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  1. If you machine came with the black wheels you should have soft mounts and the axle should me in the current position (under the thread cutter). These changes were made when the black wheels became standard.
  2. This was a great buy. I have never seen one sell this low. Enjoy, John
  3. We have two of them with the wireless remotes and would not give them up. We have sold many but have never had a client that want to sell theirs. The cost is $1500 and we install free when we set up a machine. If anyone wants them just email or call us. There is a kit that allows install on the older square legged tables. John
  4. Judy; If you search most of these questions have been asked and answered. I answered this question on March 12, 2007. Here is my answer: The question has been asked what is the # of the grease it is Lubriplate GR132. It is available from Lubriplate Web Store 14 oz. is $16.00 plus shipping. The factory will send you a packet for no charge but probably will charge a handling fee. (Linda has to be paid). When I place an order I try to maximize my order so the handling fee is a small cost to get my order. I need to plan ahead as best I can for my needs. Yes dealers pay the handli
  5. I'll be on vacation in a few days. I’ll have the laptop and will check my email. On the older machines the machine was not balanced on the carriage. The factory added the soft mounts, black wheels, and relocated the front axle forward 5 1/4 inches. This was a great improvement. You can buy upgraded axles and wheels or with a special tool (I purchased to modify the axles to accept the soft mounts) I can modify the axles to accept the soft mounts, add soft mounts and then just move the front axle forward. I have probably modified 20 or so machines this way. Even if you keep the brown wheel
  6. I will be on vacation (Holiday) with my granddaughter for a couple of weeks and will check on exporting when I return. Thanks, John
  7. Linzi: I answered you U2U before I read your post. I think it might be difficult to send overseas but I have had several requests. Maybe I'll check it out. Thanks, John
  8. We have the stand alone bobbin winder on a stand for $79.95 plus shipping. I hope to have a bobbin winder similar to the Turbo for about $150 in the near future. John
  9. It sounds like your hook assembly is not rotating to the proper position to release the thread. Try rotating it forward a bit with the wheel and see if the thread releases. You may need to adjust the mag collar to make the machine stop in the correct location. Call your Dealer and they should be able to help you. John
  10. Some of the reasons to use an MR type needle are: Hook spacing is not so critical with the big Scarf and a large Scarf will give a bigger loop in the thread for the hoop point to pick up. (This equals fewer skipped stitches) The APQS machine is not unique using a standard hook. Any machine that uses this size needle will benefit from the large scarf. This scarf design is not unique to the MR needles. Other manufactures make a similar needle but can not designate them MR. I have used MR needles on Nolting machines with great results. John
  11. This story has been around at leat since 2004 and it is still not true. See Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/keyless.asp Truth or Fiction: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/l/lockedcardoor.htm John
  12. Use a longer bolt and super glue enough washers to line it up. Stan make a longer block you can purchase. John
  13. I forgot to put on the post that the free shipping is only to cont. USA. I have never shipped overseas and am not set up to do so. I'm sorry if this has caused any confusion, I had this information on a flyer and forgot to transfer it to the forum post. John
  14. The reason they come on the left side is that the thread can catch on the screw and break. This is not a major problem and the Needle Bar is threaded on both sides. John
  15. Yes, this is the check spring for the tension assembly. They are normally $2.50.
  16. My currrent stock is in the yellow package, the same as APQS sends. Grotz Beckett has purchased Singer needles and the new needles in my next shipment will probably be in a new Green package with the Grotz Beckett name but will still be the same MR needles. Just a name and package change.
  17. Cheryl: I don't think you are weird. I sell many more steel that aluminum. They work great, some of the information I have tells me that the aluminum are made to better tolerances that the steel and it is the bobbin of the future. This may be true.
  18. Meg: All new APQS machines come with the Aluminum bobbins. Physics tells us the Aluminum should be better. Less mass should be easier to stop. This said here at Country Lane we have been using steel bobbins on our Longarm since 1996. We find that they work fine and see no reason to switch. I think is entirely a matter of preference and what you feel works best for you.
  19. I still have most sale items in stock with free shipping.
  20. Shana; North Pole, AK was featured on the Travel Channel as one of the top Extreme towns. Home of Santa Clause and the Wendy's was also mentioned. Also I think it was also the travel channel had the worlds's best fast food locations and Wendy's in North Pole was #1. John
  21. The back sheet metal cover is hitting the sides of the top of the machine. This is a verry commom problem. Loosen the 6 screws and adjust the back cover until you can see dayight at the top and it does not hit. I have seen this problem many times. John
  22. We are continuing our MQS Specials with free shipping (purchases over $50.00) for a while longer. Here is a price list. The free shipping includes all Hartley products even those that are not listed here. 100 Singer MR Needles--------------$45.00 mix and match sizes 10 Singer MR Needles----------------$7.65 each 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 100 Steel Bobbins--------------------$30.00 @ $.30 each 50 Steel Bobbins---------------------$20.00 @ $.40 each Less than 50 ------------------------------------$.50 each 100 Aluminum Bobbins--------------$40.00 @ $.40 each 50 Aluminum Bobbins---
  23. Another reason might be APQS is made in Carroll, IA USA by Americans and Gammill made in Taiwan by the Chinese. APQS is owned by three families and Gammill is owned by an investment company in New York. These are just some areas to consider. Pick an experienced local dealer to assist you with your purchase.
  24. I stock the Hartley Horizonal Spool Holder and will have them available at MQS, Quilted Memories Booth 310. I will also have most Hartley products available. John
  25. Janet tells me that MQS will have a Package hold location for your use. Janet
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