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    This machine is in showroom condition with very little use.

    This machine has a 14 foot table.

    Motor drive fabric take up.

    Hartley base expander and some books and extras.

    The reason for selling is client wants to concentrate on piecing and other sewing activities.

    Owner will pay for factory set up at your studio within a reasonable distance.

    Price is $15,500

    Located in Lee’s Summit, MO

    Contact: Country Lane Quilting for information.


  2. AC is used everywhere in the world. DC can not be transmitted long distances. This was tried by Edison. Different countries use different voltages and frequencies also different plugs and sockets. I believe Brazil uses the same voltage and frequency as the US. I received an email from this seller. This has been going on for a while but I have not seen a US dealer mentioned or S/N mentioned. This poster has been given this opportunity and has chosen not to share. This tells a lot to me.


  3. We have a client who would like to sell her 2008 Millennium. It has the 14 foot table, power take up, Hartley Base Expander, some templates, and several books. This machine has only produced 10 quilts and is like new. Professional setup and delivery is available within driving distance of Lee’s Summit, MO. This machine is located in Lee’s Summit MO. Contact Country Lane Quilting for more information. Price is $15,500.

  4. If your Hartley base expander is not stable it is not properly installed. We have used the Hartley for years and sold many of them. I would think you would want to remove any base plate when not in use (the Hartley only takes a few seconds). Why put more unused weight and drag on you machine when it is not in use? I have seen the other base plates and they appear to be fine also (the owners are pleased). So the bottom line is like many items, there are many good ones available and it is mostly a matter of preference.


  5. We maintain a stock of several thousand MR needles and will be stocking the Organ needles (on order). I also have several thousand steel bobbins and have aluminum bobbins backordered from my supplier; I have plenty of bobbin cases. I have most any Hartley product in stock for immediate shipment including the Hartley Fence.

    We stand behind anything we sell to be compatible with your machine. If you are unhappy I will either refund your purchase price or replace the item (your choice). We use these parts in our own studio and we have two 2008 Millenniums, one with a CQ. I carry most APQS parts including the modified hook assembly from APQS (this is the only hook I sell for the APQS machines).

    I believe from the posts from satisfied customers you can tell that I put our clients first. I can not remember ever had a part returned because of failure or compatibility issues. I would never sell anything that I would not stand behind or use in our own studio. Currently I am offering free shipping with no handling on all orders over $50.We are set up for retail sales and take MC/Visa and will soon be accepting Discover.

  6. I put a couple of drops of oil on the ridged part that you can see in the opening on the top of the hook. I do not recommend removing the screws from the plate. Only remove the left front and loosen the right read. Then put the front screw through the thick and thin washer so they will not get lost. I have made many service calls and the washers are missing or not properly matched. If I remember correctly the thick one is .022 inch and the thin one is .011 inch. When stacked together this is .033 inches. This gives you the proper clearance for the thread cutter and sets the hopping foot height. Do not lose any of them, they are important.


  7. Thanks for the input on the Organ needles. Organ is one of the largest needle manufactures and many DSM are delivered with Organ needles. There might be a bit of confusion, the reason they leave a smaller hole is that do not have that big hump on the front of the needle. When APQS switched to the MR needles (This comes from Mark Caraher) they wanted the deep scarf (easier to time and less skipped stitches) at this time stitch regulators were in the future and quilters especially newbies tended to over drive their machine and flex the needle into the hook and break it. The MR has that big hump and it is stronger in that area. If you are a skilled quilter you do not need to worry about overdriving your machine. I have more Organ needles and am including a package with each order of 100 MR’s to try out (until my current stock is gone). I am planning on stocking them for our clients. My needle supplier (they specialize in needles) tells me that with in a year my clients will only want the Organ needles. I plan on ordering several thousand in the near future.

    If you would like a free sample package you just need to order some MR's. I am still offering free shipping on orders over $50 and have the MQS sale still on. If you would like to purchase a pkg of 10 that is OK also.

    If anyone wants more information just give send me an email or call.


  8. If you will look at the bottom of your axle you will find that the screws that hold them to the machine are in a countersink hole. You have to countersink the top of the axle to accept the soft mounts. I bought a special tool to countersink the holes correctly. I will install the soft mounts on your axle for $75 including the soft mounts plus return postage and insurance if you want it.


  9. Thanks for the kind words Norma. Look between your axles and the machine if you see a blue "washer" this is the soft mount system. If you axle has been moved it will be under he Thread Cutter. It is very easy to move the axles and I have guided several people through the process. To put the soft mounts on the older axles is a bit more difficult. I don't remember what upgraded axles cost but probably more than the upgrade especially if you have the black wheels. I have had more black wheels go bad than I ever had with the brown ones. I don't think there is a reason, this is just what happens. You might try flipping you wheel over and use the other edge.

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