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  1. Glenda: Sorry, I do not carry "M" bobbins only "L". If the demand was great enough I could check with my wholesaler. I do have a few “M bobbin cases available. I do not sell pre wounds but I'm sure the tread companies will have a huge selection. John John
  2. I will have a special price on Bobbins and Bobbin cases at MQS. This is your chance to stock up and save. Steel Bobbins : 50 for $20 100 for $30 less than 50 $.50 each Aluminum Bobbins 50 for $22.50 100 for $40 less than 50 $.50 each Bobbin Cases 3 for $24 6 for $36 9 for $45 $10 each less than 3 John
  3. I will have the Micro Drive available at MQS. John
  4. Mark: I talked to Jane today. I told her it was not timing and had her check the needle bar position while I was on the phone. It is correct. We went through the encoder wheel adjustments and cleaning. The challenge is that when she stops the machine it makes a few small stitches at the end. This would not be encoder wheels slipping. It seems to happen in both axis. The single stitch speed is correct and functions properly. I think that it might be an issue with the computer reading the encoder output. Why it would only do this as the machine is stopped may be a question for Mike.
  5. APQS does not bring parts or supplies but I will have everything you need in Quilted Memories Booth #310. See this thread for more information: http://apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=16007&page=1#pid177891 John
  6. I will have MR Needles at MQS for sale or you can order them from us anytime. At MQS you will save shipping costs. We have used the MR needles for almost 13 years and do not recommend any other needle. Visit us at booth 310. See this link for more information: http://apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=16007&page=1#pid177891 John
  7. I have heard the the buy out happened, this was some time ago. I have just ordered a new shipment of needles to sell at MQS. To my knowledge the packaging has not changed but it is possible. The MR designation is unique to Singer to my understanding. If you look at the MR the scarf is very pronounced, this is why they do such a good job. I'll do a little investigating today. John
  8. Wave washers were installed on 2008 models and newer, that is if it was installed by a trained installer, otherwise they might have been left out. They go on the front and on the rear handles. If you have questions contact your dealer or the factory if you do not have a dealer. You did not say what part was replaced, was it the Crydom relay? The problem with this machine is more than likely an issue with the encoder wheels. John
  9. Are you shipping the complete system or just the head? I don't believe UPS will ship the table. APQS uses Panama Freight most of the time. If you do not have a business account it is very expensive. We have shipped complete systems using a freight co. The size and weight of the table is the challenge, the head is very easy and inexpensive to ship. John
  10. It is not probably not grease but aluminum oxide. John
  11. Another thought that might be of interest to some of you on the Forum. I will be available in our booth to talk about any maintenance, trouble shooting or just general questions about Long Arm machines. This would be a great time to pick up Hartley products and spares for your APQS and Nolting machines. The staff at the company booths are often very busy with sales, so drop by with your questions; take a chair, “We’ll have the light on for you, (literally)” and just visit with us. Lyn can answer all you’re batting questions, but she reserves the “I’ll find out option!!!!”! See you at th
  12. I didn't include this information in my first post. I will have parts and supplies for APQS and Nolting machines no shipping or handling charges. I will have Singer MR Needles, bobbin cases, and bobbins (Steel and Aluminum). I plan on running some specials especially during the shopping frenzy. If you want to pre order and be sure you get your supplies email or call Country Lane Quilting. Lyn has received a lot of orders for her specials on Hobbs batting. Pre order to be sure you get special pricing and get what you want without shipping charge John
  13. Gail; That sounds like a great plan to me. John
  14. The reason the oil is on the light bar is that you are over oiling. If when you touch the wicks and you see any oil "do not oil". If one is dry only "one" drop is needed. The side wick will never need oil after the firsrt oiling. Enought oil comes from the top wicks to keep this one moist. John
  15. Are you planning on attending MQS in Overland Park, KS May 12-16th? We have great pre-order specials for you on Hartley products and Hobbs batting! Country Lane Quilting is offering a free gift with each pre-ordered Hartley accessory! For example, with a Hartley fence you will receive free 10 “L” bobbin cases and 100 steel bobbins. Wow! $150 value free product bonus with your fence! For other Hartley products you will receive bobbins and bobbin cases of your choice up to 25% of the cost of your purchase. This special is available only with pre ordered products. Hobbs batting will be
  16. Shana: Take a Phillips screwdriver that fits the screws correctly. Take a hammer and give it a whack, not a tap but a real whack. I have never failed to get a screw loose using this method. What this does is push the threads on the screw away from the threaded area in the machine. It will then come out fine. Some of the screws are put in the machines when the paint has not fully cured and this will sometimes cause them to be a bit harder to remove. I've has screws with damaged heads and the new screw removers work great, you just need a drill. I had a allen set screw head that was str
  17. Sheri: There is a printer who's office is in Lincoln on "O" street. I have not purchased from him but his prices are good and his work looks great. He works mostly shows so is not in the office much. http://www.supercheapcards.com/ We print our own using high quality card stock. John
  18. 3 office visits including shots for $170 seems reasonable. A vet is a Doctor with all the costs associated with getting a Doctor' degree and a very expensive building and staff. I think 3 office visits to a GP would be much more expensive without insurance paying the bill. Having a pet is a huge responsibility in time and money. If a client brings in three quilts at a time do they get charged for each one? Just my 2 cents worth, John
  19. The question is will the CQ cause the wheel adjustment to change? The answer is no. John
  20. I agree with holly. The CQ is powerful enough to drag the machine around with poorly adjusted wheels or even with the channel locks on.
  21. Do they barter for their products? In a business you need to work for cash. I'll bet they only accept cash, checks or CC. You can not pay your bills with barter. John
  22. I am planning on adding a parts and accessories section but have not got around to posting it yet. Just call our studio for personal service. John
  23. I have been repairing machines for about 9 years now and have never replaced a belt on a Millennium. When I last talked to Mark about the belt issue they had never replaced a belt on a Millennium. I did replace one on a ULT I that had jammed and the belt was smoked. The brushes last a long time and usually give an indication they are going bad. A “L” hook assembly for the APQS (this is a factory modified Teflon coated hook) is $65. If you have a machine with the “M” hook it is in the neighborhood of $150. We carry most all parts for the APQS and Nolting machines in stock and only ch
  24. Easy question. The most common wear items are the 2 pigtail guides. It is unusual not to have to adjust the single stitch speed as a machine wears in. This is not a wear item as such just an adjustment. Packing the gearbox is not uncommon but some machines can go for years without an issue. John
  25. Sheri; True, you only need to get air pockets out and refill with grease when the gears become very nosy. The gears are extremely hard and will not be damaged but the noise can drive you crazy. On some machines this may be many years. I have repacked many machines. It also depends on the skill of the person who packed the gearbox at the factory. They (Mike and Mark) have developed a method of filling the gearbox that should be foolproof if procedures are followed correctly. John
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