgot to mention I have a limited # of "M" bobbin cases at $25 each.
  8. We are selling one of our 2008 Millenniums with or without the factory wired CompuQuilter. Both Millennium and CQ are in excellent condition. 2008 Millennium • Power take-up • Hydraulic Lift with remote control • 12 foot table. The CQ has touch screen with overhead tracking and will include all standard patterns (over 300 patterns). Total current price would be $20,500 for the Millennium as equipped and the CQ would be $15,100 for a total of $35,600. Sale Price is $27,500 for Millennium with CompuQuilter Sale Price is $15,000 for Millennium only package This sale price inclu
  9. TRAILER BRAND: UNITED TRAILER YEAR: 2006 MODEL: UEH-612SA30-S SIZE: 6’ X 12’ SERIAL #: 83621 PRICE: $2,000 The International Machine Quilters Association has a 2006 Cargo Trailer for sale. It has less than 2,000 miles and has been stored inside. Excellent condition – like new. For more information: Contact: IMQA Office 800-980-9505 imqaoffice@yahoo.com
  10. FOR MQS I HAVE SOME SPECIAL SALE ITEMS I am offering SPECIAL PRICING on steel bobbins and bobbin cases. 10 bobbin cases and 100 steel bobbins for $40. This is a great opportunity for you to stock up at a great price. I also have a limited # of Base expanders for the APQS machines without the tread cutter, Liberty, Lenni, and Freedom for $90 and a few vertical spool holders for $50. These prices are limited to the stock we have on hand. I have a new shipment of the Yellow packages of MR needles in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.5. The MR 4.0's are now all in the green GB package. This will probably b
  11. The thread cuttter was optional on Ult I and Freedoms. John
  12. I have several here that you can have just for paying the postage. I have hundreds of cookbooks and I am sorting out and "cleaning house". I'll have to find them because I have boxed them up but will if you want them. I have been a type II for years and have using insulin for about 6 years. John
  13. Linnea: I will not be at MQX nor will I have a booth at MQS. I will be taking orders to deliver at MQS (we are a Corporate Sponsor of the show). Postage is minimal for most orders if you order to have it sent to you. Postage might be less than sales tax (unless you are purchasing for resale. If anyone wants to preorder for MQS I will need a copy of your resale certificate so you will not have to pay sales tax. You can fax us a copy of your certificate and we will keep it on file. John
  14. We no longer plan on doing shows. We have two tables for sale with carriage and 1 motor drive. 1st table is 7 foot and the table and carriage are drilled for CQ. We also have an overhead track for CQ for this table. This table is $1900 including carriage. 2nd table is 10 foot with carriage and castors. This table is $1950 including carriage and castors. Motor drive with one of the tables will be $700. You cover shipping or pick up at our studio. Let me know if you are interested. John
  15. I have the needles available $5.50/10 or $35/100, mix and match sizes. All prices are plus actual shipping and no handling. If you order and you are out of state (KS or MO) you do not pay sales tax like you will at MQS. The tax and shipping is just about a wash. I will be taking orders for delivery at MQS for parts and accessories. I will have to charge Overland Park Sales tax on all purchases. NEW LOWER PRICES ON NEEDLES, BOBBINS AND BOBBIN CASES 100 Singer MR or Organ Needles--------------$35.00 mix and match sizes 10 Singer MR or Organ Needles----------------$5.50each 4.5, 4.
  16. We have a set of locking castors (from APQS) for sale $80 plus actural shipping. John
  17. I some used Micro Drive Handles that are like new. $125 plus shipping. John
  18. The timing is adjusted from the NB location. When you change the NB position the timing rotation will change. John
  19. Business cards vary. I use a feeler stock .030 inch. John
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